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I am not dead somewhere I promise.

I can’t believe it’s been almost 6 months since my last post. I felt I owed you all an update before you all get your pitchforks out and start for my house. Thank you for all your emails, your thoughts, your questions, your words of encouragement.

First of all, I’m ok. Much has happened in the last 6 months with me. I’ve been on an incredible spiritual journey learning the supernatural healing power of God. This happens NOW. We are all able to receive this. You and Me. Now before you all think I’m one that flew over the cuckoo’s nest, I assure you my brain functionality is 100% and I have not joined some type of cult. The presence of God is real and tangible and I want to share it with you all.

I am going to be real honest here. What I am about to say doesn’t mean that I am abandoning any of you. I feel an obligation to you because we are all in this together to get out of it. Not to cope. I don’t want to cope. I want freedom. I have pushed Lyme out of my thoughts. I don’t talk about it. I don’t read about it. I don’t follow any blogs about it. I don’t go to forums about it. (well maybe a couple times). The more I let Lyme in my life, the more I get into a pit of despair, a black hole that I don’t think I can get out of. Any despair in my life is an opportunity for the enemy to come knocking on my door. By enemy, yes I mean the devil. (I am not sure how many Christian readers are on here, so I will be basic).

Yes, the devil exists. (More on that in my next post)

All I need to focus on is the love of Jesus. The fact that He died on the cross to save us and heal us of all diseases. It’s as simple as that.

I just need a little bit more time to tell my story and all the stuff I learned. It’s either going to be a lengthy post that requires you to take breaks, or it’s going to be an entire new blog all together and I will cease this blog. That’s all I know right now.

My current health situation.

But in the meantime, I am taking Chinese herbs. Yes, the nasty, smelly, barfo kind that you drink which looks like you grabbed twigs and what not out of the forest and boiled it down to a soup. On the plus side, I don’t have to boil it, the Chinese Herbalist does. So here’s the story with this:

My neighbour has been telling me to see this Chinese Herbalist for 2 years. I was humming and hawing because seriously, how much more stuff can my body take. After the Humaworm fiasco that happened last time I posted, I didn’t think I would set foot in the herbal territory again.

Backtrack: I have been off ALL meds since November 27, 2013. That is an entire other story. I could go off on so many tangents here… sigh.

So back to Chinese Herbalist. My mom went to see him last year and I’m sure you all know about how Traditional Chinese Medicine works. The guy feels your pulse, you stick out your tongue, and he tells you what is wrong with you. And then you pay him half your mortgage. He was able to tell that my mom had surgery on her RIGHT KNEE several years before without her telling him.

Chinese Herbalist Conversation:

Him: Please stick your tongue out.
Me: ok.
Him: Thank you.
Me: So ya, I have this bacterial infection called Lyme, blah blah, I have vertigo, my digestive system has seen better days and blah blah.
Him: I’m concerned about your uterus. (mumbling something incoherent due to his accent).
Me: My uterus?
Him: rjerkwerjewf.
Me: Sorry can you repeat that? Endometriosis? Cervical Cancer? Uterine Cancer? You’re freaking me out.
Him: Don’t worry, if you take my medicine, it will all clear.
Me: ummm ok.

I gave him half my mortgage, got in my car and hauled ass to the walk-in near my house, and yes freaking out. In the car I was thinking, OMG! I was so wrapped up in my lyme stuff, I totally forgot to mention my monthly issues. It was very messed up, very heavy, I would have to stay home for at least 3 days, there were blood clots, and I thought this was just a result of being on meds for 1.5 years.

I get to the walk-in clinic. I say “Listen, I know that the rules for the current health plan has changed and that we can’t get pap tests every year now, but every 3 years and I know that I am not allowed to get one until July and even if I paid you, you wouldn’t do it, but right now I need a pap test.” (Thank you free healthcare)

I go into the waiting room and eventually into the inside room. I’m sitting there thinking WHAT AM I DOING, WHY AM I HERE OMG WHAT IF THE DOCTOR IS A GUY?. Before that thought even finished, in walks a really thin late 20’s something MALE doctor. I was beside myself.

Western Doctor Conversation:

20 Something Doctor: Hi what are you here for. (he had about as much interest in me as the cotton pads sitting in the jar.)
Me: Something is wrong with my periods.
20 Something Doctor: What are you symptoms.
Me: Heavy menstruation, shorter cycles, extreme pelvic pain.
20 Something Doctor: How long has this been happening.
Me: 2 years.
20 Something Doctor: And you are only checking this out NOW?
Me: Well I have tried and the last doctor I went to denied me of a pap test.
20 Something Doctor: So how do you know something is wrong?
Me: I went to see a Chinese Herbalist. (UH OH)
20 Something Doctor: (Rolled Eyes)
Me: Have you ever seen a Chinese Herbalist? (Why did I ask him this?)
20 Something Doctor: (More eye rolling) No. How did he diagnose you.
Me: He looked at my tongue and took my pulse (I almost started crying because everything that came out of my mouth was getting worse.)
20 Something Doctor: He what??
Me: (I wanted to crawl into the ugly peach coloured linoleum floor)
20 Something Doctor: (Silence)
Me: You know what? Nevermind. I’ll go to my regular doctor, only she will make me wait 3 hours but really who cares.
20 Something Doctor: (His tone changed to being nice now, possibly realizing that I would give him a rate of ZERO on Rate My MD) Oh let us do some tests for you. We will do a pap test, a swab, some blood tests and I’ll order you a pelvic ultrasound. Are you on any meds?
Me: I was on meds for Lyme. (Again why.)
20 Something Doctor: (More eye rolling)

He did the pap test. I do the blood tests, I do the pelvic ultrasound at a lab (I cannot even tell that story, the male readers on here will not do too well.) 7 days later, I get a call to come back in for results.

20 Something Doctor: Hi Miss, you have a fibroid. This is what is causing the heavy menstruation and all the other problems. Also, you are anemic.
Me: um ok, is that serious? What do I do?
20 Something Doctor: Nothing.
Me: Oh ok. Awesome. (My sarcasm was oozing out of my pores.)
20 Something Doctor: I will refer you to an OBGYN

OBGYN Conversation (3 weeks later):

OBGYN: So you can have surgery or get an IUD or take pills.
Me: Um, No, No and more NO.
OBGYN: Let me take a biopsy and we will see what we are dealing with. It’s only 1.5 cm.
Me: (OMG, if this is only 1.5 cm and causing me all these issues, I hear some ppl have them the size of grapefruits. What are THEY dealing with?)
OBGYN: Are you planning on having any more children?
Me: I don’t know.
OBGYN: I can cauterize the area so you can’t.

OBGYN does the biopsy. I can’t begin to tell you the amount of pain that is associated with them getting some tissue samples out of your privates. It was so incredibly painful that it deterred me from the thought of ever going through childbirth again. I am pretty sure it rivalled that pain.

So fast forward to now, and I have been scheduled to see him again for possible surgery. No they won’t make an incision on my stomach, but here’s some tools involved. A tube and a camera. Dr. Oz’s blog tells it nicely here.

In the meantime, I’m drinking my nasty Chinese Herbal tea every morning and every night (6 weeks in now). My son and I call it Poo Poo Tea. I still do acupuncture every 3 weeks and she is also treating the fibroid naturally and has success in doing so with previous clients. I take my vitamin C and also a probiotic daily. That’s it.


I have gone longer on this post then I intended to. Sorry for the yammering. I miss writing. On a brighter note, I remember writing a post quite a while back (perhaps almost 2 years ago) about me being really upset because I felt so sick I couldn’t take my son to fly to a kite. So he kept saying “Don’t worry Mommy, when you are healed, we will go and fly a kite.” He will constantly draw pictures of me and him flying a kite because he knew how much it meant. This was going to be a significant day for me because we always said that when I am better I am going to take him to fly a kite. Now I kept waiting for myself to feel totally 100% before I took him out but I realized that I was actually scared. I needed the perfect day, the perfect temperature and the perfect pink dress to make this day special. And that was never going to happen. I needed to embrace the time NOW. No matter how I felt.

Well last Sunday, after what seemed to be 8 months of winter, we had amazing weather, a little chilly but the wind was strong enough for a kite. So we went out and did this. I am not wearing a pink dress, he is not a skinny stick figure, and the grass is photoshopped to green rather than barf brown, but this picture is a significant milestone to my healing.


Hope you enjoyed this update and I’ll chat soon again with all the other stuff.


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6 thoughts on “I am not dead somewhere I promise.

  1. Kristin on said:

    So just wondering… are you still seeing the LLMD you were seeing during your Lyme treatment?

    • Hi Kristin, that door is still open to my LLMD, however I am not planning on seeing her… the last time I saw her was in Sept 2013 with a short phone consult in Feb 2014. I am off all meds and may do herbals only, but right now am on TCM Herbs.

    • sickandandtiredofbeingsickandtired on said:

      Are the TCM Herbs helping?

  2. sponder1 on said:

    So great to read your update! 🙂 Blessings to you!
    P.S. I only read three Lyme blogs occasionally and yours was one of them. No time or energy for the depressing blogs.

  3. Melissa on said:

    Happy to see you’re OK and embracing life no matter what your current state…SO difficult to do so I applaud you! I do not blame you for disconnecting from the LD World. As I was reading this, I felt as though I could have written parts of it myself. I also took an indefinite hiatus (with your blog as an exception b/c I wondered if you were OK) b/c I felt that it was a tool the enemy was using against me to plunge me into [as you phrased it] a “pit of despair.” Yup, I believe in that enemy, too. Besides feeling that, I came to the realization that after countless hours reading story after story after story of people battling, not to mention the people still trying to figure out if they even had it, that I had only come across a small few who had by their own accounts been cured. These poor people who had over the course of their ordeal done 50 different things so they couldn’t even pinpoint the one that worked. Like I said earlier a “pit of despair.” I’m not here to argue any points about it because frankly the more I’ve learned about it, the less I know. All I can say is that the “L” should stand for lunacy. The diagnostic process, treatment, and prognosis for some are nothing short of just that. You are incredibly brave and I thank you for being willing to share your journey. You are a voice for a lot of people struggling right now..myself included. If not for my faith, I would have given up. Thank you for another reminder that I’m not alone. God bless :O)

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