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A reflection of the past year

Here’s a little synoposis of how my year went.

1. A year ago, I had my first colonoscopy and endoscopy. Read about that story here. If you really want to poop your pants from laughing, read this one as well from a very funny site that explains his experience with a colonoscopy. (Do not ask how I stumbled upon this).

I have been harassing Husband to get a colonoscopy. He has no symptoms of anything, it’s more preventative than anything. He didn’t seem too enthusiastic. I said “Listen, you don’t feel a thing. The most annoying thing is the day before when you handcuffed to the toilet. Remember? Like when you asked me to go to the mall with you to shop for snowblowers clearly knowing that I couldn’t leave the house.”

I asked my Naturopath if she can sign a form for me and she said ND’s can’t because they don’t have access to the Ohip #’s.

So she advised us to get a requisition from our family doctor, and that we must need a reason why we need a colonoscopy. They simply won’t grant you one just for the sake of preventative medicine unless you are at the age of risk (which in Canada is 50). So if a family member has a history of colon issues, then you can get one. For me, I lied to get mine. So I figure it sums up to this:

  • Medical Doctors are reactive in medical care. They will wait until you are basically screwed to help in any way.
  • Naturopaths / Homeopaths / Nutritionalists are proactive and preventative in care.

A year ago, I also knew something was off and that my year long GERD Diagnosis was wrong. That is because I started to get this body buzzing, vibrations, muscle spasms. GERD doesn’t do that now does it?

2. A year ago, my vertigo got worse. GERD doesn’t do that now does it?

3. A year ago, I started my Chiro treatment.

4. A year ago, I seriously hunkered down to figure out what was going on. I doctor hopped like nobody’s business.

As I reflect back, there have been many pits of despair. When I think about them, and if you are in one right now, just think that what you are going through is probably a little bit better than Lana Winters.

Although I’m sure in some cases of Lyme, you can probably relate to her. If you aren’t an American Horror Story fan, skip this photo.

Yesterday we finished our landscaping. Last year we had this patch of grass that I wanted to make Zen like. Well a year later, it looked like this.

This is what happens when you don’t mow the lawn. I emailed the landscaper with instructions on what to do and OMG, look what he did. (I had to patch the photo together so ignore the railings that don’t line up)

I can now say my entire backyard is grass free. I can stop being paranoid about bugs.

From my last post, I have been really really well. I think that as I type this I am feeling about 95%. My state of well being is lasting longer. The only thing that is bothering me right now is this ball / orb that flashes on the bottom of my left eye. I am still waiting on my appointment with the ophthalmologist. And also the results of my allergy panel from my naturopath.

Christmas is approaching; I can’t wait to do some shopping! Last year, I was really miserable and wasn’t in the Christmas spirit at all, let alone in any spirit, but I am so happy to say that now everything is so much better and my life is almost back.

Here’s a shot of buddy putting up the tree all by himself. He was harassing us for a week to put it up. That was November 1. Finally, we pulled out the tree, and set it up and left him with the pile of balls. I somehow navigated to the computer and Husband went into the shower. 1 hour later, I come and see that all the balls were in one tiny area at the bottom left of the tree. I screamed at what a marvelous job he did and started re-arranging the balls so it didn’t look so whack. “Mommy you are ruining my tree! Now it’s like I never did it!” Sighhhh…..

Life is good!

Thinking about y’all.


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2 thoughts on “A reflection of the past year

  1. It’s always so encouraging to see blogs where people are getting there lives back and are winning against Lyme. The orb on your eye is most likely a cyst that is easily removed, but annoying until then. Your son is beautiful and sounds just like me when it comes to the Christmas tree – though it is always after Thanksgiving for us. I actually want one today! If I don’t get it by my birthday (Dec. 15th), I used to go out and buy the biggest tree I could find. It only took twice to make my point. Now, of course, I can’t go and get a tree unless someone takes me. I don’t care that it takes up a lot of space in our little house, it brightens the whole house and smells so good. I am here every day and I want some “happy” around.
    Please continue to be well and appreciate all that you have been through to get to this point. You are an inspiration.

  2. Thanks for the kind words… There is hope! As for the orb in my eye. How would one know its a cyst and how come the optometrist couldnt see it? How do u remove it? Through surgery?

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