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And I thought she was crazy

So I go on Facebook and see a post from one of my cousins with this picture and a caption that says: “Got my first Tick Bite”

My alarms go off and I start freaking out and was so frazzled I couldn’t even find the message button to send her a message. She’s living in Sweden, and I haven’t even told her about my Lyme, but I sent a message to her which probably sounded like I was some kind of nutcase, but anyway she replied and said not to worry because they get a vaccine.

Me: HUH? A vaccine?” Why don’t we have one!??!@#$%^
Her: Whaaaat?! I’m in Sweden now and they think you’re crazy if you don’t get vaccinated.
Me: What? They actually believe you can get sick from a tick?

… conversation goes on….

Her: Oh now, I believe, we are talking about different things. The vaccine here is for TBE. How are you doing now?
Me: What is TBE? I’m talking about Lyme Disease.
Her: Tick-borne encephalitis, there’s no cure for it and you can get brain damage from it.

I google TBE and found this. Sounds way more serious than Lyme if that’s even possible!

Other News:

This week has been CRAZY busy for me. 5 Year old has been at day camp all week and I’ve been working nonstop from like 8 am – 11:pm. I’ve taken quite a few projects on. Hubby wants us to go to the cottage next week and then to Huntsville as he is traveling on business again, but as soon as I hear the word cottage, my sirens went off. Hubby and I have known each other a long time, since we were 12. And I remember in my late teens tagging along with his fam up to the cottage in the summer and being murdered by horse flies, black flies, mosquitoes, you name it. As years went on, I stopped going just because of this. You couldn’t get away from them. While swimming at the beach, I was being chased so bad, I went under the water hoping for relief. But that doesn’t stop them, they follow you under water like Jason from Camp Crystal Lake.

If I go, and I probably won’t decide until maybe 5 minutes before, I will be bringing 20 bottles of deet spray with a body net. After what happened 2 weeks ago in a populated urban area, I can only image what would happen to me 3 hours north up in some woods.

As for Lyme, I’ve started my new treatment. This pulse is actually pretty good, because right now as I ease into it, I’m only take 1-2 ABX a day. I was a little curious as to why LLMD stopped the Nystatin because I thought long term ABX use would no doubt create yeast in your system. So I was told that I could continue Nystatin if I wanted to (unless on amoxicillin or cefuroxime). She stops prescribing Nystatin after 3 months due to concerns of yeast resistance to the Nystatin if taken for long duration. Some do well without it- just taking probiotics.It’s also less expensive and less 6 pills a day. Which is a double plus for me.

When I saw Dr. Handsome Chest Hairs the other day, I forgot to mention that the C. Diff test came out clear. I also asked him for a referral to a Gynecologist because of the recent issue I have been having with mid month spotting. I am not sure the cause of this, if it’s hormone related, ABX related, Lyme related, early menopause related, cervical cancer. He said that I may have to follow up with my Family Doctor. This is a huge UGHHHHHHHHHH because that means it’s either Dr. Gollum, or Dr. 3 Hours. I don’t know which is worse. I may have to pick Dr. 3 Hours since she’s a female, and I’ve already had the pleasure of having Dr. Gollum perform a lady part test which I don’t think I want to do again with him.


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2 thoughts on “And I thought she was crazy

  1. We used to have a vaccine here in the US for Lyme but it was a bust. They stopped using it. Plus there are many ticks and many carry lyme and co’s but also many can give tick paralysis and eating disorders…etc. Not sure how many ticks in Sweden are carriers.

  2. Glad to hear you don’t have C. Diff 🙂

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