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It has been….

1 year, 4 months, 23 days since my last entry post.
2 years, 6 months, 3 days since my last lyme med.
5 months, 2 days since my last menstrual period.


Yep. I am exactly 22 weeks today and I am 41.

I remember thinking back that my first set of “any” symptom was about 8 years ago. Before that I considered myself really healthy and hadn’t even seen a doctor 10 years prior to that. But here I am. I remember that when all my symptoms started, there was no way to expand my family because I was simply too sick and too tired and too old and that time was my enemy.

Well, screw all that. I figured out that if I don’t have another kid by 42, then I really won’t have a chance. This I consider my miracle baby because I had a dream about this baby a few years ago, right in my middle of my illness. (if you read that link, you will see why). I never thought that it would come true and believe me, I thought because I had this dream, that it would be easy as pie to actually conceive because God was in my favour, but it wasn’t. It took 7 months of trying and I was just ready to say forget it again just at that 7th month. But other insane supernatural things began to happen around this time, which I will probably have to explain in another post, but here we are now.

I have had every test done possible so far with my OB to test for the health of this baby and so far everything looks good. I am believing in that promise that God gave me so long ago that this baby will be healthy as can be.

This past week however has been one disaster after another:

  • Friday – started to get a sore throat (probs from 9 year old hacking)
  • Saturday – icky, headache
  • Sunday – had booked a trip for the weekend out of town and it was looking like I wasn’t going to have fun. Nights were terrible and it felt like someone poured liquid lava down my throat.
  • Monday – was determined not to have whatever ailing me to bring me down. Because I was preggo, this prohibited me from doing any sort of activity, but it was fun nonetheless watching my 65 year old mom do zip-lining with my husband for the first time. I felt like an old grandma taking kids to the amusement park because all I could do was sit on benches. I started experiencing that wierd cough I had last year similar to what I had after my pneumonia. It was bouts of uncontrollable coughing to the point of vomiting. When the attack comes, it’s enough to make you leave the presence of everyone out of embarrassment. You start tearing. Your face turns blue. The attacks came about 3-5 times a day.
  • Tuesday – on the drive home, husband made me a doctors appt. My Doc was on mat leave so the replacement Doc said I had something but there were missing pieces due to my symptoms. The throat swab showed no strep. I had no fever or chills. So he diagnosis it as allergies most likely because he has no answer. Despite the fact that I have never had any history of allergies
  • Wednesday Morning – my husband was a witness to one of my coughing fits and him being a person with seasonal allergies for most of his 42 years of life deemed that “my coughing was no allergy”.
    Wednesday Night
    – My left eye began to hurt, like someone threw sand in it. Ughhhh Ok what now? After 30 min of rubbing it, I went to the mirror to see what in the living earth was going on. I saw pieces of yellow stuff. Gross! I wiped it away thinking something probably got stuck in it. But wait, there was more, up all the way behind my upper eyelid? WTH?? Hello Google. Hello pink eye.
    1:00 AM – Feel asleep dreaming of pink eye and then got up to use the bathroom (which is now a nightly 6x habit due to the baby hugging my bladder). Had to blow my nose from bad congestion and then immediately later felt like something was falling out of it. If I had not switched on the light in the pitched black, then I would not have seen the Niagara Falls of a bloody mess spewing down my nose. I texted my husband (who was in the basement at that time doing gawd knows what), “come up, I think I’m dying.” I haven’t had a bloody nose since I was 16. Now, from my past experience, I knew that when a major blood clot came, that it signaled the end of the nose bleed. And guess what, it happened again. This blood clot was the nastiest thing if ever I have witnessed in my human existence. It was like a long 10 inch of a red alien thing that looked like it came out of Ripley’s stomach. I am pretty sure it had teeth.
  • Thursday morning bright and early – went back to doc, but to the walk-in this time – “Your pink eye is viral, not bacterial” she says “so antibiotics won’t help. Plus you are pregnant, so I can’t give you anything. If it persists, come back in 3 days. But that’s a Saturday, and we won’t be open. Ok bye!” Well, according to Google, yellow pus = bacterial. Whatever. I went to my health food store, asked the lady and she told me to buy this. Guys, my eyes are white again.
  • Thursday Night – My cough however was getting worse. My ribs and muscles now hurt. At one point I coughed so bad, I had to change my panties because I peed! My friend mentioned whooping cough at some point, but I dismissed it. But that night when I was awoken from my precious dream of red bloody aliens, I actually heard the “whooping” in between coughs as I couldn’t catch my breath. I figured out the reason I never heard it during the day was because I was trying to stifle it. I found this site. And I am 100% certain that this is what I have. Same thing as last year only I was never diagnosed. So armed with info, guess what I did?
  • Friday morning bright and early – went back to the walk-in, got a different doctor, told him I think I have the whooping cough and that Zithromax was given to me last year. “Oh but Miss, have you been around or heard anyone with the whooping cough?”. Um No. “You don’t have the whooping cough, you have a bad viral something, but because you are pregnant, I can’t give you anything except Amoxicillin. Or you can drink lots of water and keep your humidifier on 24/7.” Gee thanks. I said No to the Amox and left. I decided this was just like lyme, but with something else. And really, I am just tired of trying to prove anything to anybody, so I said to hell with it, went to the mall and paid $220 for a haircut that I never knew would cost $220.

I have figured out now through this journey that nobody really gives a shiznick about you. I am not saying this because I am feeling offended or anything but this is the reality. With this latest crap of sickness, I don’t really care, I just know that I will get better, I’m not going to waste time trying to figure it out, go on Google, worry about the baby, I will just trust that everything will work itself out.

My guilty pleasure is The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and I have watched Yolanda Foster’s journey. This entire season, her lyme was questioned and she was shown in the spotlight as having Munchausen Syndrome. The editing was so good on it, it even made me question her illness and sanity which in itself is insane seeing I went through the exact same thing as she! But I had to jolt myself back to reality. The thing is, nobody will get it unless they are in your shoes, in your body, in your head 24/7. Nobody will understand. And that makes you feel alone. I get it. For me, I find the situation worse when I have to try to convince other people of what I went through or what I am going through, it is just an added stress. So I have finally figured out that it’s useless to even bother talking about it to anyone who doesn’t understand. THEY. WILL. NOT. GET. IT.

Scrolling through my useless FB feed, this news pulls this up. Paralysis: Vet Intern Discovers Dog’s Condition Caused By Tick Before Euthanization. Sure, this makes national headlines and yes, it’s a feel good story and I’m glad the dog is ok, but if a frigging tick can do this to a dog, do people not realize what it can do to humans? Can I just say a big hashtag of DUMB?

Sorry enough ranting. Hope ya’ll are doing good.

After you read this post, you will drive yourself to the nut house.

Sept 11 was my 4th LLMD appointment. I see her every 6 months. She is a 5.5 hour drive from me. We left at 8:30 pm because my husband had to work. At about 2:00 am when we crossed the border into the USA, this happened.

photo 1

No, that is not the eye of Terminator, that is a cop. He said we were doing a 65 in a 35 zone. I am not sure what this means because I speak in kilometres. Moreover, it was 2 am, pitch black, country road, no signs anywhere. We played the foreigners game and he let us go.

We arrive at the hotel at 2:30 am. 6 year old loves staying at hotels and woke us up at 6:30 am because he was all excited. YAY.

I twiddled my thumbs until 10:15 am because my appointment was at 10:30 am. I later found out that my appointment was actually 10:00. I wasn’t aware the new policy that you have a PRE-appointment with a nurse. YAY.

It’s a 2 minute drive from the hotel to my doctors office, so that was the only thing easy about this day. I can sum up the appointment into 2 sentences.

I basically told her that I need something that will kick me in the pants for the last and final time and drive these mother !@#$%$^^ out of my body so that I can live in peace and lead a normal life. She is having me stay on the same treatment (Alinia, Artemesinin, Bab2)  but will adding 2 other antibiotics into the mix. Namely Malarone (never taken it) and Zithromax (which I was on last year).

Here is where it gets fun.

First of all, I will have to go and get Alinia AGAIN. I simply have no words. Here are my Alinia adventures here, here, here, and here.

Now my Malarone adventure beings here.

I leave her office with the 3 prescriptions in hand. Alinia, Zithromax, and Malarone. The receptionist gave me some discount cards which can be used at pharmacies.

Mission: Acquire the 140 pills of Malarone.

They don’t have Alinia, they don’t have Zithromax, but they do have Malarone (only 49 pills).


They have Alinia, they have Zithromax, they have Malarone. YAY
Pharmacist: Maam, your total for all these will be $5,490
Me: UM, Hang on, let me clean the wax out of my ears. COME AGAIN????
It turns out the Alinia was $4000.
Me: NO THANK YOU SIR! I will go back to my computer and buy it online and go through customs and curse all day. BUT I will take the Malarone and Zithromax for the cheap price of $900.
Pharmacist:  Great! Let me check if we have them in stock
Pharmacist: Oh, sorry we only have 72 pills of Malarone.
Me: Target has 49. Can you guys somehow make it so that I can get this?
Pharmacist: Yes, here’s the RX number, go and call Target and give them this and we will transfer them the files. Come back in 25 minutes and pick up your meds.
Me: Great. Thanks

I call Target. No answer. I get back in the car with Husband and Child and say to hell with it, we are driving back to Target. But wait! Lets check out Kmart and Walmart first.

Me: Hi how much Malarone do you have in stock?
Pharmacist: 8 pills and we don’t have the generic.
Me: Thank you. Bye

Me: Hi how much Malarone do you have in stock?
Rep: Honey you are in the wrong line, you have to go over there.
Pharmacist: we have 15 pills
Me: Thank you. Bye

Me: Hi, I was just here and went to Walgreens. They have 72. Can I get the other 49 from you?
Pharmacist: No sorry we don’t that.
Me: Walgreens says you can. Here’s the RX number
Pharmacist: Oh ok, then. Come back by 1:30, because we close for lunch and won’t open until 2:00 PM.
I look at my watch. It’s 1:12.

If my math is correct, my presciption for Malarone is 140. Target has 49, Walgreens has 72 which only equals 121. LIGHTBULB! Walmart has 15!

ME: Hi again. (with a super fake smile). Can I please get the 15 Malarone pills you have? Here is the RX number. Thank you and goodbye.

Made it! Picked up the 72 pills

Made it! Picked up the 49 pills

Made it! Picked up the 15 pills

Still short 4 pills. Do you think I care? HELL NO!!!!!!! And here’s the cost of this week’s episode of the Amazing Race.

Zithromax: $612.43 (with discount)$ 497.37 = $3.55 / pill
Malarone: $444.69 (with discount) $238.57 = $3.31 / pill

Malarone: $87.08 (NO discount) = $5.80 / pill

Malarone: $359.27 (NO discount) = $7.33 / pill

Total Spent on Doc and Meds: 1618.59
Hotel: $80
Food: $50
Gas: $120
Sanity: Priceless

Now, can someone please send me a medal?

OMG, I’m now 18 months into treatment and feeling worse.

Sorry for the title. I vowed in my entire existence that these words would never come out of my mouth let alone my keyboard. I have become my own worst enemy. I am a hypocrite. I am sorry.

Truth is, the past few weeks have kind of put me through the ringer. Yes, I know this is something that you don’t want to hear, especially the newbies. But don’t fret, this soon shall pass.

Most of my symptoms came after eating at Boston Pizza. I have made a promise to myself I would never eat there again. Reason being the last 2 times I ate there, 1) I found a dead fly in my spaghetti 2) I had the worst heart burn and gallbladder pain for 3 days. Rivaled the same pain as I did BEFORE I removed my gallbladder. Go figure.

Then Aunt Flo came to say hi 3 days after and then all hell broke loose. I thought I would recover after she left but nope. It is lingering! Last night wasn’t too hot. So what is it for me? I feel sick. Like I ate something rotten. My head feels spinny like I got drugged and forced to drink a bottle of vodka. My appetite is kind of gone. I crashed a bit hard last night and this morning couldn’t get out of bed until 9:30 am. My poor 6 year old wouldn’t have made it to camp if my husband wasn’t home to drive him.

So anyhow, this is where I am at. I am toying with the idea of purchasing this: HUMAWORM. They have a pretty informational website. I have read very good reviews, complete with pictures of toilet adventures of people digging through poop for evidence. If you have tried this, please comment, would love to hear your results, but don’t necessarily want to see your poop.

I see my lovely doc in a month and can’t wait to see what she has for me next. I’m being sarcastic. I seriously thought that I would be done and over this crap by end of this year. I am not too sure given the festivities that happened the past couple of weeks.

It’s good to have friends out there who know what you are going through. Kevin, (we see the same doc), gently pushed me to send an email to her. Here it is.


“Hope all is well! I have a some concerns. I am on the Alinia/Artemisinin treatment and on full doses of everything. I couldn’t handle the vegan diet, so am eating meat. I have been doing excellent the past several months and my highest peak was 95%. But in the past 3 weeks or so, I seem to have regressed I would say back down to 75-80%, now having my first lyme symptoms which is freaking me a bit out. The biggies are nausea, loss of appetite, dizziness and vertigo and some minor fatigue. But enough for me sometimes to crash hard. These have been re-occuring symptoms but again the past few weeks/days have gotten severe. What do you make of this? What should I do? I see you in Sept 11. Should I wait until then to assess?


“This may be herx. Make sure to do detox/homeopathic detox/herx treatment. If you need to lower the doses of the supplements. Let me know if it still is a problem.”


My question is, how can your herx be WORSE 6 months into a treatment regimen? Isn’t it supposed to get better? Just sayin’.

Today I also did the usual monthly blood work. Blah. My levels have been pretty steady the past few months. Ok so that’s it. Nothing else. I am hoping my next post will not be talking about poop. But if I decide to purchase the Humaworm, it may very well be. Stay tuned.

This stuff is kinda nasty.


Hmmm. What to write. What to write.

Well, I started A-Bart 3 days ago. It tastes pretty gross. Apparently it’s very potent and even one drop of it can send you into some fit of despair. As says my doc. She advised me to start one drop in 4 TBSP of water and work my way up to 5 drops 2x a day. Or even start at half a drop. Hmm. If you can tell me how to do half a drop out of an eyedropper, please let me know.

I have been progressively getting better however the last 2 weeks, I have been feeling a bit wierdo. Like symptoms from way back are popping up. It’s almost like things are happening in reverse. I read somewhere that as you get better, the first symptoms that appeared will be the last symptoms to go. Does this make sense? So for me here’s my latest annoyances.

  • It feels like I am regurgitating food. Like there is pieces of food stuck in my throat. I know. Gross right? This was one of my very first symptoms that prompted me to see a GI doc and drink this nasty chalky liquid stuff while teeter tottering on a table. And they came to the conclusion that I had Acid Reflux.
  • This trembling that cannot be seen by anyone but me. I asked my husband if he saw my head shaking and he’s like “huh?”. “Oh you mean like old people?”. I said yes. So I tried to sit very still for 60 seconds while he watched my head. He couldn’t see it.
  • Sometimes when I’m at a height of a flare, I feel really nauseous. Like even the sound of my 6 old running up the stairs will make the nauseousness worse. I tried to explain it to my husband and God bless his soul, but he was as confused as a homeless man on house arrest (I couldn’t even come up with that joke, I had to google it). Ok seriously, does that make sense? I said it’s like when a person has a migraine and even a pin dropping would make their migraine worse. Like over-sensitivity to lights. But instead over-sensitivity of sound that makes you wanna barf. Yes? No? OK. I give up.

Here are 2 video’s of Kevin from when he and Dr. Murakami appeared on a local TV Show. I met him at a coffee shop a couple of weeks ago and we spent an hour discussing the sordidness of Lyme. I swear that my story is EXACTLY the same as his. If you put my body on that couch talking to that woman (who BTW needs to find a new profession), I would have said the exact same thing. WORD FOR WORD.



Last but not least, this is a bit of old news, but my secret guilty pleasure is watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. One of the housewives on there who is married to the musician David Foster recently found out she had Lyme. She realized that while filming the show, things were not right and finally at the season finale reunion (you know with all the shouting back and forth), she knew that when she couldn’t defend herself properly with all the other women, that something was very wrong. Lyme had infected her brain resulting in Neuroborreliosis. Anyway, here’s her story. And I hope she can bring Lyme to light with her celebrity.

Lyme Awareness Poster for you to Share

What I really should have been doing was work, but my brain was telling me to design this poster. I was thinking more like an infographic, however I wasn’t in the mood to draw stick figures of doctors poking and prodding while scratching their heads, so instead, I opted to use just words.

Hope you enjoy and please feel free to share with everybody and anybody who will listen.

icon_pdf If you want a high res PDF of this file to print and stick over all the trees in your neighbourhood, click here. The dimensions are 8.5 x 17.


Thanks to Paula over at The Lyme Maze for helping me proof read this with her sharp eye capabilities.

The big variety show

Crawling out of the Bad Station


I’ve been told that Lindsay Price is my doppelganger, so I found this image appropriate for this illustration, but I am seriously no way near what she looks like, I am probably more closer to gollum right now at this point.

We went to help some friends set up for an event on Friday night and I don’t know what happened, but something landed me in bed / couch for the next 48 hours. My 6 year old doesn’t like to say the word “hell”. He calls it the “Bad Station”.

“Mommy, do bad people go to the Bad Station when they die?”

So I guess that’s where I’ve been. At the Bad Station. I’m pulling out of it as I type this (I hope), but I’m pretty sure it’s a huge die off. I haven’t had one like this since here which was about 10 months ago. And on Saturday, I had to go to a party with a guest list of 150 people while trying not to puke or fall down from vertigo. There are many possible factors why this happened.

  1. It was the 7th day into my new pulse with the headliner artemisinin. I am on 200 mg (2 pills 2x a day).
  2. Bab 2 – I’m at about 20 drops 3x a day.
  3. I was doing this crest 14 day teeth whitening because we are going on a trip and not sure how harmful it is.

artSo this set of symptoms were very heightened. On Saturday night, I was literally ready to die at 3 am. I don’t like to be overly dramatic when it comes to herxes, but this was pretty bad. It was like the worst flue ever minus the fever. I felt like barf, I was hot and cold, I got chest palps, I had burning in my hands and legs, my head was drunk, I had a headache out the wazoo. A fleeting thought of going to the ER breezed through my head, but I knew that would have been a waste of time, and my mental state then was if it was my time to go, then it was my time to go, I was just so sick of fighting this.

Sunday had me pretty much on the couch googling Artemisinin and die off along with playing Mario Kart with the 6 year old.
“Mommy! it’s your turn, comon!”
“Wait! I’m trying to find out if Artemisinin makes u want to die!”


Whatever the case is, I think I might need to lower the dose because we are on a plane next Wednesday. And god forbid that I experience anything on our trip. I will kill someone.


Here’s the Bab2 by Beyond Balance that I am on that treats Babesia. Check out the the Suggested Use disclaimer. It should actually say “Discontinue if NO unusual symptoms occur”.

Adventures in plant eating

So this vegan, low fat diet is killing me. To my vegetarian friends, I love you all, thanks for sending me all the recipes and stuff, I need to still go through them, but man, this diet is HARD. I am currently being treated for Protomyxzoa Rheumatica (Formerly FL1953). My doc said if I can’t handle it, I can go on the South Beach Diet and eat only lean cuts of meat. The key is to minimize the intake of fat, which is what the organism feeds on. It’s all very complicated and I don’t know how to explain it and I don’t feel like explaining it.


Wendy’s baked potato with Sour Cream and chives. Probs not on the low fat list.


Yummy cantaloupe!


Never heard of this until I saw it some blog and bought it. Tastes like turkey! You gotta wonder what they put in this stuff to make it taste like turkey?



This dish was an epic fail. It tasted HORRIBLE. It was a curry tofu I tried to make.




Vegan Burger!


Who doesn’t like asparagus?


This is an apple cinnamon crock pot oatmeal that came out really good. Here’s the recipe.


Went to get my blood drawn for my monthly labs and this happened again. Everything on my labs were within normal range! Can you believe that! EXCEPT, my liver enzymes are up again. They are at around 54. Doc told me to go on a liver detox again. So I am doing this detox by Pekana. Put all the drops in 1 litre of water and drink throughout the day. It should flush liver and kidney.


Good Old IgeneX

Last but not least, I got my husbands IgeneX results. 12 days in total wait. Not bad. I included my IgeneX and our son’s IgeneX. My husband has no symptoms. He shows an IND on 2 specific bands which are 34 and 39. However, 41 can be anything. I’m not going to spend too much time on this because he has no symptoms and remember, Lyme is all about symptoms. If you are new to Lyme and need to know how to interpret results, read my post here. If you want to know the difference between IGM and IGG, click here.


We are off to Disney World Resort next week coupled with a 4 day cruise on Disney’s Fantasy Cruise Ship. Can’t wait! In the meantime, I found this excerpt and would like to share it with you. I don’t remember which LLMD who wrote this, but it was in the Lyme Book I bought. God has helped me so much this past year and I’m 100% certain that this has played a role in my continued healing.


“Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.”

1 Peter 5:7

Wanna meet Dr. Murakami?

Hello Everyone! Kevin from has been a busy bee lately. He has started a project called Lyme Savers. Their mission is to alleviate some of the financial burdens associated with chronic Lyme Disease – allowing patients to get the help they both require and deserve to return to good health. They are having a Lyme Walk in Whitby on May 11, 2013.

Also, he has arranged for Dr. Murakami to come and speak! Dr. Murakami will be here on May 10, 2013. I was fortunate to be able to speak with Dr. Murakami last year over the phone. He graciously advised me on which tests to get and listened to me ramble on and on about symptoms. Dr. Murikami has helped thousands of Lyme patients recover. Here is more info on his website: Please help spread the word and we hope to see you there! I will be! Would love to see any comments below if you can make it! Details below.




It might cost me $7695 to have my own baby.


I ventured off to the States to see my Doc. This will be my 3rd in office visit and my 1 year appointment. Overall, it went very well. When has it not? My doc is the best. She makes you feel so relaxed and spends time answering your questions, sharing her expertise. And what’s best about her is that she admits she doesn’t have all the answers. Lyme is such an unknown realm. I can tell she keeps really updated with new findings and research. That is very important as Lyme keep evolving.

So I had to go off meds for about a week and a half due to this recent bugger here. Which was good because I went back and gorged on meat like it was going out of style. Symptom wise, they were slowly but surely creeping back. The body buzzing, slight tremor feeling and vertigo all came back to pay me a visit while on my little medication hiatus, reminding me that their fun wasn’t over.

So I will continue on the same treatment plan now which is kind of unpublished so I won’t go into too much detail however it involves the vegan diet and I will be targeting Babesia specifically with one antibiotic and a mammoth supply of supplements that will make me go bankrupt and cry.

I had documented on my progress chart that I was at about 85-90% and she was very happy to hear that. I asked how much longer treatment will be and was told maybe end of this year or next year. “WHATTT?” I screamed! That took me by surprise! This is what she keeps telling me over and over and I need to print it off and paste it on my forehead.

Lyme is not about tests. It’s about symptoms.

I have spoken to many other patients who see the same doc and who were put on Mepron, so I asked why I was never put on Mepron. And Mepron will for sure drain your bank account like a sucking leech, I’ve heard that it is $1000+ a month. So anyway, the reason was most likely due to my symptoms at the beginning. If a person was really fragile, then they would most likely be put on Mepron. If the person was functioning and their immune system was doing some work, then they would most likely be put on the pulses. Also findings were if people were put on the pulses and they were really sick in the beginning, they would have severe die-off. So the Mepron is to lessen that load so to say.

So, the reason for my dramatic over the top title of this post.

I asked when would it be possible for me to have another kid. You know, to stop all those stupid questions from people asking me when I’m having another kid. I usually answer these questions with another question like “When are you having YOURS?” Who cares if the aunt is in her 70’s. Read more comebacks here. Some are brutal.

Well, here is the deal if you don’t know. There are many cases of congenital Lyme. I think that is how my 6 year old may have been exposed. For me, I don’t think I am quite ready yet at this stage but if I did later on, and depending on my symptoms then, especially if the babesia symptoms were still lingering, she will have me on a couple of antibiotics AND the Mepron. Mepron at the pregnancy dosage would cost about $7000 for 9 months. Kill me now. Also, she said that you can get the cord blood tested. Where? I don’t know. If you know how to do this in Ontario, someone please tell me, I’m too lazy to search right now. I just did 90 squats.

So, here is my 30 day squat challenge. That is because I need to look Bikini Hot when we go on our cruise in 3 weeks. After all, I gained 10 pounds and my skeletor profile is no longer. BOO.

Here is the squat chart for you if you feel motivated.

Day 1 50
Day 2 55
Day 3 60
Day 4 Rest
Day 5 70
Day 6 75
Day 7 80
Day 8 Rest
Day 9 100
Day 10 105
Day 11 110
Day 12 Rest
Day 13 130
Day 14 135
Day 15 140
Day 16 Rest
Day 17 150
Day 18 155
Day 19 160
Day 20 Rest
Day 21 180
Day 22 185
Day 23 Rest
Day 24 190
Day 25 195
Day 26 200
Day 27 Rest
Day 28 205
Day 29 210
Day 30 215

So overall the appointment went well. $1295 Cha ching! Damn! That is a frigging plane ticket to the Maldives. But of course, Hubby always puts things in perspective for me saying if I don’t get well, there will be no Maldives.

While we were at my docs, I also got him tested with the Igenex #188 and #189. Just because. And I don’t tell anyone because they will think I’m paranoid and crazy. But screw them. While the nurse was drawing his blood, my 6 year old was looking on and the Nurse says to him, “Isn’t your daddy brave?” My 6 year old looks at her and says “Um, I did this last year.

In other Lyme news, guess what? The Niagara Falls lights AND the Peace Bridge are going to turn green on May 17, 2013!  Marlene is an awesome Lyme Advocate. See more info here as well as more info on the Brampton Lyme Walk that she is organizing.

This post is very scattered and off tangent, not my usual style, but I have been on this computer now for 12 hours straight and if I am here any longer, I might just turn into a computer.

If it has a face, you can’t eat it.

This was the answer that my good vegetarian friend had told me once when I asked her what she eats.

So guess what. I can’t eat anything with a face now either. Oh, it can’t be that bad. Oh but yes, it can. I have been ordered to go Vegan. And fat free. For 120 days. Do you know what this means to a person who has been trying out the paleo diet for the past 6 months? It’s a total reversal of everything that I have been doing.

Now, before the haters start hating, I have nothing against vegetarianism or veganism. I just feel like I’m being bounced around like a yoyo and this nightmare will never end. I was just becoming fairly comfortable with minimizing my grains, eating healthy fats and spending oodles of money for grass fed meat which now will sit in my freezer until July.

So why this diet? It’s my new Lyme treatment which I have started last week. It involves the drug that cannot be mentioned or else I will start to get really angry, along with a long list of new herbal supplements and the like. Alot of tincture drops and my pill box doesn’t have enough slots per hour.


How is it going? Well, I have been UNhappily herxing for 6 days straight. On family day, we went to a restaurant with the in-laws and nieces and nephews, and being on this new vegan diet, I wasn’t in the mood for salad, so I asked the waitress if I could just get a bunch of sides which was basically bland rice, mashed potatoes and soggy vegetables. She looked at me like I was smoking some bad crack and I didn’t even bother explaining. About halfway through, I had to bail and drive home because I felt like I was going to faint.

I haven’t really done any research on vegan food and I have totally left this to the last minute which is totally not me. I think I’m in denial that I can’t eat meat but today was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I think I’ve had just about enough of eating water and bread so I’ve spent the past day looking up recipes and enlisting help from friends who were vegetarians.

Other than that, my appetite has been kinda shot for the past week. I don’t feel like eating. I am pretty sure it’s my herx because that’s what happens when it comes. I have this odd feeling of barf and then I get ravenously hungry and then I look in the fridge and I want to cry. I am not really worried about 6 year old because he apparently hates meat because when I cook it, he would be walking to the garbage can every other bite to spit out the chicken or steak.

My husband is pretty cool and the other day he came home with vegetarian samosas. They were undoubtedly deep fried, but right now who cares. I am still juicing every day. These herxes are coming in waves, coinciding with Mother Nature’s monthly unwelcomed visitor which is making everything feel worse x 100. My brain feels like mush and then it feels fine, and then it feels like I’m drunk and then I’m normal, and then I will feel a shooting pain in my head and then my left arm can’t even lift a shopping bag.

Am I home bound? No. I still go and do stuff but it’s annoying because this new treatment requires me drinking the herbal stuff and I will be damned if I have to carry these bottles and shot glasses everywhere I go.

It has been 1 year since I was officially diagnosed with Lyme. I have been in treatment for about  11 months. January 2013 has been the best that I ever felt. Nearing about 90% back to my old self. With my last phone call with my doc, I was given the option to continue the same course of treatment or to start the new treatment. I decided to start the new one because I have been doing the same thing for almost 9 months. Switching up has definitely produced my recent herxes which means the damned buggers are still having little parties in my body.

In other news, our basement has finally finished the big reno after 1 year. December 2012 had me pretty much painting the whole sordid thing against my doc’s orders, but I wasn’t ready to pay $2000 to someone for a job I can do myself.


This is a shot of my sauna on the left and the new bathroom on the right. I still use it every other day for detox. It’s kind of funny how I designed the basement around this sauna, but I’m glad I did, it’s a mini spa. And when I’m done, I can literally jump into that awesome shower!

Hope you are all doing well, this is just a little update on how I’m doing, hopefully next post, I won’t be in such a terrible funk. If any of you have some good resources on vegan recipes, do share!

Hi. We kinda need 17,151 signatures by Feb 10, 2013.

buttAs you may or may not be aware, Lyme Disease is very hard to treat. I’ll put it as simply as humanly possible.

The ISDA (Infectious Diseases Society of America) Guidelines are in the dark ages. They think that it is something rare and if you do get it, that the cure is easily obtainable with 30 days of antibiotics.

But here is the problem. They don’t diagnose it. This misdiagnose it. AND, even if they were to diagnose it, they don’t have the right testing methods to do so. By this time, months and years have passed and those 30 days that could have cured you now turn into years of treatment that drain your bank account.

I can go on and on about the different scenarios that we face but then you will be here all night listening to me ramble and by the time I finish writing this post, I will be ready to commit murder.

Oh ya, Canada follows the same guidelines as the US.

So here is the bottom line, please click here and let your voice be heard. That is a large number of signatures needed 6 days. Can we do it? How can we make this go viral? Tweet celebrities? Justin Beiber? Help.

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