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Forgive me, I misjudged it by 30 minutes.

My previous post ended up saying that I would be visiting Dr. 3 Hours the next day. So here is that story.

If you had read my bio, or my circle of friends, you would know how Dr. 3 hours earned her name. The average wait time in her waiting room is 3 hours.

So, I have been writing that I have been having issues with mid month spotting (sorry guys). For the past 3 months, I’ve had maybe one week of being free. And for the past year and half, heavy blood clotting. I asked LLMD what this meant and she advised for me to see my doc to rule out any cervical issues. I’ve never ever in my entire life had any issues with the monthly hemorrhaging.

So, there’s no way in hell I was going back to Dr. Gollum for a pap. So I was left with no choice but Dr. 3 Hours. I have been seeing her since I was 12. So I called up their office and asked for a physical. They had a one month wait. I booked the earliest time possible because that meant there would be no back up of patients resulting in a ridiculous time wait.

So one month later with a 9 am appointment, I figured I would be intentionally late and get there at 9:30 am because I had this inclining in my head that I would be waiting regardless.

9:05 – I leave the house thinking yay, I’ve beat her system
9:15 – as I’m driving, my alarm goes off on my phone – “Dr’s Appointment 9:30”

OMG. I had the bloody time wrong. That meant I would be arriving RIGHT ON TIME.

9:30 – I get there vexed. There are 5 people in front of me.
9:35 – This lady who looks pissed off sat beside me and started flipping out. “I don’t know why she makes us wait so long! why don’t they space out the appointments properly!” I asked her what time her appointment was. She said “9:30“. I could do nothing but sigh. I told her that was my time too.

Another woman went up to the reception counter. She asked how long the wait was. The idiot receptionist replied “Oh the doctor’s not in yet“.

Seriously why do I even bother. Probably because Ontario sucks and there is a shortage of family physicians. I had a suspicious feeling that she hadn’t arrive. How would I know this? Because she has been doing this for 25 years. Why would I expect anything different today. I know somewhere in this office, there’s a secret door that Dr. 3 Hours somehow passes through because she doesn’t want to face the wrath of her patients.

So finally, 11:00 am rolls around. Yes that’s 1.5 hours later. I get to go into one of the 3 rooms. 11:30 am comes around. Yay, in walks Dr. 3 Hours. “Hello, long time no see, sorry for the wait.

So lets back up here for a sec. Last year, Dr. 3 Hours was the one that looked me straight in the eye, and said “We may never find out what is pathologically wrong with you. So lift up your feet and lay back, because Momhood can be tough and stressful! Oh and here’s a prescription for Cymbalta.

So fast forward to now, I say “So, we finally figured out what was wrong with me. I have been diagnosed with Chronic Lyme“.

Oh“, she said. The rest of the exam was awkward. When she spoke to me, her back was to me the whole time. Hmmmm. She avoided the subject like the plague. But then she said “Oh thank goodness you weren’t pregnant when you found out, it could be passed to the baby.” Um. Ya, like that was my biggest concern then. So I ask, “Do you have a lot of patients who have Lyme?” She replies, “We are only concerned with those that are pregnant“. Ok then, so what about the REST OF THE PEOPLE YOU IDIOT!

She did the full exam and I told her of the “Specialist” I’m seeing in NY. I had ran out of Clindamycin, so she wrote me a prescription without a bat of an eye. At least I’ll give her that much.

So I leave the office at 11:58 AM. The entire trip was about 2.5 hours. On the bright side, I saved half an hour!

** update ** – My monthly cycle has now kind of got back regular. I’m only guessing that this had to do with my first treatment protocol and somehow one of those pills caused irregularity in my cycle. I don’t have the results of the pap and I probably won’t ever get them unless I’m dying or something. So no news means good news I guess.


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2 thoughts on “Forgive me, I misjudged it by 30 minutes.

  1. I just wanted to say that I truly enjoy your writing style and your blog. Please keep sharing – the guys will survive if you talk about our women’s problems. I read plenty of men’s issues and I am just glad that they share so they can get advice or find out they are not alone. I am glad you are “back on track” and I’ve only have issues with my cycle two or three times and I am guessing it was due to a medication I was on and one time it was due to low-dose aspirin that I was taking for a minor heart issue (of course it is lyme-related). Once I started the aspirin, I began having horrible nose bleeds daily which I have never had before and I didn’t get my period for two months. Lyme brain finally says, “hmmm, maybe it has something to do with the aspirin”. I stopped the aspirin and got my period the next day. You just never know with Lyme what is going to happen next. Hang in there!

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