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my quest to getting these suckas out!

Just as expected.

That fax worked yesterday. Someone called back, however stupid me I had my phone accidentally on silent. I have the voice to text feature on my cell phone and this is what I get.


Nice huh? Just to be safe, I checked my voice mail anyway to make sure I didn’t have lung disease. I hate checking voicemail, it takes sooooo long to call in, enter your password, press 1, blah blah. That is why I have the voice to text feature! Which of course as you can see above is a fail.

And just to be double safe, I called her extension and confirmed verbally that the negative results were a “good thing”. “Yes!” she exclaimed, “You don’t have Lyme disease!”

Yay! Knowing that the Canadian Health Care System and successful Lyme testing is an oxymoron, this negative result has made me happy. I am not in any position now to try to disprove it and complain. My last and final test will be to retest with Igenex. But that will cost $200 and as much as I want to do that right now, that $200 can be better spent elsewhere.

Again, follow me on my new blog yada yada yada.


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One thought on “Just as expected.

  1. We had the same kind of response. It took 3 months to have our Canadian ELISA results returned. By that time our daughter had already tested IND for 2 lyme-specific bands on the Igenex WB and positive for bartonella. We had actually started treatment with the LLMD in Buffalo.

    They called saying they were sorry it had taken so long to get back to me, but I would be extremely happy to know that the results were…..negative. That we could rule out lyme. Yay!!!

    OMG. I am so glad we are not forced to seek medical help with mainstream medicine in Canada. They are essentially useless!

    All that was 3 years ago. We have found complete symptomatic resolution (we still continue on low doses of the protocols) with Buhner’s herbal protocols for bartonella and babesia.

    I like the direction your new blog is taking you.

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