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Mindless Chatter

I’m still waiting on the blood labs from my visit last week. If it involves Dr. 3 Hours and her staff, I wouldn’t be surprised if somewhere down the line, some process got screwed up. I usually get the results from my LLMD the next day and now it’s been almost a week. I’m curious to know if my cell counts are still low.

So this morning I went back on Pulse B, ate a big breakfast and went into the Sauna watching the (1989) 90210 re-runs on my ipad on netflix.

I started feeling woozy after a shower and then felt really really bad. My drunken, cotton head has been sneaking back and this time now I just had to sit on my bed for 20 minutes and let it ride out. Sauna Herx? Pulse B Herx? 90210 Herx?

Anyway, I forgot to mention that while I wasted 2.5 hours of my life away last week, I downloaded this game while in the waiting room. It’s called My Clinic HD, where you run a medical clinic. Hey, you get the option of helping patients get better or you can let them fatality suffer like us. But wait, if your nurse was a blond with big boobs, perhaps that might help your situation.

On another note, Lyme Buddy sent me this article a while back and it’s an interesting read. Take a look.

Past Weekend

We had our friends visit us from out of town and one excursion we had was visiting a farm that is owned by someone we knew. He is a dairy farmer. The kids had a blast, but at some point during the weekend, my 5 year old’s left ear ballooned up to the size of dumbo and the poor guy looked in the mirror and said “Mommy, I look weird.” We gave him Benedryl and don’t know what kind of bite it is. A spider bite? There were 2 incisions/bit marks. We don’t think it happened on the farm because it appeared 2 hours earlier. The swelling has gone down but he has had diarrhea now for about a day and a half. Should I be concerned? No fever, just a tummy ache and diarrhea and he hasn’t eaten anything out of the ordinary.

As for me, September will be a very busy month. At the end of this month, I will see LLMD. So here’s the schedule:

Sept 22 – Drive to Montreal (4 hours)
Sept 25 – Drive to New York to see LLMD (1 hour)
Sept 25 – Drive back to Toronto (5-6 hours)
Sept 27 – Drive to Buffalo (2.5 hours)
Sept 27 – Hop on Plane to see Mickey (3 hours)
Oct 5 – Fly back to Buffalo (3 hours)
Oct 5 – Drive back to Toronto (2.5 hours)

I HATE LONG DRIVES AND I HATE FLYING. Both for claustrophobic reasons. There wasn’t a direct flight in that part of NY where LLMD is situated without having 3 stop overs at the cost of $1200 and a 9 hour ordeal. No thank you. So I will need to tough this out and if I get sick that week and I get through it, that means I can get through anything.

I have also made the decision to get 5 year old tested through IGENEX when I see LLMD. She will do this for me. This is not because of the recent bite on his ear, but rather I just need to know where I stand with this and him. He shows no symptoms but I can’t live the rest of my life wondering does he or doesn’t he.


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