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It might cost me $7695 to have my own baby.


I ventured off to the States to see my Doc. This will be my 3rd in office visit and my 1 year appointment. Overall, it went very well. When has it not? My doc is the best. She makes you feel so relaxed and spends time answering your questions, sharing her expertise. And what’s best about her is that she admits she doesn’t have all the answers. Lyme is such an unknown realm. I can tell she keeps really updated with new findings and research. That is very important as Lyme keep evolving.

So I had to go off meds for about a week and a half due to this recent bugger here. Which was good because I went back and gorged on meat like it was going out of style. Symptom wise, they were slowly but surely creeping back. The body buzzing, slight tremor feeling and vertigo all came back to pay me a visit while on my little medication hiatus, reminding me that their fun wasn’t over.

So I will continue on the same treatment plan now which is kind of unpublished so I won’t go into too much detail however it involves the vegan diet and I will be targeting Babesia specifically with one antibiotic and a mammoth supply of supplements that will make me go bankrupt and cry.

I had documented on my progress chart that I was at about 85-90% and she was very happy to hear that. I asked how much longer treatment will be and was told maybe end of this year or next year. “WHATTT?” I screamed! That took me by surprise! This is what she keeps telling me over and over and I need to print it off and paste it on my forehead.

Lyme is not about tests. It’s about symptoms.

I have spoken to many other patients who see the same doc and who were put on Mepron, so I asked why I was never put on Mepron. And Mepron will for sure drain your bank account like a sucking leech, I’ve heard that it is $1000+ a month. So anyway, the reason was most likely due to my symptoms at the beginning. If a person was really fragile, then they would most likely be put on Mepron. If the person was functioning and their immune system was doing some work, then they would most likely be put on the pulses. Also findings were if people were put on the pulses and they were really sick in the beginning, they would have severe die-off. So the Mepron is to lessen that load so to say.

So, the reason for my dramatic over the top title of this post.

I asked when would it be possible for me to have another kid. You know, to stop all those stupid questions from people asking me when I’m having another kid. I usually answer these questions with another question like “When are you having YOURS?” Who cares if the aunt is in her 70’s. Read more comebacks here. Some are brutal.

Well, here is the deal if you don’t know. There are many cases of congenital Lyme. I think that is how my 6 year old may have been exposed. For me, I don’t think I am quite ready yet at this stage but if I did later on, and depending on my symptoms then, especially if the babesia symptoms were still lingering, she will have me on a couple of antibiotics AND the Mepron. Mepron at the pregnancy dosage would cost about $7000 for 9 months. Kill me now. Also, she said that you can get the cord blood tested. Where? I don’t know. If you know how to do this in Ontario, someone please tell me, I’m too lazy to search right now. I just did 90 squats.

So, here is my 30 day squat challenge. That is because I need to look Bikini Hot when we go on our cruise in 3 weeks. After all, I gained 10 pounds and my skeletor profile is no longer. BOO.

Here is the squat chart for you if you feel motivated.

Day 1 50
Day 2 55
Day 3 60
Day 4 Rest
Day 5 70
Day 6 75
Day 7 80
Day 8 Rest
Day 9 100
Day 10 105
Day 11 110
Day 12 Rest
Day 13 130
Day 14 135
Day 15 140
Day 16 Rest
Day 17 150
Day 18 155
Day 19 160
Day 20 Rest
Day 21 180
Day 22 185
Day 23 Rest
Day 24 190
Day 25 195
Day 26 200
Day 27 Rest
Day 28 205
Day 29 210
Day 30 215

So overall the appointment went well. $1295 Cha ching! Damn! That is a frigging plane ticket to the Maldives. But of course, Hubby always puts things in perspective for me saying if I don’t get well, there will be no Maldives.

While we were at my docs, I also got him tested with the Igenex #188 and #189. Just because. And I don’t tell anyone because they will think I’m paranoid and crazy. But screw them. While the nurse was drawing his blood, my 6 year old was looking on and the Nurse says to him, “Isn’t your daddy brave?” My 6 year old looks at her and says “Um, I did this last year.

In other Lyme news, guess what? The Niagara Falls lights AND the Peace Bridge are going to turn green on May 17, 2013!  Marlene is an awesome Lyme Advocate. See more info here as well as more info on the Brampton Lyme Walk that she is organizing.

This post is very scattered and off tangent, not my usual style, but I have been on this computer now for 12 hours straight and if I am here any longer, I might just turn into a computer.


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8 thoughts on “It might cost me $7695 to have my own baby.

  1. barkcentral on said:

    Holy crap your meds are expensive! Love your comebacks! Ha!

    So how’s the vegan diet working for you?

  2. Yes — expensive! I’ve done the Mepron route, done the pulses, done the Malarone and in total have been on treatment since March 2010.
    Love the comments of the 6-year old! Talk about being put in perspective.
    Thanks for mentioning my blog and the Green Falls! I hope to have some more exciting news to share within next week.
    Good vibes to you as you continue on the path to healing.

  3. I love your blog. Just sayin’ 😀

    To be honest, I’ve kind of given up hope of popping out a sproglet. I think I might adopt if I ever get well enough to look after myself AND another human being.

    I’ve still yet to find a doctor that will treat on symptoms, I have a positive lyme test, but the ones I’ve seen are obsessed with test results and won’t treat me for coinfections as I tested negative for ONE strain. It’s a pain. Literally, metaphorically, take your pick.

    • Yikes! Thats the key though you gotta treat on symptoms, not tests results. My doc has treated coinfections first and the amount of abx she had me on were insane, but hey, im sooooooooo uich better now, like u dont understand. Lol. So much better… If i were u, i would find another llmd. Where do u live? Maybe u can see mine?

    • I live in the UK. I’ve given up on finding a doctor here and am self treating until I can afford to go to a well recommended clinic in Germany.

  4. Louise Stanley on said:

    Glad to hear you are improving. Thank you for your posts. It is interesting to see how other LLMD’s treat and which supplements they use.

    I am taking my 11 yo daughter to Dr P in Buffalo. She has been undergoing treatment for 2 years now (IND lyme/positive bartonella). Some of her best results have come from using malarone. The price for abx/supplements is horrendous, but it is worth it seeing her improve. We are now weaning off and hoping for the best.

    Dr P thinks my daughter was born with congenital lyme.
    She had light/sound/touch sensitivities from the get go. She lost speech/gross and fine motor abilities with her 15 month MMR vaccination. At 4 she was dx with ADHD and SPD. At 8 years, after her MMR booster and a bug bite with an atypical (non-EM) rash at the cottage she developed motor/vocal ticcing. At 9 she was dx with aspergers. Shortly after this she developed the pain symptoms I now know to be associated with bartonella.

    Our family doctor (at one point the President of the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons) wanted to rx Ritalin/clonipin. He told me that Igenex was a bogus lab and that any results I receive from them are suspicious. My daughter’s ELISA was negative and coinfections were not investigated in Ontario.

    We owe our daughter’s life to our LLMD. She has lost ALL of her psych dx with lyme/bartonella treatment, although she is still struggling with increased Tourette’s like ticcing with herxes.
    I do believe that most of our daughter’s problems have been the result of congenital lyme and the effects of multiple vaccinations on her compromised immune system. If you do decide to have another child please be cautious about vaccinations.

    • Hi Louise, Thanks for your email… that is good information and I appreciate you taking the time to write. For the doc u are seeing in buffalo, …. feel free to email me to discuss further as I know someone others who have seen this doctor.

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