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Treatment Protocol #1 Summary

Treatment Protocol #1
April 2012 – July 2012

(approx $245.86* every 1-2 months)

Treatment Protocol #1 Summary (3 months)
I introduced each medication every week. It took me 6 weeks to get up to full doses. I had no effects from the Nystatin. Neither with the Plaquenil. It is advised that you see an Ophthalmologist when on Plaquenil because it can make your vision turn yellow. My LLMD said this is rare, but still a warning. Hasn’t happened to me so far.

Zithromax had side effects of diarrhea, which led me to test for C. Diff and came back negative and eventually this all went away. Doxycycline is very hard on the stomach. It made me very nauseous all day. This disappeared eventually in the beginning of month 3 and reduced to only about an hour after each dose. It eventually disappeared altogether. I also took acupuncture for nausea.

Flagyl/Metronidizole had me convinced that satan himself came to possess me so I had to end it after 9 days of use. It made me incredibly nauseous, one episode of vomiting, loss of appetite, lost 4 pounds in 7 days and turned my tongue a dark green/white/brown. Replaced this with Grapefruit Seed Extract (Herbal) which is also a Cyst Buster with no side effects other than the fact that I felt drunk and the after taste was a dog’s butt, not that I’ve ever tasted a dog’s butt, but I can only imagine. Dosage started at 1 drop, 2 x a day and worked up by increasing 1 drop per dose to 10 drops, 2 x a day in diluted 5 oz glass of water.

In the first month, there were countless days where my bed became my best friend and that Mac Truck from Inspector Gadget came to hit me in the face every other day. There were times when Husband would be like “Hey let’s go out.” And I’m like, “Let’s wait to see how I feel 5 minutes before.” There were times when 5 year old would come to me and put his hands on my stomach and say, “Please Jesus, heal mommy’s tummy.” There were times when I was scared to be left alone, and scared to be the only one to watch 5 year old. I would be stressing on the calendar schedule to make sure someone was home with me incase something happened. There were times where I felt hopeless and depressed, and wondered if this treatment was working and why me. I forced myself to believe that these feelings were just symptoms and that they would go away. And they did. They still come back every now and again.

I also did infrared sauna every other day at 125 degrees for 30 minutes. I eliminated all forms of sugar, yeast, gluten, dairy (not 100%, but tried). I started researching like a obsessed lunatic about nutrition and food with my Lymebuddy. I started to dig deep into spiritual prayer and got serious with God. By far the best medicine. My symptoms started dwindling and the good days are now being outnumbered by the bad. 4 months ago, I was turning away work, but in the last 3 weeks, I’ve picked up more than 7 projects. I can say that I’m now kind of back full time (when 5 year old isn’t at camp or school).

Overall, my documentation to my LLMD stated 70% recovery rate in 3 months on this protocol. I’ve started my second protocol now which will last until October. Hoping this round will go even more smoothly….

Thanks for all your support!


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2 thoughts on “Treatment Protocol #1 Summary

  1. I’m glad you are getting better….let’s hope you are 100% and in remission real soon. Keep up the good work and kill those bugs!

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