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Yikes! That’s not too good.

Wow, I cannot believe my little blog has reached almost 10,000 visitors in the short time since I have converted this to a Lyme blog. I’m hoping it really helps others. Since some of you are subscribed via email, you may not have noticed I put a poll widget on the side bar. If you get a chance, I would love for you to let me know if you live in Canada, USA, or International. Maybe with these numbers, it may help to get a better idea of how many people have been affected Lyme.

In other news, my absolute favourite show is The Walking Dead. In the Season 3 premiere, one of the scenes has the group now stationed within a jail compound. They camped out by the grass all night by the fire and the entire time as I was watching it, I kept thinking if I were in their shoes, I don’t know what’s worse, being bit by Zombies or Ticks. Personally, I would be sitting on concrete.

The next day, I found a link on my FB newsfeed somewhere that says “Behind the scenes photos from The Walking Dead.” I clicked it and this popped up.

What kind of coincidence is that? If any of you watch it, Yeun is the cool Asian dude. Sorry this happened to him and I’m pretty sure he’s ok now otherwise he most likely wouldn’t be filming. So with this sort of news, not all ticks have the Borrelia bacteria in it, however, one mustn’t be so nonchalant about it. Awareness and knowledge that this is a serious matter is very important!


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3 thoughts on “Yikes! That’s not too good.

  1. I think that is a great coincidence, but he was either treated right away (correctly), found it right away or we will notice changes in him as the season goes on. Either way – it was put out there!

  2. Good grief! Look at the grass he was hanging around in. Of course he’s going to run into ticks! I hope he was treated with 3 weeks of antibiotics….the ILADS protocol for a tick bite, even in the absence of symptoms.

  3. Candace Taplay on said:

    your silly….lol

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