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Food Pics. That is all.

I have been having an obsession with taking pictures of what I eat. This will all be explained later as to why. But right now, here’s some eye candy so enjoy. Some not so healthy.

One of my smoothie blends. Banana, strawberry, spinach, blueberries, mango, kefir, hemp seeds, almond milk and coconut milk.

One night we took 5 year old out for a treat at Marble Slab. He got upset at me. “Mommy! Stop eating it all!”

Husband and I finally used our Keg gift certificates and I ordered this steak with some rice pilaf and veggies.

He ordered this steak with goat cheese.

We went to this casino and I ordered sweet potato fries and a club sandwich.

I made this spaghetti with grassfed ground beef, and brussel srouts.

I made this with some grassfed steak, rice, spinach and beets from the farm.

Purple cauliflower from the farm. It tastes the exact same. Cool huh?

Some fresh tomatoes from my neighbour’s garden that we tossed in our salad.

My mother in law sneaked a whole bunch of fresh mangos back from Antigua.

Japenese Chicken Udon Soup from one of my favourite Japanese restaurants.


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2 thoughts on “Food Pics. That is all.

  1. You should moonlight as a cookbook photographer! Beautiful pics.

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