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It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

So, I ran out of my Alinia and had to go get a refill now across the Niagara border. YAWN. BORING. We decided to make it an adventure and stay the night. Little 6 year old buddy doesn’t recollect ever seeing the falls even though we brought him there 2 years ago. Kids and their memories huh? GEEZ. You would think they would remember seeing something significant like 6 million cubic feet of water falling ever minute.

The truth shall set you free.

We felt like we were in the twilight zone. We literally breezed through the border crossing into the US. No lineups.

Border Patrol Guy: What is the nature of your business.
Me: Picking up medication.
Border Patrol Guy: How long will you be in the United States.
Me: About 10 minutes.
Border Patrol Guy What is this medication for.
Me: Lyme Disease.
Border Patrol Guy: (Pauses) I don’t even know what that is. But here you go (hands us back passports)
Me: Great. Thanks. (Douchebag)

10 minutes later, we come back but are now stuck in 25 minute border traffic.

Border Patrol Gal: What is the nature of your business.
Me: Picking up medication.
Border Patrol Gal: How long have you be in the United States.
Me: About 10 minutes.
Border Patrol Gal What is this medication for.
Me: Lyme Disease.
Border Patrol Gal: Why aren’t you allowed to get it in Canada?
Me: I don’t know, ask the Government
Border Patrol Gal: How much was it?
Me: About $50
Border Patrol Gal: Can I see your paper work?
Me: Yes, here you go. (prescription from LLMD, invoice for $50 for the meds, delivery notice to the mailbox)
Border Patrol Gal: Thank you, you are free to go. Have a nice day.
Me: Thanks!

So lesson learned. Don’t lie, don’t act skittish, don’t stress, just tell the truth. Have your paper work. Then all is golden.

There will no photos of border crossing, or stupid alinia pill shots, or traffic. Just some amazing shots I took of our little one day vacation over by the Falls. Of the 33 years that I have been living in Toronto, this was the first time that we did “Journey Behind the Falls“, a self guided tour where you are literally right beside the falls. When I say literally, I mean like you go down an elevator, put on a plastic rain coat and get soaked from just standing.






This is a picture of the hallway at the Sheraton. I walked this by myself at 12:00 am and literally freaked myself out.


In other news, this appeared in our local paper. Kevin, our local celebrity from “Lyme Savers” was also mentioned. Way to go Kevin!


Last on my list of news, I downloaded a totally useless iPad game called “PLAGUE” INC.” for 99 cents. It allows you to create a disease and infect people all over the world. The goal is to see how fast you can make it go global. I named the disease “EMYL”, which is LYME backwards. It’s such a dumb mindless game and I really could have spent that 99 cents elsewhere like perhaps throwing it in the gutter, but I really paid for it so I can take these nice screenshots for you. See what I do for you?

Now I’m not totally sure why my iPad looks yellow here, because it’s actually white. But this game is stupid and I have already deleted it.

01 02


Update my myself

I am not sure what to make of myself. For about a month or so, I have been operating on a low steady herx of about a 1 on the scale. I am not sure if the A-Bart is doing its job, or if I have just plateaued. I feel like I need that extra push to get me through that golden gate of 100%. It feels like I am near though. I have been semi symptom free now for maybe several days, but little symptoms come and go. I see the doctor beginning of September so we shall see what the future holds.


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2 thoughts on “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

  1. Ugh. The foggy brain is one of the worst parts, after the pain and fatigue. Great post! It’s very encouraging.

  2. Glad to hear that you are feeling pretty darn good! Sending good energy your way that you are on your way to 100%! (My brother lives in Lockport just a short hop, skip & a jump from Niagra. We got to see that falls when we visited him. They really are impressive!)

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