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All By My Lonesome

Things are a bit hectic these days with the basement reno, work and the fact that my little 5 year old is done school. It was only 9:15 am the day after his last day of school and the ever so familiar whining has started, “Mommy I’m bored!”. I thought to myself, OMG, please tell me how I am going to survive this summer!!

I’m pretty sure now that the GSE is causing me to herx a little. I’m too scared to go over 8 drops. Yes even a drop can cause some serious damage. I’m almost certain now that I think I have nerve damage. This would explain the nausea as I read that the Vegus Nerve (one of two extremely long cranial nerves that extend from the brain to the abdomen) can be damaged by Lyme. This would also explain the buzzing sensations as well the recent excess saliva that I have been experiencing. I will ask next week at my appointment.

Anyway, my BFF sent me a gentle reminder email to not solely focus all my energy on Lyme, however save some of my energy for God. In the back of my mind, there are so many posts that I would like to address on God and His teachings, I need to just sit down and meditate what to write and how I got to this place as my thoughts are all over the place. But she is very right on this issue, so I thank her for her nudge!

I wanted to get to the farm yesterday but time wasn’t on my side, so I decided to go this morning. I was going to take my mom, 5 year old and husband with me, but again, time is always an issue. I welcome the day when I have nothing to do but twiddle my thumbs. I really wanted my husband to see the farm, but he was already late for work so this time, I decided to go by myself. I was a bit excited because the drive is about 20 minutes, but the scenery is beautiful. And I really needed some alone time by myself. I had my car blaring some Chris Tomlin taking in beautiful green earth that God created. I passed by many farms, rolling hills and ski resorts.

I a lover of photography, but I wasn’t about to bring my Canon SLR with me, so these shots were just with my iPhone. I had to sneak these shots in because they were looking at me all funny, maybe the fact that I don’t look like I belong on a farm. Don’t even ask how I got these shots while driving.

$66.14 for all this food with lots of grassfed beef, eggs, veggies and some desserts. Well that’s it for now, Happy Canada’s Day Weekend to all my Canadian Peeps!


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3 thoughts on “All By My Lonesome

  1. Outstanding pics. πŸ™‚ Love your blog. πŸ™‚

  2. Not sure whether I should admit this πŸ™‚ but I had very young kids when at my most sick. Some tips: (1) Mine were content to let me take a nap (they knew all about naps after all) when I gave them a phone timer so they knew when to wake me up (barring emergencies). I only did this when we were all together in a safe space, or they got older. (2) Find a project that they will love and let them do it as slowly as they want themselves. We bulit a cloche. They got to do all the drilling and screwing, which I probably would have rushed otherwise. (

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