lymed out

my quest to getting these suckas out!

Completely roughing it

So yes I ended up going to the cottage.  I haven’t been there in about 3 years.  Every year, I would hum and haw and give excuses. The bottom line is that I’m just a city gal. I like my amenities. I like being able to flush my toilet.

Well Husband’s family cottage isn’t THAT archaic, however there is a well which is not a dug well, so the water allowance is only dependent on the natural water level. And because of evolution or whatever, the water has greatly receded in the past number of years. So basically it means there’s not enough water. So if you want to flush the toilet, we would get some water from the rain barrel, pour it into another large container, carry that into the bathroom, do your business, then pour that rain barrel water into the toilet to flush it manually. If there was no water in the rain barrel, we would need to drive to the lake and get some. Like we did 10 years ago.

I think I asked the question on how to flush the toilet like 10 times on our way up there. Husband started to get a little irritated. I was like “But if we pour the water into the toilet, won’t it overflow?” He sighs, “No, the pressure from the pouring will make it flush.”

We had a hectic day, so we made it to the cottage at 11:30 pm. My mom came with us and by the time we arrived, we were all zombies. 5 year old woke up from the car all excited. The first thing I see when we get inside was a spider shooting across the room and my husband’s foot on it. I tiptoe 2 steps in and started waving my arms like a lunatic. There were cobwebs. I said “I’M OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Nobody paid attention to me. So I tiptoed around the rest of the place, unloaded all the food and luggage in the midst of swatting the air. We eventually all fell asleep soon and I was so paranoid of spiders and bugs living on the blankets that I used my own beach towel as a blanket.

The next day we got up. I had pre-made all the food so it was a matter of just heating it up.

Husband comes to me all excited and says: I have a surprise for you guys!
Me: OMG, please tell me we have running water!!!?
Him: No, I brought the projector.
Me: For what?! We are only here for ONE DAY!
Him: For you guys to watch movies!

Husband is a technological geek. Not a computer geek, but a geek of anything audio and visual, which is his industry. Turns out our entourage consisted of a projector, a netbook, a laptop, 2 way radios, 2 iPhones, an iPad, a 2 terabyte hard drive and about 20 other miscellaneous cables. And we were there for only 1.5 days.

The lake was beautiful but the horse flies were not. They circled our heads like vultures on dead animals. They seemed to be only on the main road and not the lake, so you can only imagine seeing me running down the road like a banshee swatting the flies away from my head.

By evening, I was feeling pretty gross (cleanliness wise) and really needed to have some type of make shift bath. There’s a full bathroom, but again, the water was so low, that there’s no way we could take a shower. So we end up boiling water from our 20 Dasani water bottles. I had to mix some rain water with it to cool it down.

Mind you, this trip wasn’t all that bad. I loved the quietness, and the fact that we were so far away from civilization made it a bit relaxing. However, I did quickly Google the proximity of the local hospital. As for meds, I brought them with me, but only took them when I felt like it and not on the days of travel.

This cottage break was actually just a side trip as it was on the way to one of Husband’s business trips where we tagged along. So by the second day, we were packed up, said our goodbyes to the cottage and headed to another small town and stayed at a really nice Holiday Inn. Guess what, I took about 5 hot showers that day just because I could and it felt damned good.

Overall, this trip was about 4 days away from my comfort zone, my bed, my shower and food I’m used to. But it was nice to get away for a few days! As for symptoms, none really, just minor annoyances once again but nothing I couldn’t handle. Here are some shots I took.

Below are some shots from the business trip. While Husband was working, my mom, 5 year old and I did some shopping in their little downtown area. It was such a quaint town!


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