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Mindless Drama

Mindless Drama #1

So it goes down like this.

We were set to leave Saturday at 9:30am to head to Montreal to stay over at our friend’s place until Tuesday, where we then cross the border to see LLMD.

Because we are heading to Orlando Florida as soon as we got back from LLMD, I had to pack double duty. Friday as I was packing up my blasted medication, I decided to look in my probiotic bottle in the fridge. There were 3 left. It was 7:45 pm. I started to panic. Why didn’t I check this earlier? UGH! I run out the door.

Health Store #1

I normally go here to get all my supplements and probiotics. I ran inside, ran to the back where the fridge was and none. OMG. Yes there were other brands, but I didnt want to experiment with anything new right now seeing we are going away.

I run to the cash and ask. They confirm they had none in stock. Aha! There’s another health food store 15 minutes away. I knew they would have it. I had plenty time before they closed.

I call my mom at my home and tell her to go to the fridge and take a picture of the probiotic and message it to me. Because I forgot what was written on the bottle.

Health Store #2
8:01 pm I get there and the door is locked. WTH? I looked at the sign. Closed at 8pm. What business closes at 8pm!?#%@

Through the window, I see a guy about to turn on the vacuum. I motion like a crazy banshee and he ignores me. I do this for 2 minutes and finally he pays attention. I see him looking at another guy who was probably the manager. I can tell that the manager told him to keep the door locked and not to let me in. Another 2 minutes go by and I am still banging on the window. Finally the manager opens it. I plead my case.

Me: Listen, please, I am heading out of town early morning and I just need these probiotics or I will die.
Loser Manager who replies in a non pleased tone: Do you know exactly which one.
Me: Yes.

He opens the door. I run inside. The guy with the vacuum says “I told him to let you in.” I say “ya whatever.” I run to the fridge. Nothing. I am now frazzled because they are all staring bullets into me.

I go back to the cash and show him the picture of the probiotic that my mom just emailed me. It appears they have another fridge behind the cash. Like how the convenience store has cigarettes hidden behind the counter.

So I say I’ll take two please. That would be $80. Loser Manager goes on to explain that people beg to come at closing and browse aisles for 40 minutes. Thats why he doesnt open the door. Ok whatever. Just admit your customer service sucks big time and lets get a move on. The other guy was much nicer. I mentioned that I was on alot of antibiotics. He advises me that I can get candida. I tell him I’m fully aware of that.

I pay for the stuff and run out. I decided to do a stupid check on the bottles once I get in the car. OMG. They are powdered. I run back this time banging louder on the door. Loser Manager comes to the window, looks and me and shrugs his shoulders. He wasn’t opening it. I am standing there wondering how this guy is in business. I keep motioning that these are powder and I need pills. He finally decided to open the door and look pretty annoyed at me.

Anyway, I get the probiotics and head home. Under normal circumstances, I would be fuming and let the events play in my head for weeks resulting in an ulcer. But that isnt going to get me anywhere. I let it go.

Mindless Drama #2

The next morning, we left a little late at about 10:15am. Things are looking good though. It was raining but it wasn’t bad. We were set to drive 4 hours. 5 year old must have asked “Are we there yet?” about 20 times in the span of 45 minutes. This is going to be a long ride.

So we get to Port Hope. We are now a good 50 minutes out.

Husband: What.
Me: I forgot out passports!!
Husband: Maybe we can get across the border with our drivers licences.
Me: And what about little buddy nuts at the back with the cabbage patch doll. Are we going to use his fake licence from the cereal box?
Husband: How about his health card?

It was inevitable. We had to turn back. I was beyond vexed. Husband didn’t care, he’s the type of guy that lets things roll off his back. He said whats done is done, we will go back. I need to learn patience from him.

I get an ephinany. I call my neighbour asking for a huge favour and that I would never ask unless I was in dire straits. I explained the situation and he agreed to meet us half way back with passports. I told him where to find it in the house. (Good thing with keyless entry systems!)

So we met him and the entire ordeal put us out about an hour and a half. Sucks but what can you do.

In the meantime, I had to endure more complaining.

5 year old: Mommy, I have been sitting too long. My bum is hurting.
Me: We are almost there.
5 year old: How much longer?
Me: An hour.
Husband: No, an hour and a half.
Me: Do you think he will know the difference? Now you have opened the door to more complaining.

However, I must thank my iPhone and netflix for kids for making this drive a possibilty for our sanity.

So, Sunday morning we visit our friend’s church. I ran into our older Pediatrician Doctor friend who goes there. He helped me re-write my prescription the first time around and he asked me how I was doing. I really really wish he was my doctor! He has such a kind and gentle heart and although he should be at the age to retire, he said he will be doing this for as long as he can.

His daughter had bells palsy when she was young and he even checked for Lyme, but it was negative. But then again the testing may have been inaccurate, but she is ok now.

So we started discussing the politics of Lyme. I asked how doctors get “ratted out”. Well not really for just Lyme itself, but for any malpractice. Usually, it’s the pharmacy who might notice a trend of not following the “guidelines” on correct dosages. Although the Doctor can dispute and say it was justifiable. Or an angry patient. But one complaint won’t raise any eyebrows. I asked why Lyme is so controversial to treat.

My mom had tuberculosis when I was 8. Infact, she almost died from it. She was on Rocephin for 9 months. That was in 1983. So I asked why was this antibiotic allowed for such a long time 30 years ago and now, this same antibiotic is shunned upon because it’s treated for something else.

The simple answer is this. Tuberculosis is easy to treat. They understand tuberculosis. What they don’t understand is Lyme. They don’t know how to treat it. Why they don’t want to study it in the day and age we are in? I’m guessing fear. Fear that if it was acknowledged, it would open up a whole can of worms. Fear that if half the people on the planet actually had it (even some who are asymptomatic), it would create a mass panic. The money it would take to treat on an epidemic scale.

Funny thing he mentioned to me was that it is more found in the States. I laughed. I said these things don’t stop at the border because they forgot their passports! (Like what would have happened to us). He laughed with me and said yes you are right!

Signing off now and I didn’t know you can do an entire post off your iPad! (Buddy took this pic of me as we were driving). My next post will be the report from LLMD! Stay tuned!



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4 thoughts on “Mindless Drama

  1. OK, now I am totally stressed out from reading about your misadventures! LOL I hope the next few days are uneventful!

  2. Wishing you a great trip, and hope to see pics from disney 🙂

  3. Candace Taplay on said:

    cant wait to hear what LLMD will say. Good luck Lyme buddy. (big hugs)

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