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Let me poke you with this sharp instrument just because

And I thought I was doing good. I went to get my monthly blood draw and thankfully that guy wasn’t there. Instead, there was a new student this time, much older and looked much more interested in learning the techniques of piercing someone’s skin.

There’s something wrong with my veins and Husband continuously calls me a vampire, because simply put, no nurse or doctor can successfully draw blood from me.

I began noticing that it was hard to draw blood when I started going to the ER weekly for my unexplained sickness. One nurse (after multiple attempts of stabbing me) decided to use those “butterfly” needles. I asked “Why didn’t you use that before and spare me some agony!” She replies, “Because they cost $2.00 each.”

I guess that’s what we get with Public Health Care. So now I’m probably in my 100th round of blood drawing but this time I must say has to be THE WORST blood drawing in the history of all blood drawing.

Do you remember the scene under the bridge when Trinity takes out that bug from Neo’s stomach? THAT. Except the bug was my vein. And the contraption thing was the needle. INSIDE MY ARM.

On the instructions, I tell them to fax a copy to my LLMD so the next day I get the results from my LLMD and I notice all the abnormalities. She didn’t say anything in the email so I assumed that since they are all borderline, that I’m ok. Just to be safe (and to save myself from googling due to paranoia), I decided to shoot her over a quick email and asked if I should be concerned. She replied and said if WBC goes below 3, she normally has patients take a break from the antibiotics. With the RDW, she also said this will be discussed at my next appointment (Which is end of September!). So I dunno, what is RDW? Should I be concerned?

Please, someone just tell me so I don’t have to go to freaking Google.


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6 thoughts on “Let me poke you with this sharp instrument just because

  1. Sorry to say this but I laughed at your title and then more at the picture from Matrix. I have a vein in my right arm that I could draw blood from myself. Next time hand them the $2 and ask for the butterfly. The RDW has always been a number that has confused me since my days in pediatrics. Some docs paid no attention and new docs got frantic. We always took into account past CBCs and if this was their normal range rather than what the computer spit out. 3.7 for a White cell count would be the more concerning number to me and I believe your doctor is on top of things. Keep doing what you are doing to feel good – September is just a month away. You know to call if you develop a fever, cough, etc. you need to be seen. Kath

    • Who do i call if i get sick? My reg doctor is an idiot. Do u mean sick like a common cold? Or the flu? Should i go to the ER? In your experience do ppl with low wbc get sick easier? Ahhhh!! What is rdw. In ur opinion should i be concerned. I have had 2 wbc low, then it wemt back to normal. This sucks

  2. Hi there 🙂

    Was just reading on LymeMD’s blog and he wrote this about RDW

    “Babesia, if it active should cause the markers described. If it causes the red blood cells to rupture one would see an increase in RDW (red cell distribution width). This indicates that the red cells have a mixed population of sizes”.

    Thought it may be of interest to you considering your labs.

    Cheers 🙂

  3. Stephanie on said:

    Are phone consults reimbursable with your insurance, or only office vists are reimbursable?

    • Hi Stephanie,

      It depends on your insurance company and where you live but as for me here in Canada, this is all out of pocket (consults)

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