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My veins screwed up my happy hour.

I guess I can’t win them all.

Today was supposed to be my first weekly dose of Meyers Cocktail at my Naturopath. Meyers Cocktail basically is an IV drip of nutrients into your bloodstream to give you a boost. I was a bit apprehensive but I was all psyched up. 20 minutes into the session, nothing happened yet because my veins decided to play hide and seek once again. Remember this post?

Several attempts later and lots of gauze added to the mix, I didn’t need a Halloween costume for today, I could have walked out dressed like a mummy.

Mind you it was no fault but my veins. They are deep veins. That’s why it’s very difficult to draw blood out of me. My naturopath had a slight success finding a co-operating vein on my hand near my wrist, but it didn’t work out too well due to the placement of the needle. It started to burn and feel really achy, like someone smashed a door on my hand. She pulled out the needle quickly and we stopped the session. My anxiety was getting the better of me and I decided that maybe this wasn’t for me.

We chatted longer and then I said “Maybe we should try this again.” She said, “No, let’s leave it and revisit this later. The option is always open.” I just didn’t want to waste the already opened bag. She said, “No that’s the least of my worries.”

I got a little peeved that I couldn’t conquer this. The only other time I felt like this was with the flagyl. Oh well.

Note this was my experience only. It may very well work for you. If you have nice protruding veins.

Another reason for my visit was to do an allergy test. I asked what’s the difference between this allergy test vs the ones that you do at a doctor’s office with the skin test. Basically this is more a “sensitivity” or “intolerance test” whereas the skin test is for acute anaphylactic allergies.

I get the results in 2 weeks so I’ll keep you posted.

Happy Halloween.


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3 thoughts on “My veins screwed up my happy hour.

  1. Are your forearm and hand wrapped in a heating pad for a good 10-15 minutes prior to needling? I’m getting IV every day on top of my hand, and that’s how we do it here!

  2. So sorry you were unable to get that “boost” that you were hoping for due to deep veins. I usually hear that other Lymies have issues as their veins collapse as they have been so overused. I have beautiful veins and could probably draw blood on myself if need by and always joke that my right arm is like the “Callahan Tunnel” which is one of Boston’s first under the water tunnels that is in better shape than our huge fiasco called “The Big Dig”. I’m happy your doctor did not want to keep stabbing you. I’m sure you drink plenty of fluids, but if you really fill up with water, it does help bring the veins up and I’m sure they have tried a warm pad to help, but those are the only suggestions I have for you. I wish you luck with your next attempt as it sounds like a great cocktail and I have made a note of it to ask my naturopath when I see her this coming Monday. Peace. Kathi

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