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OMG, I’m now 18 months into treatment and feeling worse.

Sorry for the title. I vowed in my entire existence that these words would never come out of my mouth let alone my keyboard. I have become my own worst enemy. I am a hypocrite. I am sorry.

Truth is, the past few weeks have kind of put me through the ringer. Yes, I know this is something that you don’t want to hear, especially the newbies. But don’t fret, this soon shall pass.

Most of my symptoms came after eating at Boston Pizza. I have made a promise to myself I would never eat there again. Reason being the last 2 times I ate there, 1) I found a dead fly in my spaghetti 2) I had the worst heart burn and gallbladder pain for 3 days. Rivaled the same pain as I did BEFORE I removed my gallbladder. Go figure.

Then Aunt Flo came to say hi 3 days after and then all hell broke loose. I thought I would recover after she left but nope. It is lingering! Last night wasn’t too hot. So what is it for me? I feel sick. Like I ate something rotten. My head feels spinny like I got drugged and forced to drink a bottle of vodka. My appetite is kind of gone. I crashed a bit hard last night and this morning couldn’t get out of bed until 9:30 am. My poor 6 year old wouldn’t have made it to camp if my husband wasn’t home to drive him.

So anyhow, this is where I am at. I am toying with the idea of purchasing this: HUMAWORM. They have a pretty informational website. I have read very good reviews, complete with pictures of toilet adventures of people digging through poop for evidence. If you have tried this, please comment, would love to hear your results, but don’t necessarily want to see your poop.

I see my lovely doc in a month and can’t wait to see what she has for me next. I’m being sarcastic. I seriously thought that I would be done and over this crap by end of this year. I am not too sure given the festivities that happened the past couple of weeks.

It’s good to have friends out there who know what you are going through. Kevin, (we see the same doc), gently pushed me to send an email to her. Here it is.


“Hope all is well! I have a some concerns. I am on the Alinia/Artemisinin treatment and on full doses of everything. I couldn’t handle the vegan diet, so am eating meat. I have been doing excellent the past several months and my highest peak was 95%. But in the past 3 weeks or so, I seem to have regressed I would say back down to 75-80%, now having my first lyme symptoms which is freaking me a bit out. The biggies are nausea, loss of appetite, dizziness and vertigo and some minor fatigue. But enough for me sometimes to crash hard. These have been re-occuring symptoms but again the past few weeks/days have gotten severe. What do you make of this? What should I do? I see you in Sept 11. Should I wait until then to assess?


“This may be herx. Make sure to do detox/homeopathic detox/herx treatment. If you need to lower the doses of the supplements. Let me know if it still is a problem.”


My question is, how can your herx be WORSE 6 months into a treatment regimen? Isn’t it supposed to get better? Just sayin’.

Today I also did the usual monthly blood work. Blah. My levels have been pretty steady the past few months. Ok so that’s it. Nothing else. I am hoping my next post will not be talking about poop. But if I decide to purchase the Humaworm, it may very well be. Stay tuned.


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5 thoughts on “OMG, I’m now 18 months into treatment and feeling worse.

  1. on said:

    I understand your situation completely. I have been on alinia and many other meds for almost 2 years. I thought I would be all better but my stomach has been slowing me down from getting the dosages up to the therapeutic levels. I have been teetering in the nausea place off and on for months. Today, I got a blood test from called DetoxiGenomic Profile from Genova Diagnostics- my doctor thinks it can guide him towards the right meds for my very own genetics. It seems that you may need some genetic insight too. Thanks for the blog you crack me up.

    • Was this from your llmd or general doc? Did u getthe results yet or just placed the test? Is it out of pocket? Would love to know ur results!

  2. Foggy brain is an understatement as I am now starting menopause and that brain along with Lyme brain makes life interesting! If you don’t blog about the whole experience, you are doing yourself a disservice. It is not your mission to make us all feel like we will all feel great one day…I know it’s one step forward and two steps backward more often than the other way around. The possibility of herx may be accurate due to the cyst form of spirochete as they run on a 3 – 4 month cycle of breaking out and then when the medications hit them, there is die off. Biofilms are absolutely possible, but I have not even begun treating them even after five years of antibiotic cocktails as I need to get to a certain point of feeling “symptom-free”. I take cholestyramine powder for detoxing and have a portable infrared sauna (I saved my pennies and it is worth the $200). I do not bother with the baths as it is way to much work to have to clean it after every use. My HLA typing is pure Lyme on both strands where many of us suffer from mold/Lyme. I’m sure you have had this lab work done as it is important in treating you correctly. Please rest and don’t waste your energy trying to figure out how you are feeling – you do not have to know exactly what it is, just that your body needs to rest right now.

  3. Just came across your blog. Are you feeling better now? We live with Lyme in our family, too…

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