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Another 4 months of Low Fat Veganism? NOT.

Today was my phone consultation with my Lyme Doc. I had to request an earlier appointment, because had I waited until June and if there was a chance that she would have kept me on the same meds, it would have been cutting it real close because it takes about a month to re-order a new fulfillment.

So my appointment was at 4 pm. I made sure my 6 year old had his grilled cheese, my ipad and a good pep talk about not bothering mommy while she was on the phone because the bug doctor was going to help me. He complied. Half an hour of You-tubing Super Mario! Hellz ya mommy!

We are required to fill out our symptoms chart prior to any meetings. So, now my report looks like this. I must say, there is quite some significant improvement since last February.


I had a feeling that I would be kept on the same meds. However I was given the option to start a Rifampin treatment to target Bartonella. I was concerned about going back on any ABX because I am really loving this more natural herbal treatment. She concurred that most patients feel like it is a more “wholesome” treatment.

So she decided to let me stay on this treatment. The vegan diet thing has kind of gone by the wayside, and she had no problems with that. Just that I try to stick to low fat. So instead of using the Rifampin, I will introducing a new herb called A-Bart (Byron White Formulas). This works just as well and are tincture drops. I was told to start off really slow because it’s quite powerful. 1 drop in 4 TBSP and slowly increase.

I am also still on Bab2 and a load of other supplements.  I had to re-order some more which usually prompts the huffing and puffing because it meant that a notepad, a pen, a calendar and math were involved.


So basically the conversation went something like this:

  • I have a really good immune system. Right now being at about 95% means that the germ load is down and that my immune system is keeping it at bay.
  • Just because I feel good doesn’t mean it’s over. It’s a stealth infection. Any opportunity it can surface it will.
  • When finishing treatment, I can quit cold turkey or wean off and see how I feel.
  • If I don’t have severe die off or any reaction to the A-Bart, that means I likely don’t have bartonella, or it’s gone.
  • If my symptoms come during period that is fine, however if it comes steadily each month again and the intensity gets worse, then to start treatment again and a few months should kill the stragglers.

I still have my Sept in office appointment and we will re-evaluate where I go from there. So hopefully it will be even more smooth sailing for me during the summer.

Cost for the next 4 months: about $558.47 (not including daily supplements such as probiotics, B12, B6, multivitamins.)
Pills to be swallowed: about 1990
Tincture Bottles: about 8

That’s pretty much it.


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