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What the blazes have I been up to?

Howdy, how are you all doing? Just to rest assure some readers who have emailed to see what’s up with me since I have been a bit MIA on this blog lately, I have not died, I am still chugging along gracefully.

I haven’t written in a while (gasp only 2 weeks geez!) because I’m living up to my name. I’m lymedout. Completely utterly Lymed The [Hell] Out. Insert what profanity you will in between the [  ].

I didn’t want to think of lyme, I didn’t want to talk of lyme, I didn’t want anything to do with it. Not that I want to now either. Mind you, I never really talk about lyme anyway (at least not to family). Sometimes they all think everything is shining stars and pretty rainbows, when really I’m sitting there trying to ignore the room spinning or feeling like my lunch is about to come up. We are all good at hiding things.

So the Good news: I’ve gained 5 pounds.
The Bad news: I’ve gained 5 pounds.

I have been getting better. I would say now that I’m at 80% maybe?

I notice that with each passing pulse, especially at the beginning, symptoms will come back. Though at a lesser scale. As my LLMD puts it, every time you switch back and forth, you are killing some stragglers. SUCK IT YOU STRAGGLERS!

My latest tiny herx lasted about 5 days last week. It wasn’t a ‘put you in the bed herx’, more like a ‘still go about your daily duties while enduring annoying symptoms’ type of herx. Just gotta deal with it. Sometimes I think that I’ve lived with these annoyances for a while now, that I don’t even notice it.

Also, because my ferritin levels are low, I was advised to go on iron supplements. These were to be taken with some OJ because it absorbs better.  Because of the mammoth amount of pills I’m taking, I forgot all about the orange juice AND I took it on an empty stomach. BAD IDEA. HELLO NAUSEA THAT PUT ME OUT FOR THE REST OF THE DAY AND ALSO SCREWED UP HALF THE NEXT DAY.

So, I’ve done up a little chart so you can see what I’m saying. My goal is to be past 100%. In summary, it’s been progressing very well. There are hiccups along the way but what can you expect. You have to look on the bright side. Like if a zombie apocalypse surprised us tomorrow. Imagine dealing with that too. I often wondered what I would eat if that happened, what with my hypoglycemic issues and all. I found a food source guide that would help out incase walkers came out of the dark. Check it out here. (yes I’ve been watching too much Walking Dead)

Ok jokes aside, remember I said I was going to do the Paleo Diet here after the Canadian Thanksgiving?  Well as completely expected, I haven’t started it. I have been feeling pretty good and started back on a whole variety of wonderful foods such as grains, cheese, chips, leftover Halloween candy and other gut rot items.

So, if I start this, it would have to be the new year, after Christmas. And then when the new year comes, I will probably blog saying that I won’t start it till after Easter.

In the meantime, I found this other site that looks pretty interesting that just added Paleo into their menu. You don’t have to think, they do all the meal planning for you.

My blood labs are back. Same crap, different piles, I don’t even bat an eyelash now.

Moving on to other fun unrelated news, I started shopping for some Christmas gifts and picked this up for my cousin. There’s not a conversation that goes by without the discussion of bathroom related stories. Funny enough, this usually happens when we are all eating dinner together.

Although this cousin of mine is still in the “eww” stages of discussing bathroom habits, I said “Just wait till you have kids, then you will be talking brown stuff all day”. I neglected to add that once lyme is involved, it reaches a whole new level of whack.

You can pick up this little neat calendar at Calendar Clubs, or Amazon. Each day has a little tidbit of surprisingly good information.


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2 thoughts on “What the blazes have I been up to?

  1. I know how you feel! ;-). But, thanks for making me laugh today. I don’t feel as guilty for not trying the Paleo challenge now even though I raved about it and told everyone I was going to do it! Ill wait until you start. Ha!

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