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Blood results, getting preggo and the Kombucha case is now closed.

Here’s an update on 3 separate issues.

On the webinar regarding why my recent blood labs were out of whack.
Answer: It is not uncommon that the white blood cell count will be suppressed. This also varies on which lab was used as they have different reference ranges. But my results were on the low end of normal. Lyme releases chemicals that suppress the immune system, and any of the antibiotics I am on can suppress my bone marrow, so that I’m not making as many white blood cells. This will not impair my ability to get well, but I must keep a close watch. Same with my RDW.

On getting pregnant and passing Lyme to the baby.
Not that I’m trying to or want to right now, but this has been a question that plagued me for some time. You know how when you get engaged, family will ask you “Oh when’s the wedding?”. Then when you get married, they ask you “When’s the baby?”. Then when you have your baby, they ask “Oh he needs a playmate!”. My dad asked me this a few years ago and I reversed the question and asked him when he’s having his (he’s remarried and well into his 60’s). Well needless to say, that shut him up. Sorry, off tangent. Ok back to getting pregnant with Lyme. Dr. M.R. said that if you feel well enough, to make sure you are on an Amoxicillan, Zithromax, or Ceftin. I didn’t write down the dosages, but if you are on this, there is less than 1% chance that it will be passed in utero. Also, because you are carrying a child, your body’s immune system will be working hard to protect the baby and often one finds that you actually feel better while being pregnant.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor. If you are trying to get pregnant, consult your LLMD or doctor.

Kombucha can be laid to rest.
No it didn’t die. It survived. After 3.5 months of trial and error, I finally got to taste my own home brewed kombucha. It was very vinegary, like apple cider vinegar. I took only a small amount of it though. I bought a bigger glass jar this time, enough to hold a gallon, so am making my second batch. I also gave one scoby to a neighbour.


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5 thoughts on “Blood results, getting preggo and the Kombucha case is now closed.

  1. Not sure what recipe you are using but….When you make your second batch of kombucha right after the first batch there is no need to add any vinegar. Just add a little bit of the first batch liquid (before adding fruit/ginge…etc) to the new batch. If you use the right amount of sugar and let is sit for less time the batch won’t taste as much like vinegar, or so that is how mine was. Good luck.

    • but will that be good for us cuz of the sugar amount? I was actually thinking of asking u because i remember u posting about your kombucha. Thanks for your help!

  2. You are so good about blogging and keeping informed with great information. I am having issues with INVALID REQUESTS when I try to post lately and am only getting one in every 5 through – though now I am going to save them to Word and try to copy and paste.
    Regarding lab results – whatever the explanation, your white count is low. This is going to affect how you feel. I’m glad your doctor is keeping a close eye on it.
    I am glad your “scouby” was finally ready to try – haven’t even tried it here and my husband would probably think it was just something gone bad and toss it.
    Most importantly, the topic of pregnancy. I was very lucky that I had my girls starting at 24 as none of them contracted Lyme in utero. Back then we wouldn’t have even realized I had Lyme. Now even OB-Gyns seem to know more about treating Lyme than infectious disease doctors. My story is in regards to severe anorexia I had starting around the age 20 (I was always thin, so it’s a long story – just called it childhood PTSD). It was when I finally started to put on weight that I got my period again and BOOM, I was pregnant. I can only say that this has been the best I’ve have felt in my entire life. I do not understand people that say they hate being pregnant – caring a human life is amazing. I even put on 50 pounds and didn’t care!! It didn’t hurt that I was back in my old jeans in 3 weeks. So my 3 girls are 25, 23 1/2 and almost 22 because that is how much I loved being pregnant and nursing my babies. They are close as can be and treat me like a queen. So I do believe that if and when the time is right and you become pregnant, you’re body will live up to it’s expectations and take care of you and the baby.
    Thanks for always being so honest and open. Kathi

    • That is why I keep blogging! I’m so glad to hear positive replies… keep them coming! WordPress can be finicky… but I design with wordpress for a living so I know most of the in’s and outs… lol

  3. This is an interesting topic, before my lyme diagnosis, we were planning on starting a family, until my health is restored I won’t be trying anytime soon. However, it is good to have faith that 1) the body is capable of healthy and capable of providing health to the mom and baby 2) I will use antibiotics even low doses, since I do not want lyme to be passed on to the baby.

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