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Elizabeth May is seeking Lyme Stories to get her bill passed.

I just received an email from a local support group in Richmond Hill asking for Canadians to share their Lyme Story. I just quickly copied and pasted mine into a word doc and sent it off to Elizabeth May (Leader of the Green Party). The more stories they hear, the better we can make an impact. So, I urge you to:

Elizabeth May Tables Private Members Bill on Lyme Disease on June 21, 2012

Elizabeth May is looking for people who are interested in either sharing their personal stories, or their experience with someone battling Lyme disease.  These personal ancedotes would be used to help push her Lyme disease bill, C-442, in the coming months.  Names would be withheld for privacy considerations.

Do you know of anyone who would be interested in sharing their story with Elizabeth?

Thanks for your time,
Craig Cantin
Outreach Director / Directeur des Relations externes
Office of Elizabeth May, O.C., M.P. / Bureau d’Elizabeth May, O.C., Députée
Leader of the Green Party of Canada and Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands
Chef du Parti vert du Canada et Députée pour Saanich-Gulf Islands
Édifice Confederation Building, Room / Salle 518, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0A6
Tel. / Tél.: 613.996.1119
Fax / Télec.: 613.996.0850
Email / Courriel:


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