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Ongoing tales of Kombucha

(I had this as a previous post, but am reposting this with some new content)

I was  excited to come home to see how my little Kombucha was doing. The baby scoby grew! And it only took about 2 weeks. So I took this baby scoby and and am starting my first batch. My Neighbour came over and we started talking about health and I showed him my Kombucha. He was like “WTF is that!!!” (pardon the french). “No seriously, are you going to drink that?”

The next day,  I texted him for something else and the conversation came again to the Kombucha.

So shown above is the “starter” batch. With this batch, you go ahead and make your “first” batch. This means you would need to start the process again and fish out that nasty piece of *beeeeep*. And so I washed my hands, and closed my eyes, and grabbed the SCOBY while Husband was staring at me with a screwed up face. I felt like Sigourney Weaver on board the Nostradamus.

Now, I’ve read that there is alchohol in Kombucha because of the way it ferments (although I cannot be 100% sure on this) and being on tinidazole and all (you shouldn’t mix with alchohol because u will end up in the ER), I’ve decided NOT to drink this while on Pulse B. It is now almost 2 weeks and the baby SCOBY has has appeared.

Whenever someone comes over and I show them my little Kombucha, they think I’m literally NUTS. Like NUTS. Mental case. Husband loves to add his comments and tells them it’s another addition to my meth lab.

I finally tell Neighbour that I will buy him a store bought brand of Kombucha so that he knows how it tastes. He replied with this:

“I’ll try the store bought one first. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE… Call me over when that thing goes down your hatch so I can tape it and send it into 1001 ways to DIE!! Your crazzzy!”

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3 thoughts on “Ongoing tales of Kombucha

  1. my mother used to make it years ago and at that time, i had exactly the same reaction as you husband did. i think the trick is not to show it growing to anyone… but package it up nicely. apparently in new york it is the new “in” drink. Food52 has a good article on their blog.

  2. I ended up getting tired of making my own. I buy GT’s brand on sale at Nugget Market. They have almost all the flavors. The black caps have traces of alcohol and the silver caps have no alcohol. You will even see a “21 or older” sign on the black caps. I was told by GT’s that there are very minimal traces of alcohol in the kombucha but the FDA or whoever made them label it as a 21 or older drink for the ones that contain the traces.

    With Lyme and pain meds, Lyme meds I cannot drink any alcohol or I feel like crap. Even a sip of Vodka made me feel crappy. But with kombucha I don’t feel any alcohol side effects.

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