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Humaworm Parasite Cleanse {Day 22~28}


Ok let us get my Husband out of the way. He is still continuing to do the half dose of Humaworm (or so I think, I haven’t been monitoring him at all). His take on it is that he doesn’t really see a difference. I should also mention that I have another friend on it and so far, he is loving it and he feels better. I won’t be continuing the progress on either of them.

As for me, I have been to hell and back and if wasn’t by the grace of God, I would probably be in some ditch by now run over by a car that I drove myself.

I was doing pretty good, amazing in fact until last Thursday when we went to Shoeless Joes for dinner. Why do all my problems start at sports bars? WHY I ASK!? I ordered a pretty tame meal, pasta with chicken. And because I was starving, I ate it fast and then I felt like barfing.

By Friday, I was feeling weird and I knew something was coming. By Saturday, we had an outing and that morning, I was very fatigued and lethargic and barfy. By Sunday, I was bad again in the AM, but continued the Humaworm and was ok by evening.

By Monday, crap hit the fan and I was really sick. I was in tears at why. Was it Humaworm? Was it a relapse because now I am on Day 22 with no Lyme ABX? Then I started spotting. It was not normal. Was it ovulation issues? My stomach was cramping pretty bad.

By Tuesday, I was a mess and my husband “advised” me that I get off Humaworm and if I didn’t, he would cut off all my hair in my sleep. Now I knew he meant business because under normal circumstances, he generally leaves me alone to do whatever I want and is rarely involved at any decision making on my part. That’s why I love him.

So I took his advice and on Day 23, I put the kibosh on Humaworm and waited another day before I went back on my STUPID LYME MEDICATION.

In between this week, I’m pretty sure that all I had was a banana, an apple and a piece of toast. I was starving, but then anything past 4 bites I was full and nauseous. At one point, I actually had the urge to vomit but nothing came out. So, I started to panic and against my better judgement, I started to you know what.


I was wondering if I had some type of the stomach flu that was brought on my nothing, food poisoning, gastroparesis, appendicitis, a pissed off tapeworm, a herx, or some form of demonic possession. My BFF ordered me to go on a one week google fast. Instead of going to google, I must go to the Bible.

Today, I went for acupuncture and told her of my issues. I was surprised when she said she couldn’t find my pulse. I am pretty sure that’s not a good sign. Firstly, all of the blood labs has issues drawing my blood. Then this woman now says she can’t find my pulse. This is why my husband keeps saying he married a vampire. (Happy Halloween by the way).

At the end of the acupuncture session she says she doesn’t think I have the flu. She doesn’t know what it is. But she sure knows that I have major digestive issues.

Here is what I think went down: I was off meds for 3 weeks, started downing 2500 mg capsules full of potent herbs for 22 days. Maybe it caught up with me and I had a relapse. Whatever it was, this “relapse” felt almost the same as Day 1 of Lyme. Almost. I think the acupuncture session got my appetite back because I ate some spaghetti tonight without any issues…. so far.

Humaworm Summary

Do not be swayed by my posts. I strongly believe that Humaworm works. If you do your research and want to try it, by all means go ahead. It’s only $39 or so. As for me, I noticed that my pathways felt clearer, however when I had symptoms, it was hard to tell whether they were Lyme symptoms or Humaworm symptoms. Maybe I didn’t drink enough water. I don’t know. Whatever it was, I couldn’t go another day feeling like I did after the 3rd week. I am glad I made it that far and overall, I did pretty ok with it, I just wasn’t sure what happened that made it go sideways.

Either way, I still highly suggest this product. And if you take it, good luck and I would love for you to comment on your progress here. Who knows, I may take it again next year. I still have a full 30 day dose in my freezer.


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14 thoughts on “Humaworm Parasite Cleanse {Day 22~28}

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I was hoping to start my humaworm tomorrow (my last day at work for the week), in care I don’t feel well. But I have really been struggling with edema and gut issues….my liver also seems to be a bit angry, so I am a little scared. Will I feel better or worse? Or worse then better? We shall see what I decide to do

  2. I love what you wrote about your hubby threatening to cut your hair. My husband is just like him..when he means business, he threatens to do something crazy that no other person would think to shave my head or bet for flicks in the forehead..haha..

  3. I wanted to update you on humaworm; I started taking it on Friday, so today is the end of day 4.
    Day 1 I noticed a slight headache, but not too bad. I really don’t have much to report at the end of day 4 in the way of any symptoms of increased BM. But, I feel really good. My head is clearer, I have more energy, I just have an all over better sense of wellness. This is rather thrilling. I went to see my doctor who does muscle testing today. She read the ingredients and like what was in humaworm, and it also tested that my body really liked it ( that I was already figuring out).
    So no scary stories, but I have really been in a bad spell the last 6 weeks or so, so this is delightful!

    • Hi there… how is the humaworm so far?

    • I went through about a week of HORRIBLE UTI-like symptoms, lots of pain. Went to the doctor though and everything was fine. Doctors thought that the humaworm caused me to detox something. I am almost on my last pills now and I have been feeling fine. My LLMD thinks I also had a yeast flare up and some herbs in the humaworm were causing a die off. I ordered humaworm’s candida formula and will be starting that soon.

  4. Thank you for the Blog and all the feedback. My mother and I are doing Humaworm. She founded after a paranoic (new word) spell when my son came home with flat worms. I am on Day 3 and I feel awesome. Every BM feels like angels are singing and I realize that the IBS I was diagnosed with 20 years ago is finally gone – there are no more spasms in my stomach and I feel this calm yoga sensibility. That said I do feel as though a gian worm is clingin on to the left side of my colon and refuses to come out. I do not have regular BM’s on the best of days but have had 1-2 each day so far. I saw mucus on my first BM and now on Day 3 I have only seen little blobs of white transparent thingies- which I believem ust be mucous but like you I don’t really want to look too closely in case one does have a face and comes out of the toilet to eat me!!

    Wish me luck only 27 days to go- woopie!

  5. I am wondering what treatments (meds, herbs) you are currently on from your LLMD and how you are feeling these days. How is the nausea? Do you still deal with it or is it gone? Hope you had a nice holiday.

  6. Lymed Out – I will take a look at your treatment page 🙂 Long time no post!!! I miss ‘hearing’ from you on your blog!

  7. joel on said:

    why do you eat sugar/carbs(bread, pasta, banana, apple etc.)? if you dont eliminate ALL sugar/carbs you will not get well, ever.

  8. Your symptoms and everything sound just like mine. I hope the damage, once we’re all cleansed for good, is that our bodies heal completely from the damage…like our livers, kidneys, etc.

  9. sue1mar3 on said:

    You sure had a lot of side effects but it is hard to say if they had anything to do with Humaworm as you have so many other things going on. I have been taking Humaworm for sevveral days, have had increased bowel movements with critters and no side effects yet.

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  11. Even though you posted this a while ago I am glad I found it. I am in bed right now freaking myself out about finally taking the humaworm. I know I just need to do it , but It’s hard especially when you suffer with lyme disease because you know your gonna herx. Wish me luck ❤

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