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Visit to my new Naturopath

First and foremost, thank you to all who took the time to email me about my last post here regarding my 5 year old’s IgeneX results. I had to let that sink in a little bit and was very stressed for about 3 days. My hubby is a very relaxed glass ALL full person and he didn’t think much of it. Perhaps because he hasn’t gone through the hell that I did, but he is the voice of reason and re-assurance. He read my LLMD’s interpretation and said to stop worrying because the answer is right there. Don’t treat based off labs. Don’t treat if asymptomatic.

I updated my last post as I also spoke with my Lyme Homeopath and Dr. Marty Ross regarding the same issue.

My Lyme Homeopath’s response (updated):

I emailed my Lyme Homeopath to get his interpretation of the results and he said this is suspicious of Lyme and to do a Lyme Challenge (if I wish to). The Lyme Challenge (which is what I did back in March 2012) is when you take herbs such as Cat’s Claw or Teasel Root for several days to see if it produces a herx. A 5 year old would most likely do 1/4 adult dose. I asked if this would “awaken the beast”. He said no. But I am not sure if I want to do this because I’m not trying to prove whether he has Lyme or not (like in my case). Infact I want to disprove it. If I were to treat him, I will not subject my 5 year old to harsh antibiotics. If anything, I will do as my LLMD advised on symptomatic kids and start him on the Cowden Condensed Protocol with specific dosages according to weight. However, I need to do more research on that and I need to monitor him on symptoms. In the meantime, my pantry will be cleared out of all skittles, gummi bears and chocolate chip cookies.

Another great point that he brought up was the mention of Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt where his theory is that 70% of people on earth are walking with Lyme antibodies and their immune systems can fight off the infection.

Homeopath’s Bottom line: Don’t treat if asymptomatic.

Dr. Marty Ross Response:

A western blot is a technique used to see if a person is making antibodies that attach to very specific proteins found on the Lyme germ covering. We identify the proteins by what they weigh. For instance, one of the proteins weighs 18 KDa (a KDa is a microscopic unit of weight.) On the western bot a + of ++ or +++ means that the tests detects antibodies against that protein. An ind could mean one of two things: there was a very weak antibody reaction so it is barely detected or during the test some dirt or another artifact showed up on the test strip. So an Ind could be a weak antibody reaction but is not always. A test is positive if there are antibodies against 2 of the following, 23-25, 31, 34, 39, 41 or 83-93. Ind do not count in determining a true positive. Having said this, I would interpret the results as very weakly positive given the number of ind findings at the 6 important proteins.

However, having a positive test or even a weakly positive test does not prove one has Lyme. We also have to consider is there a risk of getting it, the symptoms, any physical findings. So in the case of a person like your son who does not have any symptoms, I do not treat. It is possible that even if he has Lyme his immune system is dealing with it. I do not use antibiotics in this situation because they may not rid his body of the infection if it is present, it is also possible they could cause any Lyme to become dormant which is much harder to treat. Finally, even if he is on antibiotics, it is not clear how long to treat given that he does not have symptoms.

Yes, some of my patient had Lyme infection but not disease for many years and then they became symptomatic. Again though it is hard to tell who this will happen in.

Regarding the 18 +, the Europeans consider it to be one of the important proteins. I sometimes consider it, but prefer to look at the reaction to the six proteins I discussed earlier.

Dr. Ross’ Bottom line: Don’t treat if asymptomatic.

So there is God’s answer; via 2 highly reputable LLMD’s and a Homeopath who specializes in Lyme.

Back to the topic of this post, a few weeks ago I received an email from introducing a Naturopathic Doctor who was willing to take on 10 Lyme patients at a very discounted rate. This ND has many Lyme patients, however is not a specialist in Lyme and wanted to start learning and treating. She attended one of Dr. Murikami’s lectures while he was visiting here a few weeks ago and felt the need to reach out.

I quickly emailed her to see if I was a suitable candidate and I was. I drove 40 minutes today to Richmond Hill, Ontario and met with Dr. Angela Lee of Vital Checks. My appointment was 1.5 hours and we spoke about my entire medical history, current supplements and antibiotics I am on and took my blood pressure (I am low). I was quite surprised that many of her Lyme patients are also seeing the same LLMD as me (many doing fantastic).

I wanted to do an allergy test panel but will do at next appointment as she didn’t have available kits. Looking over my supplements and latest blood labs, I was recommended to take Iron because of low ferratin levels. That was about it as most of the supplements I am on covers almost all the important stuff. She will also be starting me on a weekly treatment of IV Vitamin Therapy (Myers’ Cocktail), tapering off to once a month as needed. Myers’ cocktail has been used to relieve respiratory symptoms of acute asthma attacks, upper respiratory tract infections, chronic sinusitis, and seasonal allergic rhinitis, pain associated with migraines, muscle spasms and fibromyalgia, as well as chronic fatigue syndrome and cardiovascular disease. {Wikipedia}. The IV infusion will last about an hour.

My question to you: Have any of you done the Myers’ Cocktail and if yes what was your experience with it? Good or bad? Did you herx? She advised me to eat something before or I may puke! Did I tell you I absolutely hate puking?

If any of you are in the area, she has a couple of spots left at this discounted rate (very very reasonable). Please contact Dr. Angela Lee directly at Vital Checks.

How I am doing

I have been doing very very well. I went to see my chiropractor today and he also noticed that I am getting back on track and holding my adjustments. I have been holding on to many many good days with minimal symptoms. I would say that I am about 85% back to my old self.

Some points

  • When I start the pulse every 10 days, an increase in symptoms flare, but at a very low level. Every round of pulses, my symptoms gets dramatically reduced.
  • My tremors, body buzzing have diminished to about a 1 out of 10. I rarely notice this now if at all. If it does come, I notice it only comes at around 6 in the morning. It doesn’t wake me up. It’s more like if I’m in between sleep and awake, I will notice it
  • The nausea, feeling of fullness still comes and goes. I notice I feel much better if I eat.
  • The drunk, stoned feeling has dimished
  • I usually get symptoms during ovulation and a day before cycle hits.

I can most definitely say that my days are no longer all about Lyme. I am enjoying life right now. Even if I could stay at this stage, it would be great. Lyme has given me the appreciation of life and everything God has to offer. My goal for the next while is to learn how to better support my immune system through diet and nutrition. I know I was supposed to do that Whole 30 Paleo challenge after thanksgiving however I still haven’t had the time to dream up 30 days of recipes. When I do, I will let you know.

Hope you are all doing well….


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5 thoughts on “Visit to my new Naturopath

  1. Candace Taplay on said:

    why didnt you tell me. I want to get in….

  2. I have had a Meyer’s Cocktail IV before. They put the IV in (I hate IV’s) and then the solution drips in – at times it felt like it was burning a bit (not hot) at the point where the IV was inserted into my arm. I also remember being flooded with a really, really warm feeling throughout my body. My doctor told me that was the magnesium going in – it warms the body. After I was finished, I remember driving home and feeling more relaxed. At the time, I didn’t know I had a magnesium deficiency from the Lyme Disease, nor did I know I had Lyme at the time but I think it was most likely the magnesium that gave me that relaxed feeling. I only did the Meyer’s Cocktail one time. The cocktail I believe was B-Vitamins, Magnesium and Glutathione.

  3. 1) Read up on glutathione, if that’s what’s in the cocktail. It’s supposed to be very helpful for herxes. (Check out Dr. Horowitz….I think he’s the one researching this.)
    2) Dr. Klinghardt – I still haven’t made up my mind whether I would be willing to go to his extremes. He insists on all of his patients eliminating EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) from their homes. Not just WiFi, but TVs, clock radios, etc. He believes that the reason that the Lyme bacteria is so virulent is because of the EMFs. Interesting.
    3) For iron, I highly recommend Feramax 150. It is a high dose at 150 mg ‘elemental’, so you should check with your doctor about how often to take it. You might only need it a couple of times a week, or every other day, at that dosage. (Although I need to take 2 per day to keep my iron levels acceptable!) But it is one iron supplement that won’t cause stomach upset, constipation, etc. because of its formulation. It’s broken down in the intestines instead of the stomach. Check out their website.

    Just a few thoughts that came to mind as I was reading your post! 🙂

    So glad you’re doing well!

    • 1. It doesn’t have the glutathione… that’s separate and about $100 a pop!
      2. I read about the EMF in the Lyme Book… it’s a bit drastic. I can agree to minimize it but to get rid of completely, we might has well live in an igloo!
      3. I was concerned about upset stomach with the iron pills, so I dunno!

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