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Now look what I gone and did.

Something is screwy with WordPress. I originally wrote this 6 days ago, but wondered why it was like crickets over here… I usually get some type of response or likes and so I went back to login and it says it’s in draft mode? UGH. So here it is.


That last herx I had wasn’t pretty, it lasted for about 10 days and left me pretty much feeling like pure crud. So to celebrate the awesomeness of it all, I went and purchased this.


I did my research. I read alot on, fished through alot of testimonials, emailed back and forth with the Humaworm client rep for about a week. And finally decided Hey, Why Not. What’s the worst that could happen? I purchased 2 sets, one for my hubs and one for me so we can hold hands and go through this together while we ride off into the sunset.

Many say that we de-worm our pets, but never ourselves. And to that I would like to say, “Hmmm….yes, that’s true, but we also don’t frolick outside 18/7, bathe once a month and lick our own butts.” However, they do have a point.

Now my only concern with this Humaworm thing is that you can’t take Probiotics. I guess because it cancels each other out. I will need to speak to my doc about this because I will probably go on a one month med hiatus.

I found a rather humorous blog of a guy who did the Humaworm parasite cleanse and wrote about each day. READ IT HERE. Nothing to be scared about. I am confident that whatever this Humaworm does to me, it will not come near to the trip I took to Hades last year flying first class.


So as far as now, I am still alive and feeling pretty bloody fantastic. I have been relatively symptoms free for about 2 weeks. However am battling some pretty bad headaches. Now I remember that my good old LLMD said to me once “You will feel pretty gross and stuff and then all of a sudden, you will just feel better.” Now the emphasis on the “better” was something like an “a-ha moment“, something like the picture below. I am referring to that split second when the music goes “ahhhh..” kind of angelic like. I am hoping this feeling will stay.



So my mom told me to go with her to see this Japanese Acupuncturist. My mom had been seeing her for about 3 months and she cured her of numbness and tingling in her arm that was bothering her for months. So I went last week and told this Japanese lady of my story and in her cute little Japanese accent, she described to me that Lyme is just a label that Westerners use. In fact, most diagnosis’s are labels.

What acupuncture does is balance out your body so that it repairs your immune system so that it can help you fight whatever is messing with you. She said my digestive system is very weak. The 1 hour session consisted of much prodding on my abdomen and pushing on alot of organs. I have done acupuncture before but it was never like this! I am usually used to the acupuncturist sticking 4 needles in me and then leaving me to die in the room for 30 minutes. Kidding. No seriously, she was basically in the room with me for that entire hour going around the table that I was lying on. 30 minutes I was lying on my back (you had to disrobe and lie under sheets) and she would be inserting needles, taking them out, applying acupressure in a certain spot etc. Then the other 30 minutes was lying on my stomach. And the whole rigmarole was then focussed on my back. At one point, I smelled incense and I think she was burning the needles. I did a little more research and found out it is called Moxibustion.

The whole experience was very calming and I will be seeing her again in 2 days and then probably once a month. However, later that day I had a headache the size of Texas. Anyway, I am sure this was a huge toxin release, but I am very excited to continue this treatment. Read more on the difference between Japanese and traditional Chinese Acupuncture here.

Update: So I went and saw her again, and told her about my headaches and electrical shocks in my head. She was like Hmmmm… She went about and did her treatment and then at the end said my head was very “puffy” and “soft”. It is supposed to be hard and she made me feel the base of her skull. My head being soft meant it was congested. I remember the last time, I felt this kind of release, like water pouring over my head, like blood was being let in or something and some type of pathway was opened up….


  • LLMD Visit is in 2 days
  • My next series of posts will probably be about the Humaworm (Starting Sept 16, 2013). I will most likely do a 30 day diary.

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2 thoughts on “Now look what I gone and did.

  1. We’ve used Humaworm and really like the purity and cost! It’s a good parasite cleanse. We plan to continue them 2 times a year. 🙂 I’ll do another one in October.

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