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I could have gotten pregnant, had the baby and this Kombucha would still be brewing.

I’m assuming you all know what Kombucha is so I’m not going to go into definitions and what not. If you don’t, just do a quick google.

Well, my Kombucha is severely messed up. As you can see, there was no follow-up post from my first Kombucha (Part 1). That is because I think I either killed it or am doing something drastically wrong. What I did was paid $19.99 for a dehydrated scoby from Cultures for Health. I tried to grow a new baby scoby on May 2. By May 31, there was no sign of anticipated baby scoby. So I called up their support desk and asked their advice. They said that sometimes a new scoby doesn’t form in the first batch. So I redid the batch again using the same dehydrated scoby.

June 14 comes around and still no sign of baby scoby. I spoke with them again and they said that sometimes a new scoby doesn’t form in the first few batches. I also went on their online chat assist and she walked me through it. I must say their response time is excellent and they are a very well branded company so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

The last week of June, I did a third batch. Today is July 4, 2012. There is no sign of baby scoby. So if you think about it, 2 months have passed by and I still haven’t gotten to taste my home brewed Kombucha.

Husband still doesn’t know what Kombucha is or why it’s good or why I need to put it on top of the fridge or why there are stringy things in it. He doesn’t understand my obsession. He just likes to call it my Meth Lab.

So I got a little tired of waiting but I really want to brew my own. There is no place in Toronto (at least that I could find), that will sell you a Mother Culture, except for some woman off Craigslist. So I scoured the internet to see how I could grow my own Mother Culture. So, I found this. And so I did it. Last night. Only time will tell if this works or not, and I’m praying it does because if I have to wait another 2 months, I will most likely drown myself.

In the meantime, I’ve been fulfilling my addiction with store bought ones. I found this new brand called RISE KOMBUCHA and they are based in Montreal. It tastes really good so I grabbed a whole bunch on sale for about $2.75 each at my health food store. I asked the lady if they sell Mother Cultures and she said “No… we got that asked yesterday too.” I told her that 2 months of my homebrew isn’t working and she said “Wow, you are making your own? How adventurous!”.

Wish me luck on this new batch.

Then Jesus answered and said to her, “O woman, great is your faith! Let it be to you as you desire.” And her daughter was healed from that very hour. Matthew 15:28


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6 thoughts on “I could have gotten pregnant, had the baby and this Kombucha would still be brewing.

  1. Christine on said:

    Have you seen this story yet?

    I was bitten by something 7 years ago in a campground outside of Ottawa. My hand was swelled up when I woke up in my tent to the point I couldn’t move it. I went to the hospital to have it looked at but they didn’t do anything and brushed it off as a spider bite. Have been having all the Lyme symptoms since, but have never been tested or diagnosed due to our health system so I am not sure if that is what I have, but I haven’t been the same since.

  2. Except for you lovely choice of Biblical verse at the end, thanks for the humor. I’m glad you found your Kombucha, but I’m wondering why it couldn’t be something made in a juicer. So I guess I will have to Google it to find out why you were making your own. Drink up, my friend!

    • Kombucha is a fermented Tea… you can’t use a juicer because there is not fruit involved. lol google Kombucha…

  3. I must admit that I had to Google kombucha as I had never heard of it! Anyway, the article I read talks about how there is some alcohol content in it from the fermentation. I don’t think this will mix well with your new antibiotics – the tinidazole – because those types of antibiotics cause a terrible reaction if they come in contact with alcohol, even small amounts. You shouldn’t even wear perfume when you’re on them. Please double-check this with your LLMD.

    • Hey Paula,
      I did see that… however I think it was with certain brands… and I think they would need to list that on the contents. But anyway, I most likely won’t be drinking this when on tinidizole just in case… thanks for the heads up!

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