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How staining a door led to my inevitable tetanus shot

In the back of my mind, I often wonder if I will have enough content for my next post because seriously, how much Lyme can one talk about. And yet, here’s another one.

So, our basement reno is moving at about the same rate as molasses. I thought I would stain our new doors today because 5 year old is at camp all week.

Well, this is what we ate last night because we were out all afternoon and then went to this place to look at some office furniture and then was starving and it was 8:30 pm and the cafeteria was conveniently located right beside the exit, and seriously where can you get 3 servings of food for $13.49. I inhaled the dinner and yelled at Husband that we needed to get out before I start gagging and vomiting.

Not surprisingly, I paid the price the next day by waking up feeling like a punching bag that drank 10 shots of whiskey. I managed to get through most of the morning like a zombie treading through quicksand, my first mistake being that I poured water into 5 year old’s cereal. By the afternoon, I was doing better so decided to tackle the door staining project.

I needed to open the paint can and couldn’t find the blasted screwdriver ANYWHERE. So my eye caught this shiny chisel. I don’t think I need to tell you how this story goes. But whatever your imagination is thinking right now, it’s probably right.

It’s all fun and games until someone gets stabbed with chisel.

So what do you do when you have an accident? You go post it on facebook. Priorities people.

“My advice for the day: never use a brand new sharp chisel to open a paint can in the direction of your other hand.” ~ my facebook status

Then I ran into the house screaming (my Mom was over) for her to help me because it was bleeding pretty bad. She put some teatree oil on it and bandaged it up and then I thought nothing of it minus the pain that came and went.

2 hours later Husband comes home and I tell him of my chisel adventure. He flipped out and told me to get in the car because we are going to the walk-in to get it checked.

Me:  Why?
Him: Because it’s a chisel. Would it have been so hard for you to find a screwdriver?
Me:  So what if it’s a chisel? And no, the basement is a damned disaster you can’t find anything!!
Him: Why are you always in a rush all the time!
Me: I am not in a rush! I was trying to open the damned paint can!!!
Him: It’s like stepping on a rusty nail, you need to get this look at pronto. Who knows where that chisel has been!
Me: How come you weren’t like this when I was trying to figure out if I had this stupid Lyme?!!!
Him: You will probs need a tetanus shot.
Me: NO! I can’t get one now with all this Lyme stuff!! Vaccines are bad!

We get to the walk-in, waited an hour. The nurse came and inspected my hand and said “Oh! We had a lady come last week with the same wound except she used a screw driver!” I turned to Husband and said “HA!!!!!”

And of course, the Nurse said I needed a Tetanus shot. I mentioned NONE of the fact that I had Lyme. It would be the same as mentioning it to the wall. Now, I have been warned to not have any vaccines while having Lyme or whatever as it can spark unwanted symptoms and I was very very hesitant in getting it, but the Nurse and Doctor are very good at making your paranoid levels shoot to the stars, so guess what, I ended up getting the stupid shot.

The wound itself wasn’t incredibly deep, they said they could have put 1 stitch in it or use steri-strips.  They opted for steri-strips which I can’t get wet for 2 days so great, how am I going to shower or wash the dishes, or do any basic thing now. Memories from the cottage invaded my thoughts. Only time will tell how I will react to this vaccine.

I asked Dr. Marty Ross on the webinar about the Tetanus Shot and he confirmed it for me. Not a good idea to get any vaccinations. If the chisel was clean and I wasn’t gardening or touching soil, the chance of me getting Tetanus is slim to none.

To be safe, I emailed my LLMD about her thoughts and 1 hour later received a lovely email which made me feel all nice and cozy again. She said that she’s not a big fan on most shots, but the tetanus is important because well, you can die from it.

Bottomline:  don’t be stupid and use a chisel to open a paint can. Or a screwdriver. And seriously who has those tiny paint can openers lying around? NOBODY. Why don’t they invent paint cans that twist open? DUH!


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4 thoughts on “How staining a door led to my inevitable tetanus shot

  1. LOL, sounds like me! Haa!

    And I totally agree with you about the shots. My daughter asked me actually this afternoon if I was getting my Flu shot and I explained to her why I don’t get any shots unless they are very important.. like Tetanus. When I was working at a school a few years ago, it was required for every teacher to get a Flu shot and a Tetanus and the Chicken Pox shot. I tried to explain to them that this was very bad for me to get, especially all at once. I was told to stop crying like a baby at getting a shot. I had to get them, ended up very very sick for months.

    I wasn’t rehired at the end of that school year.

    I will however keep in mind to make someone else open the paint! hehe!

  2. I’ve had two positive WB tests, both showing the disease as active one year apart. Never went to the IGG band, stayed IGM band. For the 2nd test, I had just had a tetanus/diptheria/pertussis shot though cuz I had also cut myself pretty deep. Does anyone know if the immunization can effect the Western Blot test?

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