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Death by 1000 paper cuts – Part 2

Happy New Year and all that stuff. Hope your Christmas and New Years holidays were everything you dreamed of. For me, we had a great time, lots of parties back to back, a little too much for me, so we had to bail and cancel on some, but am grateful that I was able to go to most of them!

From my last post here, I left off pretty pissed off, then had a great holiday, forgot the woes of trying to get Alinia in Canada, then here we are, Jan 4, 2013 and the saga continues.

It would be easier for me to arrange for the Queen of England to come and pay me a visit than to actually get Alinia into my house.

Most of today (about 4 hours in total) had me scouring the internet, reading reviews on non-legit online pharmacies, trying to figure out how to get the second half of my prescription.

Here is the synopsis.

I plan to start this new treatment in the middle of February. I am prescribed 102 pills. I got 54 of them for $97 from Canada I phoned them again this morning to inquire if they were ceasing stock on Alinia as mentioned to me before Christmas and of course surprise surprise, they are as of Jan 1, 2013. This means that I cannot get my 48 pills to fullfill my prescription.

So what? Then go to another source.

But I tell you, it is easier for monkeys to fly out of my arse then it is to acquire Alinia. I was given Northwest Pharmacy out west in Canada. They were the more expensive one. $259.98 for 60 pills. I couldn’t get the 48 because the packs come in 60. I find out that their website isn’t viewable to Canadians. Even though their office is located in Canada. I was transferred to their International Department where they manually placed my order. They charged my credit card.

I email my LLMD to let them know that Canada Drugs is no longer selling Alinia.

My LLMD emails me back in record time and tells me of Buy Low Alinia is only $52 for 60 pills. Yes, that is $200 cheaper! TWO HUNDRED!

UGHH! I had to call back Northwest Pharmacy, cancel the order, get a refund, then call Buy Low for which they tell me that I must set up an online account. I get on my computer and my profile account needs a US address. UGHH! I call them back and they said, no problem, use your doctor’s address. I also had to get a new prescription for 60 pills. I asked my LLMD if they could fax it over to the pharmacy for me, and nope, they cannot fax anything out of their state. So now, I will need to wait for my prescription and fax it to the pharmacy. Turn around time is 28 days as it is coming out of Singapore. I had them ship it directly to my LLMD this time since my next appointment will be in March. I still have to travel to Buffalo end of this month to get my first 54 pills.

Now the real killer is that if I went across the border, went to some brick and mortar pharmacy to place the order, it would cost me $1500 for 100 pills!!!! What is with this drug? Tell me? How can the price of this thing vary in between thousands of dollars?

Some thing I learned today: Beware of Online Pharmacies that don’t require a prescription. These are usually fake with placebo pills. Do your research!


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6 thoughts on “Death by 1000 paper cuts – Part 2

  1. Try Kripps Pharmacy in Vancouver, Let Edward know what’s going on and he will do all he can to help.God bless,DavePastor Dave Cottrell   Sunshine Community Baptist Church

  2. Alinia is a great anti-parasitic though not as well absorbed as a few others. I was on it for 3 months and had to stop all meds so I could have a special test done two months later. What burns me is I still have a bottle with 36 pills in and 1 refill – oh, what I want to do for you is illegal, but I am so tired of this freakin’ battle to get what we need. I felt really good on Alinia, so I think it is worth it. Email me if you want at

  3. Thanks again for an important discussion. Best of luck to you with Alinia – – hope it works for you.

  4. MichaelVH on said:

    I had very similar experiences with getting alinia..I mostly used Canada Drugs at the time. The crazy price differences, the sudden shortages, etc. And the INSANE cost of it here in the US. I wanted to mention something–Canada Drugs (I know you didn’t get your Alinia from them) will refund partial prescriptions. I didn’t find out until too late, but I’d bought more alinia than I needed (due to all the issues with getting it) and then had a bunch left…if I’d known, I could’ve returned the unused. They had (at least a few years ago) a similar policy even with Mepron, which blew my mind. Anyway, just in case, find out the policies of the places you’re buying from, it could possibly save you a bit more money in the end. Good luck.

    • Hey Michael, I did actually get 54 pills of Alinia from Canada Drugs and had them ship it to a US Postal address. So I managed to get half the prescription! SUCKS!

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