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The big variety show

Crawling out of the Bad Station


I’ve been told that Lindsay Price is my doppelganger, so I found this image appropriate for this illustration, but I am seriously no way near what she looks like, I am probably more closer to gollum right now at this point.

We went to help some friends set up for an event on Friday night and I don’t know what happened, but something landed me in bed / couch for the next 48 hours. My 6 year old doesn’t like to say the word “hell”. He calls it the “Bad Station”.

“Mommy, do bad people go to the Bad Station when they die?”

So I guess that’s where I’ve been. At the Bad Station. I’m pulling out of it as I type this (I hope), but I’m pretty sure it’s a huge die off. I haven’t had one like this since here which was about 10 months ago. And on Saturday, I had to go to a party with a guest list of 150 people while trying not to puke or fall down from vertigo. There are many possible factors why this happened.

  1. It was the 7th day into my new pulse with the headliner artemisinin. I am on 200 mg (2 pills 2x a day).
  2. Bab 2 – I’m at about 20 drops 3x a day.
  3. I was doing this crest 14 day teeth whitening because we are going on a trip and not sure how harmful it is.

artSo this set of symptoms were very heightened. On Saturday night, I was literally ready to die at 3 am. I don’t like to be overly dramatic when it comes to herxes, but this was pretty bad. It was like the worst flue ever minus the fever. I felt like barf, I was hot and cold, I got chest palps, I had burning in my hands and legs, my head was drunk, I had a headache out the wazoo. A fleeting thought of going to the ER breezed through my head, but I knew that would have been a waste of time, and my mental state then was if it was my time to go, then it was my time to go, I was just so sick of fighting this.

Sunday had me pretty much on the couch googling Artemisinin and die off along with playing Mario Kart with the 6 year old.
“Mommy! it’s your turn, comon!”
“Wait! I’m trying to find out if Artemisinin makes u want to die!”


Whatever the case is, I think I might need to lower the dose because we are on a plane next Wednesday. And god forbid that I experience anything on our trip. I will kill someone.


Here’s the Bab2 by Beyond Balance that I am on that treats Babesia. Check out the the Suggested Use disclaimer. It should actually say “Discontinue if NO unusual symptoms occur”.

Adventures in plant eating

So this vegan, low fat diet is killing me. To my vegetarian friends, I love you all, thanks for sending me all the recipes and stuff, I need to still go through them, but man, this diet is HARD. I am currently being treated for Protomyxzoa Rheumatica (Formerly FL1953). My doc said if I can’t handle it, I can go on the South Beach Diet and eat only lean cuts of meat. The key is to minimize the intake of fat, which is what the organism feeds on. It’s all very complicated and I don’t know how to explain it and I don’t feel like explaining it.


Wendy’s baked potato with Sour Cream and chives. Probs not on the low fat list.


Yummy cantaloupe!


Never heard of this until I saw it some blog and bought it. Tastes like turkey! You gotta wonder what they put in this stuff to make it taste like turkey?



This dish was an epic fail. It tasted HORRIBLE. It was a curry tofu I tried to make.




Vegan Burger!


Who doesn’t like asparagus?


This is an apple cinnamon crock pot oatmeal that came out really good. Here’s the recipe.


Went to get my blood drawn for my monthly labs and this happened again. Everything on my labs were within normal range! Can you believe that! EXCEPT, my liver enzymes are up again. They are at around 54. Doc told me to go on a liver detox again. So I am doing this detox by Pekana. Put all the drops in 1 litre of water and drink throughout the day. It should flush liver and kidney.


Good Old IgeneX

Last but not least, I got my husbands IgeneX results. 12 days in total wait. Not bad. I included my IgeneX and our son’s IgeneX. My husband has no symptoms. He shows an IND on 2 specific bands which are 34 and 39. However, 41 can be anything. I’m not going to spend too much time on this because he has no symptoms and remember, Lyme is all about symptoms. If you are new to Lyme and need to know how to interpret results, read my post here. If you want to know the difference between IGM and IGG, click here.


We are off to Disney World Resort next week coupled with a 4 day cruise on Disney’s Fantasy Cruise Ship. Can’t wait! In the meantime, I found this excerpt and would like to share it with you. I don’t remember which LLMD who wrote this, but it was in the Lyme Book I bought. God has helped me so much this past year and I’m 100% certain that this has played a role in my continued healing.


“Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.”

1 Peter 5:7


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