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Humaworm Parasite Cleanse {Day 8~14}



  • Husband started 2 days after me, but I’m just going to lump our days together from now on.
  • If you missed the update, I emailed Humaworm asking if Husband can do half doses. They said yes, he can do 60 days instead at half a dose, but recommended that he try to go back to full dose and see.
  • 6 year old glanced at my computer and saw this graphic and said “Mommy, is that an ice cream or a glob of poo?”

Day 8
Me: Nothing extraordinary.
Husband: Nothing extraordinary. His headache is now subsided.

Day 9
Me: Nothing extraordinary.
Husband: Nothing extraordinary.

Day 10
Nothing extraordinary.
Nothing extraordinary. We argued about when he will go back to full dose. He is just a chicken. He missed his evening dose .

Day 11
Aunt Flo came to same hi this morning. Then I had acupuncture. After the session, I felt all warm and cozyl like all the circulation was back in my body. I can feel blood going to places that I’ve never felt before. That soon came to a halt because when I got home, I got a headache. Probably from the detox, or Aunt Flo, or Humaworm, or Lyme. Don’t you just hate it when you don’t know why? Had about 3 BM’s today but didn’t see anything smiling back at me. Evening dose had major heartburn like never before. I know this is common though, but it was like someone lit my throat on fire. I tried to drink tons of water, but that didn’t help. I ate a banana and then it went away. By the evening, I was much better and very happy and felt totally awesome.

Husband: Nothing going on with him either except his evening dose, he was working and didn’t have access to water so he swallowed the pill dry. Why anyone would do that and not simply just wait to get water is beyond me. Perhaps it was because I was constantly texting him asking if he took his evening dose. And when I start nagging, you will kinda do anything to shut me up.

Day 12
Nothing extraordinary.
Last night Husband said he had very vivid dreams and hallucinations. He said it was the worst sleep ever and he didn’t get a good night’s rest and he has never experienced this in his life. Dreams consisted of The Matrix like action sequences that made his mind overworked and his heart rate beating really fast. I couldn’t help but laugh. Now imagine if he was on the full dose. The poor guy will have a cow.

Day 13
Nothing extraordinary.
Husband: Nothing extraordinary.

Day 14
Me: Karma is a you know what. The night before, I had the worst sleep ever too. I had very vivid dreams, though with me, we were hostages in our own house and I don’t remember much but it was a life and death situation.
Husband: Nothing extraordinary.


ME: I am beginning to think that maybe I don’t have any parasites. Because I am not really seeing anything, but I can’t be sure. Overall, I have felt the same, however noticed increased circulation in arms and legs (even before the acupuncture). Lyme symptoms are still there, but I noticed the body vibrations increasing again. I have been off all meds now for 14 days, the first time ever.

HUSBAND: I am not sure what’s up with him. I asked him how his BM’s were doing and he said “They are all over the place.” I wasn’t sure what that meant and I didn’t pry any further because we were eating dinner at the time and it wasn’t an appropriate time for me to visualize any answers. Hopefully next week he will be on full dose and stop being such a drama queen.



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9 thoughts on “Humaworm Parasite Cleanse {Day 8~14}

  1. After reading about humaworm on your blog I am going to give it a try. I have chronic candida and parasites that show up in muscle testing from time to time

  2. robin shideler on said:

    If anyone is interested I’m much improved because of the Holistic way in which my awesome LLMD approaches treatment: First, he tries to get us all to methylate.
    To find the Nutrient list to get methylation going. See SuzyCohen’s article on disease and methylation problems.
    it explains so much and more clearly than my doctor.
    Plus, I finally got Candida/Yeast under control with organic coffee enemas. That may sound weird and gross but it changed my life by allowing me to get off the liver damaging Diflucan. And coffee enemas cleans out the liver and gallbladder of lyme, heavy metals, and sludge.
    Getting a Genova Genetic Detox profile told my doctor which meds I needed to avoid. This made a big difference too. Some ppl can’t metabolize certain meds, herbs or hormones.
    Finally, hormones- get tested and get on bio-identical if you are low. I was low in progesterone in my 30s. Getting some on board was life changing.
    Good Luck and god bless the Lymies!

  3. Just started humaworm and got to the same stage as you after 7 days and no sign of what’s supposed to happen (from all that’s read.) everyone’s story is so vivid. And I did go look at pictures, repulsed that I did but I have no clue what it’s supposed to look like. And I’m not poking my crap with a chopstick like one poster described.

    So I’ve been googling for 3 hours trying to find some peace of mind this is not just a positive thinking booster placebo ( if it is kudos to the one that brainstormed it, it works) And then I stumbled on your blog. I still don’t know if no reaction at all to HW is normal after reading your first 2 weeks. But I CAN SAY WITH CERTAINTY the evening TV and Xbox play disappeared. And my boyfriend and I have had many laughs reading your posts. Out loud laughs.

    My boyfriend thinks your husband took the pill try to stop the texts too. He said he would do the same to shut me up about “that damn humaworm” too. His words as he eats his 3rd piece of extra cheese and mushroom pizza while I sip a spinach, apple, hemp seed, macha powder, coconut milk, smoothie with drops of oat straw, papaya extract sprinkled with a teaspoon of diatomaceous earth. ….. Sigh

  4. Well if you want more humor, check out my blog. I’ve done something similar. Actually, I have plans to expand my categories to include holistic remedies, herbal benefits and recipes for those seeking the same.

  5. Well if you want more humor, check out my blog. I’ve done something similar. Actually, I have plans to expand my categories to include holistic remedies, herbal benefits and recipes for those seeking the same.

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