lymed out

my quest to getting these suckas out!

I wish I could just shake it out of you!

The title of my post as said to me by my beloved mother in law so many times when she witnessed my unwell-being. She always ended this statement with a big gigantic hug. Oh how I wish I could just shake it out of me too. I love her.

This post is just a myriad of miscellaneous items. Today I somehow stumbled on this website It’s a place that will help fund your Lyme Tests should you qualify. It looks like it’s a great resource for those who cannot afford testing. Check it out.

We finally booked our Disney trip this morning for end of September. I have been procrastinating and stalling and decided that I won’t be piggy backing it to see my LLMD in New York because there are no direct flights from my LLMD’s office to Orlando. And I will not sit on an 8 hour flight to Disney, when it takes only 2.5 hours. So hopefully now, my focus now will shift to Disney sites rather on webMD.

Yesterday, I went to see my Dentist for a regular checkup. She asked me how everything was going the Lyme. I said “Did you know that the amoxicillin that the other Dental Surgeon gave to me actually caused me to suspect Lyme?” She said “really?”. I didn’t bother going into the whole herxing on amoxicillin because I wasn’t in the mood to explain. As we chatted more the conversation went like this:

Her: I didn’t know you can get Lyme here.
Me: Um ya, you can, it’s everywhere!
Her: Did you start to get mental issues like remembering things?
Me: Oh ya, I kept asking the same questions over and over to the point where my family thought I was nuts.
Her: You know, I was reading about this doctor in Quebec who got it and she started forgetting things with her patients and one of her patients thought something was off and mentioned to her that maybe she has Lyme.
Me: Yes, the doctor you speak of is treating me for my Lyme.
Me: Yes, she had Lyme and got treated and has now dedicated her whole practice to treating Lyme.

How I am doing:
I haven’t really posted much on my progress in the past while because there was nothing really to report. I had major headache issues last week for a couple of days that came from nowhere. I rarely get headaches at all. I was going for a while being stress free from actually working and taking a small job here and there, but as you know, when it rains it pours, so all of a sudden, I am getting quote requests left and right.

The buzzing has crept up again and sometimes will wake me up in the morning. I was going pretty good for that long stretch of about 2 weeks. However last night, maybe I binged on some Chinese stir fry a little too late because all I remember was asking my husband to get the pepto. I couldn’t wake up this morning again for the life of me and it was my son’s last day of school and I didn’t even see him off. This morning and afternoon I felt off again with a fullness in my chest, food seems stuck in my throat, no appetite, a little semi nauseous so I’ve been smelling that peppermint thing like some addict. People are probably looking at me all funny thinking: What is this woman sniffing this Kleenex for.

In the afternoon, I started to get excess saliva again. I noticed this happens when I start to feel this weird nauseous feeling. I went into the bathroom and did my usual tongue  check and I almost had another heart attack. That black colour came back. I quickly remembered that Pepto can do this and I am praying it’s Pepto because I cannot go through that again with the Flagyl effects. I quickly googled and indeed Pepto can cause tongue discoloration. I now check my tongue every day and it was a good pink until this afternoon. So it has to be the pepto.

My doxycycline is running out on Monday and my phone consult with LLMD is on Thursday. So right now, I am rationing the pills. I skipped for a day and a half and noticed that I was feeling not that great, so now I’m paranoid that if I get off this I will feel worse. I may have to dose it down so it lasts me throughout the week. I know that she will give me a new prescription and change up the medication so now I have to decide if I want to go to Dr. Gollum or Dr. Handsome Chest Hairs to re-write the prescription. I called my insurance company and they said they have never worked with Canada Drugs and that they will get back to me once they found out. And so far I haven’t heard back from them. Lovely.

Well that’s it for now.


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