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My butt has not been whooped as I was led to believe.

I’m on Day 16 of my new protocol which is composed of 2 different antibiotic pulses at 10 days each for 3 months. Pulsing your antibiotics means that these suckers will get surprised and die. Kind of like playing paintball and your opponent decides to use a new strategy unknown to you and surprises you when you least expect it.

So I’m nearing the completion of Pulse 2 and thought I’d give an update. LLMD said I would feel worse with Pulse 2. And that I would feel MUCH MUCH better after 2 rounds of each pulse.

I was getting ready again to get my a$$ whopped, but guess what. Nothing really to report. I don’t know what this means. Does it mean that my germ load is down? Does this mean that I have plateaued? How can I plateau on only 16 days of treatment? I know that LLMD’s don’t even look at the issue of plateauing until 6 months into treatment on the SAME DRUG.

Pulse 1 had virtually no effect on me. Three days into Pulse 2, it felt like a baseball player whipped a bat on my arm. That lasted about a day and a half. Nausea is almost nonexistent, but when I do get it, it’s about a 1 on the pain scale and lasts only about 1 hour. I actually think that sometimes it’s brought on my either my multivitamin or the Ester C.

So as for the Tinidazole. Again, I was dreading taking this pill because Flagyl sent me to the curb. I sucked it up and did the full dosage on Day 1, not even ramping up as it suggests. But guess what. Nothing again. So I guess that’s good news right?

I asked Dr. Marty last night about the possibility of C. Diff. He confirmed my theory. That Tinidizole treats C. Diff so I’m pretty much covered regardless. But continue with the Probiotics and S.Boulardii.

Although I did notice a couple of things. Last night, I was hungry again and Husband called me on his way home saying he is getting some food. Long story short. I ordered this. Bad. Bad. Bad. I gobbled it down with the fries it came with. And about 15 minutes later, the buzzing/tremors came back. But very lightly. Also, when I’m hungry, it comes on in 1 minute and I HAVE to eat something or I will feel sick. It doesn’t matter if it’s a horse, I will eat it.

So in conclusion, I kind of thought screw it with the tip toeing, and just dove head first into this new treatment and was prepared to be knocked out. But nothing came. And the way I’m feeling is pretty damned good!!!!

July 2012 – October 2012
(approx $29.80* with coverage / month) (approx$149/month with no coverage)

  • PULSE  A: for 10 days
    Clindamycin 150 mg (1 pills 4x a day)
    Quinine 200 mg (2 pills a day)
    Bab2 (by Beyond Balance):  23-50 drops (2x a day)
  • PULSE  B: for 10 days
    Plaquenil 200 mg (1 pill 2x a day)
    Tinidazole 500 mg (1 pill 2x a day) – Due to my intolerance of Flagyl, I’m taking this instead. Say hi to Flagyl’s sister.
    Clarithromycin 500mg (1 pill 2x a day)

Rotate these 2 pulses every 10 days for 3 months


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4 thoughts on “My butt has not been whooped as I was led to believe.

  1. Sounds like your on the right track! I wish I was on your protocol!

  2. I can’t imagine why you would eat a burger, although I can understand the temptation! Didn’t you doc talk to you about detox dieting?? That musta’ hurt bad! I’m having an awful time on tinidizole and was just taken off it..

    • I’m a glutton for punishment… lol sorry about the tinidazole. i couldn’t do flagyl so i had to go on tinidazole and i did really well on it for 9 months

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