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my quest to getting these suckas out!

and the Babesia Monster awakened from its slumber…

I finally got my blood labs in and it was entirely my fault because I gave them the wrong fax number, so I really have no one to blame but myself. It seems that my levels have not moved since last month. The WBC Count continues to be low but they are kind of at the borderline low, so I don’t think it’s a concern right now. I had much more labs done because it was a physical exam so I had my blood glucose tested etc.

As you may or may not know, I’m now on a 3 month treatment for Babesia. I’m in my 3rd round of the second pulse. So after my last post, things kind of went a little downhill out of nowhere. It could be that I ate a half large pack of Ruffles chips the night before. Or it could be the onset of my cycle, or it could be the Babesia coming out of hiding. The truck came back to plow a last one on me, and the wrecking ball thought my head was actually the house. At the start of that evening, it felt like I was possessed. I had these shakes that came out of nowhere and I couldn’t even get up to go to bed due to muscle weakness. There was no nausea, infact, I was still hungry which, given my history, I will gladly take.

The next day, I was a little better but still a fatigued, however I had the night sweats again (something I haven’t had in months). The day after, I was mostly recovered but still had a splitting headache at the base of my skull (a known babesia symptom). Last night, I also had 2 vivid nightmares, the first one, I forgot, the second one involved me murdering someone or something and trying to get it out of the window before a family member came and witnessed what I had done. I have no idea where that came from, but I know these types of nightmares are also due to babeisa. Cannot be a coincidence that all these symptoms came at the same time.

Anyways, this is my update. I asked Husband if he noticed me getting better at all. He said I’m all over the place, but noticed I’m not sick as much. He also said I looked really haggard that day. Gee Thanks!

LLMD said that after 2 rounds, I should feel much better. But I was feeling really good and the 3rd round, not that great. However I’m doing much better today…..


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3 thoughts on “and the Babesia Monster awakened from its slumber…

  1. I don’t “like” that this 3rd round of pulsing is causing you more trouble, but I “like” that the medications seem to stir up the babesia, which leaves die off as a good reason for the way you feel. I also would be grateful your husband is honest. It means he believes you and knows you need the truth. Too many Lymies are missing this in their relationships, so it’s just one more battle trying to explain how you feel. I see this over and over with some of my FB friends and I wish I could do something as I have the most supportive family and group of friends one could ask for along with a husband of 30 years who looks right at me and says, “You must feel like crap, your eyes are all puffy and you are having trouble keeping your balance. Why don’t you lay down?” Honest and truly, that is what I get and if he says it, I take a nap. You need to get through this herx, after a blue moon and do whatever it is that will make you feel more human – napping, a warm bath or both. Hang in there. Kathi

  2. If you’re ever at a point where your LLMD wants you to take supplements for iron, a GREAT one is Feramax 150. It is a high dose supplement, with no side-effects. You can check it out on the internet to understand why it is different from other iron supplements. I know your LLMD may not want you taking iron right now, because iron can feed babesia. That may be why your iron is so low to begin with. But when you’re ready, you might find that the iron supplement will really help with improved energy. I certainly did. Good luck with month 3!

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