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January 2015 update – what a boring title

It’s been a while since I posted and I wanted to update you on what’s happening in my life. Firstly, I am recovering from something that came like the invasion of the body snatchers. It happened literally as the last guest left on Christmas dinner on December 25, 2014. I was hit with sudden chills and a fever and had to boycott washing up the dishes to lie down. My husband thought it was excuse to get out of housework.

Well, the next 12 days consisted of me horizontal, with husband at my beck and call 24/7. I got the flu. The the last time I had it was 5 years ago. Funny enough, Christmas dinner, we were all joking about that last time, because we ALL had it. And trust me, I will never joke about having the flu again.

Tuesday, I went to the walk-in and she did a strep swab test which literally almost made me puke up the nothing that was in my tummy. Negative for bronchitis, negative for strep, negative for pneumonia. She prescribed me an antibiotic called Cefzil.

Friday night, some friend told me to try nyquil because my coughing was round the clock and I’m pretty sure I popped a couple of blood vessels. I needed sleep bad. My husband, God bless his soul, poured out the dosage and that night, I was on the worst acid trip if there was ever one. Nyquil makes you feel like you have been drugged and gagged, I could hear voices in the other room, but could not get up, I was seeing liquid formations suspended over my head and I’m pretty sure at one point, the carebears came to visit me. I could not get up to use the bathroom, I had to scream for my husband to carry me and plop me on the toilet while trying not to vomit from the constant head spinning. If he did not respond, I do not even know how I found my phone, or manage to get out a text to him that said “Come or die”.

Saturday, after the nyquil, I felt very weird, like I felt really faint, so I went to the Emergency. It wasn’t too bad, in and out within 3 hours, did blood work, chest x-ray. Everything clear.

Monday, I had an appointment with my regular GP and she listens to my lungs… “Hmmm… I heard crackling paper, I think you have an pneumonia.”

She sent me for some chest x-rays, which confirmed, By Golly! I DID have an pneumonia!  Wow! Alot can happen in 2 days! She told me to stop the Cefzil and start on…… wait for it!


OMG the drug that I was my buddy for 2 years! Hallelujah! I knew I would not have an adverse reactions. It was only 1 pill once a day for 4 days. Piece of cake right?

By the second day, my 2 week nightmare is starting to be over. I can maybe hug my son in 5 days. That’s a long time still.

As for Lyme, it’s far behind me, I have been off meds for over 1 year. Most if, not all, my symptoms are gone. I must mention to you something major I did last November.

I had all my silver amalgams removed. There is so much research done on the negatives of having silver amalgams. Google it. I had them since I was 8 years old. I went back into my medical files and looked ay my timeline. I noticed that all my lyme symptoms came on AFTER I had my root canal. If you think that your teeth have nothing to do with chronic sickness, think again!

If you are contemplating on getting your silver amalgams removed, here are my tips:

  • never remove more than 2 at a time. I had 2.5 so I just did the whole thing.
  • make sure you get it removed from a biological dentist that uses a rubber dam, an alternate source of air, and the Dr. Huggins Applied Protocol.
  • make sure you research about chelation afterwards to draw the metals out of your body and getting your body and immune system prepped before.

After I had them removed, I did feel a little different. The left side of my teeth were no longer hurting.

Anyway, that’s my quick update, hope you are all doing well.


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