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Update on stupid lyme

How terrible of me, I was so caught up in my cottage post, that I completely forgot to send an update of what today is:

Today is exactly ONE YEAR since I thought I was dying for the second time.

Did that make sense at all? Probably not. Basically last year on this day, I experienced some type of a re-infection from the original Oct 2010. That day went something like this as written here:

“Two days after I had stopped the Chinese Herbs, I felt overwhelmingly sick again. Besides the extreme nausea, chills and severe vertigo, new symptoms came up. Sudden (and I mean SUDDEN) onset of really bad anxiety and depression which came out of nowhere, loss of feeling in legs and arms, anaemic and hypoglycaemic symptoms and internal tremors. It felt like someone had drained all the blood in my body. I had lost all my appetite again. Three bites into a toast would send me into severe fit of nausea and dizziness, rendering me completely useless and bed bound. Something was really wrong. The intensity of this lasted for about 4 days and the general bout of malaise for about 2 weeks.

The next day, I went to the ER again and waited 6 hours. Tests came out clear. After this, I decided to go on a gluten free diet despite the fact that my celiac blood test turned negative. I cut out red meat, diary, sugar, and coffee and started taking probiotics, vitamins and supplements. My food intake diminished to practically nothing. I was scared to eat anything in fear that it would bring on symptoms. In the span of 3 months, I had lost close to 15 pounds.”

So to bring you up to speed, I’m now on Clindamycin, Quinine and Bab2. I forgot that I was supposed to dilute the Bab2, so I actually took it straight up, finally realized what I had done and was getting ready for a beating but nothing came. I quickly emailed LLMD and was advised to dilute in about 2 ounces of water. (my own fault for not reading her instructions properly).

Anyway, I am pulsing every 10 days, so the next 10 will be another set. I will write about that when I start, which will be Wednesday. This treatment I’m loving better because I’m not swallowing 50 billion pills. It’s much easier.

Overall, I feel great, I still have the occasional tremors and buzzing, but they have greatly reduced, some days I don’t feel anything at all, I can still do a pretty long day. I notice if I go a while without food, I will crash after eating. It will be such a spontaneous fatigue that not even a lawn mower can wake me up.

One thing I forgot to mention was that the Doxycycline cleared up my face. I am not a big pimple person, but I do have some blackheads and whiteheads. One day I noticed my skin was super smooth and there were no bumps. This could also be the infrared sauna. I’ve been doing that now for well over 4 months every other day. It would have definitely paid off itself now.

I am still on guard when I go out because of the Doxy. But then I realize I’m not on it and a relief comes over me. Yay, I can stand in the sun and not worry about being burnt to a crisp. Even at the cottage, Husband, mother AND 5 year old were all over me to get in the shade. “Mommy you will catch fire!”.

I guess the good thing about this whole post is that I totally forgot about this update which is good because this means I’m feeling a whole lot better.





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