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Death by 1000 paper cuts – The Final Chapter

After 2 posts of unnerving drama which can be found here and here, this story finally ends. Well, let me clarify. The story of getting it ends. However, the story of ingesting it is a whole other can of worms.

I’m talking about Alinia. The Alinia that I had to climb through hills, mountains and rainforests to try and get. The Alinia that had made me trek through snow in -40 degree weather for 8 hours to get. Am I exaggerating? NO.

So the story continues like this. Last post, I left you by saying that I finally was able to purchase this sordid medication through what seemed an eternity of trying to source an online reputable pharmacy that sold it at a fairly decent rate. The cost of these pills range from $52 – $1200. Yes, that is correct. You are not drunk. You have read that right.

photo 3My next move on the chess board was now trying to get it across the border back into Canada and into my house. The planned date was for Tuesday Jan 15, 2013. I had many scenarios go into my head. I spoke to many people asking what they would do in my situation. Should I tell the truth? Should I lie? Here are some responses I got.

“You shouldn’t have a problem. Just make sure you have your receipts.” (LLMD)

“Just tell them that you are seeing a doctor in the States and you have a US prescription which can only be filled at a US Pharmacy.”

“Yo man, if you get caught, don’t call me cause I ain’t bailing your ass out of jail for drug trafficking.”

“Tell them that you are going shopping across the border, stay for a couple hours, have lunch and then just come back.”

See here is my problem. I don’t like lying. I think if you are honest, then you will always have the correct story and not get into more lies upon lies. I went with advice #1. I will tell them that I’m seeing a doctor in the States and I have a prescription that only can be fulfilled in the States. Technically that is true, however that part has already been done. I’m actually just picking up the medication from a postal outlet. Hopefully they don’t ask any questions.

I got all my paperwork, our passports, the prescription and off we went. We made it there in 1.5 hours.

Entering the United States

BPO: What is the nature of your visit.
Me: I’m seeing a doctor in the States who prescribed me some medication that can only be fulfilled in the States.
BPO: Why are you seeing the doctor.
Me: Lyme Disease.
BPO: (nods his head) How long will you be staying.
Husband: Half hour?
BPO: Thank you. (Hands us back our passports)

We get to the Postal Outlet which is about 5 minutes away. I pick up the package. Easy Peasy. We decided to stop by Target to buy 5 year old some shirts. I was getting ansy about crossing back. So I wasn’t enjoying my shopping. I said “Let’s go”.

photo 1

(This sign was stuck to each mirror in the bathroom. There were 5 mirrors. I am thinking that this is common knowledge right? Shouldn’t it be? Why do they need signs for this? I’m thinking twice about shopping at Target.)

We get back to the border crossing. I’m rehearsing with Husband what to say.

Coming back to Canada

BPO#1: Where do you live.
Husband: Toronto.
BPO#1: What was the purpose of your visit.
Me: I’m seeing a doctor in the States who prescribed me some medication that can only be fulfilled in the States.
BPO#1: Where did you get this medication.
Me: A postal mailbox.
BPO#1: Do you have documentation.
Me: Yes. Here you go.
BPO#1: (shuffles papers for 5 minutes). Did you stop anywhere else.
Husband: No.
Me: Actually, yes, we stopped at Target.
Husband: Looks at me like WTH.
BPO#1: Can I see the receipts.
Husband gets receipts.
BPO#1: (Gives us back our passports) Can you pull over into that area so another officer can inspect your goods.

Getting Ready to be poked

Me: Great, this is just great. I’m ready for my first white glove experiment.
Husband: Why did you say we went to Target?!
Me: Um, maybe because we DID? What’s the matter with you! They would have checked the trunk and seen the bag you nitwit!
Husband: We only spent $42 dollars!
Me: Hello. McFly. Did you not understand the question? The question was “Did you make any other stops?

Tap Tap Tap on the window.

BPO#2 (lady): Can you open the trunk.
Me: (got out of car)
BPO#2: What is this medication for? You don’t have to tell me why you are taking it.
Me: It’s called Alinia, it’s an anti-malarial, anti-bacterial medication.
BPO#2: Where did you get this.
Me: I picked it up at a postal outlet in Buffalo.
BPO#2: Why couldn’t you get this here.
Me: My doctor is in the States and I can only fulfill the prescription in the States.
BPO#2: Is this available in Canada.
She asked the question that I was dreading.
Me: No…..
BPO#2: Let me bring this in to check if it’s allowed in Canada.

Me and Husband get back in the car. UGH!!! Seriously it can’t end like this. I just spent like hell trying to get this medication, drove an hour and half, crossed the border to pick it up and now it ends like this. Please God, I pray in the name that is all knowing and holy, please let her come back with my pills.

8 minutes later, she walks back with my pills in hand. She hands it to me and says “Thank you, you may go.

I was excited with glee. We got the hell out of dodge faster than you can blink an eye.

photo 4

I literally cannot wait until this is over. I am so completely done with it. So the cost of this new 120 day treatment is setting me back:

Alinia (set 1 of pills): $91.47
Alinia (set 2 of pills): $52
Other herbal supplements: $500.19 (Artemisinin, Golden Thread Supreme, Cumanda, Lumbrokinase, Bab2)
Probiotics and Florastor: $125
Postal Outlet service Fee: $5
Border Toll Fee: $3.25
Headache and anxiety: Priceless

There was one more stop at an outlet I had to make and that cost me $100.54 (and that was with 80% off!!) Never mess with a girl and her Coach bags. After the hell I just went through, I think I deserve this little gem right? Maybe I can store all this damned medication in it.

photo 3

In other news, Husband is going to Haiti for business tomorrow. I started to get paranoid about him bringing back all sorts of diseases so I’m telling him he needs to get shots. So he got Menactra for Meningitis, a Typhoid shot and Hepatitis A shot. When he gets back he will be getting the TwinRix shots. This is good for 10 years. The doctor that saw him also prescribed these as preventative measures.

I started laughing. I said “Remember before I got sick, and whenever I got prescriptions, I was always like WTH does this doctor’s note say? Well now, looking at yours, I know EXACTLY what it says! I know these drugs, I know what all the scribbles mean!

So guess what, he will be on Anti-malarials, just like us. Funny how the doctor was so quick at prescribing this to him and he had no issues with getting it and he’s not even SICK! If medicine can be preventative like this, the world would be beautiful and happy.

Look! It’s our friend Zithromax and Malarone!

photo 2

photo 1

How am I?

I realize my posts have been dwindling. Some were concerned if I was feeling ok or not, but rest assured, my lack of posting is because I’ve been doing really well and I have nothing worthwhile to write. So I’m taking that as good. I have gone about 2 weeks at about 95% symptom free. We shall see by the end of next week how I feel, because I know that my crap cycle will start to begin then. But it will pass! It will pass.

Hope you are all doing well and get ready for my next post, it will involve GREEN STUFF! Stay tuned! In the meantime, if you are new to this blog, I invite you to fill out my little poll on the right side and let us know if you have Lyme and where you live. Much appreciated!

I can end this post with this image.



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One thought on “Death by 1000 paper cuts – The Final Chapter

  1. Wow! It took WAY too long for me to find someone to treat me, but when I did, he was a LLND, a naturopath licensed by the Province of BC to prescribe pharmaceutical medication, including pain meds and antibiotics, so while it’s taking a long time to kick these little beggars and their friends out of my system, it has not been any problem getting my meds, and many of them are covered by pharmacare. If anyone is having trouble getting abx, get hold of me via I can get help for you that I cannot mention publicly.

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