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Before you read this post, it may be a little TMI and not really lyme related, so for my male readers, you can safely click away and visit here.

I have many substitute titles for this post:

  • If it’s not one thing, it’s another.
  • Please, seriously, give me a break. Just one.
  • I have enough cranberry juice to feed an army.
  • Lesson learned. I will never hold my bladder again.

I left you the last time saying I was unhappily herxing for 6 days. That herx lasted for 1.5 weeks. And then it alleviated. So my last Friday night was a good one and boy was I happy. My mom had 6 year old for the night and Husband and I decided to watch a movie in our brand new basement.

The drill usually turns out the same, I scroll down the 100+ title list and then decide to IMBD each one on my iPad because I forgot what the movie was about, hum and haw, start one for 5 minutes, decide I don’t like it, and switch to another. By this time, the night is usually over. OR we usually start it and by 12 minutes in, I’m fast asleep and husband is left alone to watch a movie about a girl, a guy and some necklace.

If I was my husband, this would be grounds for divorce. If I were him, I wouldn’t be able deal with me.

So what did we decide on? Life of Pi. Although I wasn’t in the mood for this because I wasn’t particularly interested in seeing a guy bond with a talking tiger.

But I was wrong. The tiger doesn’t talk. It was a really good movie. Lesson learned: Never judge a book by its cover.

During the movie, I had to use the bathroom real bad. Just like every other time,  I held it because:

  • I am too lazy to get up
  • I don’t want to pause the TV  because that would require me to find the remote which brings us back to the laziness
  • I’m too snugly in my nice warm blanket

So I held it. For a good hour. Finally, I had to go. And when I did, something felt wrong, but I was like “meh”.

I finally went to bed at 2 am, but had this immense pressure to urinate that was not normal. It felt like when I was pregnant and the baby was pushing down causing me to sprint to the bathroom every 2 minutes.

I went to the bathroom but nothing came out. I went back to bed and as soon as I laid down that pressure and need to go came again. So I went to the bathroom and again nothing. My bladder felt like it was going to explode. This went on ALL night. I got NO sleep. Several times, I woke up hubby and said we should go to the ER. I had a suspicion that I had a UTI. I read that spirochetes love the urinary tract. Could this be a herx?

So 7:30 am rolls around and I’m really pissed now because my Saturday plans are ruined. I think I got 1.5 hours sleep. I was looking so forward to having a quiet morning and sleeping in with no little feet stomping on my face pestering me and saying “Wake up mommy!!!” I tried to go to the bathroom again and now it started burning and I saw a little blood. NOT GOOD!

I texted 6 of my female friends telling them of my woes and each one came back to me and said, “Oh ya, I had so many of those before, not fun!”

What? Is a UTI more common than the common cold? I’m 37 and this is the first time I’ve ever had it! The general consensus of what I should do?




So guess what? I think I will be buying some cranberry juice.

I ate some breakfast, hopped in the shower and contemplated where I should go. The Walk-in or the ER?

The Walk-in (home of Dr. Handsome Chest Hairs)
Pros: I will get seen faster.
Cons: They will do no testing.

The Emergency Room
Pros: They will do testing then and there and get me results. They have nicer bathrooms.
Cons: Long wait, more sickly people with germs, probability of running into some guy who glue gunned his penis to his leg (yes, we had the unfortunate experience of witnessing this atrocity last time we were there)

I decided to go to the ER. I was actually excited because this time I was sure they weren’t going to send me away saying “We don’t know what’s wrong with you”.

I saw the triage nurse and described my symptoms. She laughed and said: “Hello Urinary Tract Infection! What other medication are you on?”

Me: It’s a pill called Alinia.
Nurse: What for?
Me: Chronic Lyme.
Nurse: Oh. how did you get that?
Me: I dunno, somewhere.

She handed me a bottle and nodded towards the bathroom. Don’t you hate when you have to do a urine sample and then carry your specimen in public and try to discreetly deposit it halfway across the room? THAT.

After 2 hours, we were finally called into another room.


Husband: You sure we aren’t on the set of Saw 8?
Me: At this point, I would rather be there.
Husband: Why do they make the paper sheet thing on the bed like half the size of the bed. What’s the point.
Me: Where the hell is the damned doctor. I’m so sick of this.


Doctor Waltzes in: So, do you have a bladder infection?
Me thinking: Um, I hope so, because if not, then I don’t know what the hell I just went through.

Doctor leaves the room
Husband and I look at each other like we are in the twilight zone.
5 minutes later, Doctor comes back.


Me: So what do the results say?
They are bad.
ok. What does that mean?
You have a bad bladder infection.
What about my kidneys? The nurse didn’t order any bloodwork.
Well, you would be in pain and right now we are going to clear the infection first. I doubt you have renal failure. If you are still feeling like this tomorrow, come back and we will do an xray or ultrasound.
Ok great. Thanks.
Here’s a prescription for Cipro. 2 pills twice a day for 10 days. Thanks and have a great day.

Now I’m faced with my dilemma. Take the new pills and forget the current Lyme treatment? I quickly emailed LLMD but in the meantime, I went with my gut instinct and took the Cipro and stopped the Alinia. My LLMD emailed back the next day and told me to do exactly what I was doing. Stop the Alinia, take the Cipro and continue the supplements.

Well that’s the end of the story. This was a true melodramatic and extremely long winded post. This really could have just said “Hey I got a Urinary Tract Infection and they prescribed me Cipro for 10 days and I had to stop my Lyme Treatment“. But how fun would it be to read that?

The good side to this? I can eat meat for 10 days!

Thinking about you all and stay tuned, I venture off to New York next Monday for my one year consult with my lovely LLMD.


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8 thoughts on “Ughhhhhhhhhh

  1. Funny post! And yeah, I’ve had a few UTIs. Usually a really simple 3 day course of anti biotics clears it. When I first got lyme I had UTI symptoms but without the peeing razor blades bit, I also had a stabbing pain in my back. They gave me a stronger anti biotic but it made no difference and there started my lyme story.

    Anyway. I hope you feel better soon. And yes, cranberry juice. Lots of it. It stops the bacteria sticking to the wall of the bladder somehow, so you ‘flush’ them out better. You can get cranberry supplement pills, I used to take them, especially if I had sex as that often is the cause.

  2. I’m a male and I read it ha. Yep lay off any processed ,eats if your nitrates are high (hot dogs, pepperoni pizza, lunch meat, sausage, salami)…. good luck. Cipro is also used with lyme treatment btw

  3. Try thyme tea … I’ve done that for almost 30 years and have told many people to try it for UTI. Or just when you start feeling that itch. Make tea by steeping a teaspoon of dried thyme in boiling water. If the taste bothers you, add some vanilla or honey (if you can take honey) to adjust. Soon you’ll get used to it. Sip and feel the relief.
    You can also add some thyme while cooking, to the water while cooking pasta, to hamburger meat, to soups and stews – make sure you get some thyme every week. It works. Really. Works even for men when they have troubles.
    Good luck and hugs to dr. McS!

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