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I think it’s about time we get our honorary doctorate

I think it’s fitting for those of us afflicted to receive this right? We are completely THROWN into the medical system, with no help. Today, I spent the majority of the day trying to chase down a drug.

Remember Flagyl? Well, seriously, how could you not, I talk about it in every other post. As I mentioned my deep hatred and intolerance to it, LLMD prescribed me Tinidazole/Tindamax to replace this. I get the RX re-written exactly as that. I go to Costco, fulfill my prescription, and come home. I didn’t even bother opening the bag of meds until 2 days later when I began sorting them.

I must completely thank God on this because when I looked at one of the bottles, it said “Metronidizole 500mg”. Metronidizole is just another name for Flagyl. So yes, had I NOT looked at the bottle, had I not been well educated on all the different variation of names of all these prescriptions, I could have been downing a DOUBLE DOSE of what was prescribed to me the last time which would have for sure sent me back to Satan himself.

I call Costco:
Me: There is a mistake. Tinidizole and Metronidazole are two different drugs.
Pharmacy: Really?
Me: Seriously, am I schooling you on this?
Pharmacy: Oh we had to contact your Doctor and he said to use Metronidizole
Me: But that’s not what the prescription says.
Pharmacy: Puts me on hold for 5 minutes
Me:  So that means you don’t have Tinidazole?
Pharmacy: No it’s not in the system at all
Me:  What about Tindamax, that’s the brand name
Pharmacy: Nope
Me: So if I call Shoppers Drug Mart, will they have it?
Pharmacy: We all use the same suppliers so most likely they won’t

I call Shoppers Drug Mart:
Me:  Do you have Tinidazole/Tindamax
Pharmacy: No

I call Loblaws:
Me: Do you have Tinidazole/Tindamax
Pharmacy: No

I call back Costco:
Me:  Do you accept returns for prescription meds?
Pharmacy: In your case, bring it in tomorrow since our manager is in

I email LLMD and tell of my dire situation. I need to start these meds next week

I attend the webinar of Dr. Marty Ross:
Me: Does Canada not have Tinidazole/Tindamax?
Dr. Marty: No. There’s a pharmacy in Vancouver that is a compounding pharmacy that could help you out. (He gives me the info). He also mentioned that Tinidazole is better handled with less side effects than Flagyl/Metronidazole. It is also said to be a better agent at removing biofilms.

Ummm. Compounding what? I google this pharmacy and call them.

I call this compounding pharmacy:
Me:  Hi, Do you have Tinidazole/Tindamax?
Compounding Pharmacy:  Yes. Do you have a prescription?
Me:  (All excited that this nightmare has come to an end). YES! Can I fax it to you?
Compounding Pharmacy:  No. You need to mail it.
Me:  (UGGGH)
Compounding Pharmacy:   Or you can get your LLMD to fax it to us
Me:  DONE!

I email back LLMD and request a fax to the pharmacy. I get a prompt reply saying this will be done tomorrow.

Now, please tell me… WHY wasn’t a compounding pharmacy mentioned to me in the first place? Even better, WHAT is a compounding pharmacy!? Even better yet, WHY AM I DOING ALL THIS WORK!!!!! Really, I don’t have time for this nonsense.


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One thought on “I think it’s about time we get our honorary doctorate

  1. I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN!!! We have become Lyme specialists, in a sense. We know more about Lyme – WAY more – than our GPs. Isn’t this crazy? And yes, we must really keep on top of things. A lot of Lyme patients just aren’t in a position to do that with the way they feel. I wonder how they manage. It is such a sad situation. And yes, we’ve certainly earned that honorary degree. lol

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