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LLMD Phone Consult

Guess what today was? My 3 month LLMD phone consult! I was so excited I was texting Lyme Buddy all giddy and we were both so nervous at what LLMD would say.

My phone call was to happen at 11:30am and I was making sure it wasn’t on silent every other minute. Finally at 11:40am, she called and apologized for being late. But I forgive her, after waiting an average of 3 hours at my primary doc, 10 minutes seems like floating pink butterflies.

Prior to our phone consult, her patients are required to fill out the symptom form and give a summary of what has been happening during the treatment  as well as write down any questions. The first thing she did was scream at me saying “You are doing so well! I am so happy!” I had listed my progress at 70%. She had reviewed my document and said that I have a really strong immune system. The rest of the conversation will be in point form:

  • I asked her how long she thinks I’ve had it. As my symptoms first started in July 2010, she says that this has been a while, however that I’m responding to the first set of medication really well and that my immune system is really strong.
  • She mentioned that the tremors, the lack of appetite, the fullness feeling after 3 bites, the nausea all were Babesia. She suggests that I do smaller meals with some protein to bring my blood level up to combat the hypoglycaemia issues (which is what I’ve been doing).
  • She said this next set will be a switch up of meds because the bacteria will get resistant to the drugs. She will be targeting Babesia. She isn’t going to put me on Mepron because it’s expensive. I will be on a Pulse regimen for the next 3 months.
  • As any parent would, we are concerned whether our kids have it. Because paranoia is my middle name, I asked her if my little 5 year old could be tested the next time we see her which is in September. She asked me if he was showing symptoms. I said he does complain of the odd pain here and there and that I’m over reacting, but I want to be sure. She said no problem, just bring your little guy to the next appointment. I figure it’s better for me to know rather than a lifetime of “Does he or doesn’t he.” He doesn’t vocalize as say Husband would, so a $200 test for peace of mind is well worth it.
  • She told me to continue with my homeopathy, but instead of the wormwood/artemisinin, to use Bab 2 by Beyond Balance.

New Treatment as follows:

PULSE  A: for 10 days
Clindamycin 150 mg (1 pills 4x a day)
Quinine 200 mg (2 pills a day)
Bab2 (Beyond Balance):  work up to 23-50 drops (2x a day)

PULSE  B: for 10 days
Plaquenil 200 mg (1 pill 2x a day)
Tinidazole 500 mg (1 pill 2x a day) – This is Flagyl’s sister. I mentioned that Flagyl caused me to see Satan and so she said to stop the GSE and take this instead.
Clarithromycin 500mg (1 pill 2x a day)

I am to switch between Pulse A and Pulse B. She said that I will most definitely herx and the babesia buggers will come out of hiding. By 30-40 days, I will feel even better. I asked her how long she thinks that my treatment will be for. She estimates about another 9 months. That would mean March 2013! I was a little bit taken aback by this, as I guess it hasn’t sunken in how long this would be. But overall she is really happy with my progress and said “You have made my day!”. She also mentioned she has 2 of her patients nearing completion of treatment.

The appointment was for 30 minutes. The phone consult was about 20 minutes. She spent the rest of the time preparing the prescriptions and emailed it to me within 10 minutes. The cost was about $135. I then got off the phone, chatted with Lyme Buddy for another 2 hours giving her the scoop (she speaks with LLMD next week, so I’m curious to know if she will be put on the same treatment). Then I ran off to Dr. Handsome Chest Hairs who re-wrote the prescriptions without even batting an eyelash. I think he was just in a rush to get me our of his office. Then I went to Costco and dropped off the prescription.

Overall a good day… can’t complain! I’ve also picked up about 5 jobs. If it was 2 months ago, I would have most definitely turned them all down. But I am feeling so much better right now, that my old self is coming through.

I must admit that I am a bit scared now with this new switch up. I cannot cannot cannot go back to that week that I had while on the flagyl. Please pray that this will be less of a herx than that one.

Behold, I will bring it health and healing; I will heal them and reveal to them the abundance of peace and truth. And I will cause the captives of Judah and the captives of Israel to return, and will rebuild those places as at the first. I will cleanse them from all their iniquity by which they have sinned against Me, and I will pardon all their iniquities by which they have sinned and by which they have transgressed against Me. Then it shall be to Me a name of joy, a praise, and an honor before all nations of the earth, who shall hear all the good that I do to them; they shall fear and tremble for all the goodness and all the prosperity that I provide for it.’ Jer 33:6-9


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2 thoughts on “LLMD Phone Consult

  1. Prayers going up for you, fellow Lyme sufferer, as you begin your new meds. 🙂 How wonderful to hear how well you are doing!!! Don’t give up! You really can see the end of the tunnel now! I see my LLMD tomorrow, and I, too am feeling so much better after 1 year. I hope the end of treatment is in sight for me, too. Take good care.

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