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It has been….

1 year, 4 months, 23 days since my last entry post.
2 years, 6 months, 3 days since my last lyme med.
5 months, 2 days since my last menstrual period.


Yep. I am exactly 22 weeks today and I am 41.

I remember thinking back that my first set of “any” symptom was about 8 years ago. Before that I considered myself really healthy and hadn’t even seen a doctor 10 years prior to that. But here I am. I remember that when all my symptoms started, there was no way to expand my family because I was simply too sick and too tired and too old and that time was my enemy.

Well, screw all that. I figured out that if I don’t have another kid by 42, then I really won’t have a chance. This I consider my miracle baby because I had a dream about this baby a few years ago, right in my middle of my illness. (if you read that link, you will see why). I never thought that it would come true and believe me, I thought because I had this dream, that it would be easy as pie to actually conceive because God was in my favour, but it wasn’t. It took 7 months of trying and I was just ready to say forget it again just at that 7th month. But other insane supernatural things began to happen around this time, which I will probably have to explain in another post, but here we are now.

I have had every test done possible so far with my OB to test for the health of this baby and so far everything looks good. I am believing in that promise that God gave me so long ago that this baby will be healthy as can be.

This past week however has been one disaster after another:

  • Friday – started to get a sore throat (probs from 9 year old hacking)
  • Saturday – icky, headache
  • Sunday – had booked a trip for the weekend out of town and it was looking like I wasn’t going to have fun. Nights were terrible and it felt like someone poured liquid lava down my throat.
  • Monday – was determined not to have whatever ailing me to bring me down. Because I was preggo, this prohibited me from doing any sort of activity, but it was fun nonetheless watching my 65 year old mom do zip-lining with my husband for the first time. I felt like an old grandma taking kids to the amusement park because all I could do was sit on benches. I started experiencing that wierd cough I had last year similar to what I had after my pneumonia. It was bouts of uncontrollable coughing to the point of vomiting. When the attack comes, it’s enough to make you leave the presence of everyone out of embarrassment. You start tearing. Your face turns blue. The attacks came about 3-5 times a day.
  • Tuesday – on the drive home, husband made me a¬†doctors appt. My Doc was on mat leave so the replacement Doc said I had something but there were missing pieces due to my symptoms. The throat swab showed no strep. I had no fever or chills. So he diagnosis it as allergies most likely because he has no answer. Despite the fact that¬†I have never had any history of allergies
  • Wednesday Morning – my husband was a witness to one of my coughing fits and him being a person with seasonal allergies for most of his 42 years of life deemed that “my coughing was no allergy”.
    Wednesday Night
    РMy left eye began to hurt, like someone threw sand in it. Ughhhh Ok what now? After 30 min of rubbing it, I went to the mirror to see what in the living earth was going on. I saw pieces of yellow stuff. Gross! I wiped it away thinking something probably got stuck in it. But wait, there was more, up all the way behind my upper eyelid? WTH?? Hello Google. Hello pink eye.
    1:00 AM – Feel asleep dreaming of pink eye and then got¬†up to use the bathroom (which is now a nightly 6x habit due to the baby hugging my bladder). Had to blow my nose from bad congestion and then immediately later felt like something was falling out of it. If I had not switched on the light in the pitched black, then I would not have seen the Niagara Falls of a bloody mess spewing down my nose. I texted my husband (who was in the basement at that time doing gawd knows what), “come up, I think I’m dying.” I haven’t had a bloody nose since I was 16. Now, from my past experience, I knew that when a major blood clot came, that it signaled the end of the nose bleed. And guess what, it happened again. This blood clot was the nastiest thing if ever I have witnessed in my human existence. It was like a long 10 inch of a red alien thing that looked like it came out of Ripley’s stomach. I am pretty sure it had teeth.
  • Thursday¬†morning bright and early – went back to doc, but to the walk-in this time – “Your pink eye is viral, not bacterial” she says “so antibiotics won’t help. Plus you are pregnant, so I can’t give you anything. If it persists, come back in 3 days. But that’s a Saturday, and we won’t be open. Ok bye!” Well, according to Google, yellow pus = bacterial. Whatever. I went to my health food store, asked the lady and she told me to buy this. Guys, my eyes are white again.
  • Thursday¬†Night –¬†My cough however was getting worse. My ribs and muscles now hurt. At one point I coughed so bad, I had to change my panties because I peed! My friend mentioned whooping cough at some point, but I dismissed it. But that night when I was awoken from my precious¬†dream of red bloody aliens, I actually heard the “whooping” in between coughs as I couldn’t catch my breath. I figured out the reason I never heard it during the day was because I was trying to stifle it.¬†I found this site. And I am 100% certain that this is what I have. Same thing as last year only I was never diagnosed. So armed with info, guess what I did?
  • Friday morning bright and early – went back to the walk-in, got a different doctor, told him I think I have the whooping cough and that Zithromax was given to me last year. “Oh but Miss, have you been around or heard anyone with the whooping cough?”. Um No. “You don’t have the whooping cough, you have a bad viral something, but because you are pregnant, I can’t give you anything except Amoxicillin. Or you can drink lots of water and keep your humidifier on 24/7.” Gee thanks. I said No to the Amox and left. I decided this was just like lyme, but with something else. And really, I am just tired of trying to prove anything to anybody, so I said to hell with it, went to the mall and paid $220 for a haircut that I never knew would cost $220.

I have figured out now through this journey that nobody really gives a¬†shiznick¬†about you. I am not saying this because I am feeling offended or anything but this is the reality. With this latest crap of sickness, I don’t really care, I just know that I will get better, I’m not going to waste time trying to figure it out, go on Google, worry about the baby, I will just trust that everything will work itself out.

My guilty pleasure is¬†The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills¬†and¬†I have watched Yolanda Foster’s journey. This entire season, her lyme was questioned and she was shown in the spotlight as having Munchausen Syndrome. The editing was so good on it, it even made me question her illness and sanity¬†which in itself is insane seeing I went through the exact same thing as she! But I had to jolt myself back to reality. The thing is, nobody will get it unless they are in your shoes, in your body, in your head 24/7. Nobody will understand. And that makes you feel alone. I get it. For me, I find the situation worse when I have to try to convince other people of what I went through or what I am going through, it is just an added stress. So I have finally figured out that it’s useless to even bother talking about it to anyone who doesn’t understand. THEY. WILL. NOT. GET. IT.

Scrolling through my useless FB feed, this news pulls this up.¬†Paralysis: Vet Intern Discovers Dog’s Condition Caused By Tick Before Euthanization. Sure, this makes national headlines and yes, it’s a feel good story and I’m glad the dog is ok, but¬†if a frigging tick can do this to a dog, do people not realize what it can do to humans? Can I just say a big hashtag of DUMB?

Sorry enough ranting. Hope ya’ll are doing good.

January 2015 update – what a boring title

It’s been a while since I posted and I wanted to update you on what’s happening in my life. Firstly, I am recovering from something¬†that came like the invasion of the body snatchers. It happened literally as the last guest left on Christmas dinner on December 25, 2014. I was hit with sudden chills and a fever and had to boycott washing up the dishes to lie down. My husband thought it was excuse to get out of housework.

Well, the next 12 days consisted of me horizontal, with husband at my beck and call 24/7. I got the flu. The the last time I had it was 5 years ago. Funny enough, Christmas dinner, we were all joking about that last time, because we ALL had it. And trust me, I will never joke about having the flu again.

Tuesday, I went to the walk-in and she did a strep swab test which literally almost made me puke up the nothing that was in my tummy. Negative for bronchitis, negative for strep, negative for pneumonia. She prescribed me an antibiotic called Cefzil.

Friday night, some friend told me to try nyquil because my coughing was round the clock and I’m pretty sure I popped¬†a couple of blood vessels. I needed sleep bad. My husband, God bless his soul, poured out the dosage and that night, I was on the worst acid trip if there was ever one. Nyquil makes you feel like you have been drugged and gagged, I could hear voices in the other room, but could not get up, I was seeing liquid formations suspended over my head and I’m pretty sure at one point, the carebears came to visit me. I could not get up to use the bathroom, I had to scream for my husband to carry me and plop me on the toilet while trying not to vomit from the constant head spinning. If he did not respond, I do not even know how I found my phone, or manage to get out a text to him that said “Come or die”.

Saturday, after the nyquil, I felt very weird, like I felt really faint, so I went to the Emergency. It wasn’t too bad, in and out within 3 hours, did blood work, chest x-ray. Everything clear.

Monday, I had an appointment with my regular GP and she listens to my lungs… “Hmmm… I heard crackling paper, I think you have an pneumonia.”

She sent me for some chest x-rays, which confirmed, By Golly! I DID have an pneumonia! ¬†Wow! Alot can happen in 2 days! She told me to stop the Cefzil and start on…… wait for it!


OMG the drug that I was my buddy for 2 years! Hallelujah! I knew I would not have an adverse reactions. It was only 1 pill once a day for 4 days. Piece of cake right?

By the second day, my 2 week nightmare is starting to be over. I can maybe hug my son in 5 days. That’s a long time still.

As for Lyme, it’s far behind me, I have been off meds for over 1 year. Most if, not all, my symptoms are gone. I must mention to you something major I did last November.

I had all my silver amalgams removed. There is so much research done on the negatives of having silver amalgams. Google it. I had them since I was 8 years old. I went back into my medical files and looked ay my timeline. I noticed that all my lyme symptoms came on AFTER I had my root canal. If you think that your teeth have nothing to do with chronic sickness, think again!

If you are contemplating on getting your silver amalgams removed, here are my tips:

  • never remove more than 2 at a time. I had 2.5 so I just did the whole thing.
  • make sure you get it removed from a biological dentist that uses a rubber dam, an alternate source of air, and the Dr. Huggins Applied Protocol.
  • make sure you research about chelation afterwards to draw the metals out of your body and getting your body and immune system prepped before.

After I had them removed, I did feel a little different. The left side of my teeth were no longer hurting.

Anyway, that’s my quick update, hope you are all doing well.

Just as expected.

That fax worked yesterday. Someone called back, however stupid me I had my phone accidentally on silent. I have the voice to text feature on my cell phone and this is what I get.


Nice huh?¬†Just to be safe, I checked my voice mail anyway to make sure I didn’t have lung disease. I hate checking voicemail, it takes sooooo long to call in, enter your password, press 1, blah blah. That is why I have the voice to text feature! Which of course as you can see above is a fail.

And just to be double safe, I called her extension and confirmed verbally that the negative results were a “good thing”. “Yes!” she exclaimed, “You don’t have Lyme disease!”

Yay! Knowing that the Canadian Health Care System and successful Lyme testing is an oxymoron, this negative result has made me happy. I am not in any position now to try to disprove it and complain. My last and final test will be to retest with Igenex. But that will cost $200 and as much as I want to do that right now, that $200 can be better spent elsewhere.

Again, follow me on my new blog yada yada yada.

I have no words.

So, I have been on 5 weeks and 1 day of doxycycline¬†after this happened on July 1, 2014. 200 mg 2x a day for what is considered to be an “acute infection”. It was ok the first couple of weeks, then…. lots of nausea, two barfing episodes – not fun while putting my 7 year old to bed and trying to hide the fact that I was vomiting in between.¬†Stomach cramps, severe headaches, shooting pains in head, drunk feeling, loss of appetite, fatigue… it’s all coming back. Not sure what this means. Perhaps I was stirring the pot?¬†Mind you I am also back on the Chinese Manure Tea, so all this stuff in my system is definitely killing something. Well the good news is that that only lasted about a week and then some.

My appointment to see the Infectious Disease doc came 29 days after the bullseye. I really did not want to go because I had heard all the stories on the Internet regarding ID docs. But the only reason I went was to see the results of my Elisa test.

Well good news, it came out negative. And for 2 reasons.
a) It was a Canadian test.
b) It was too early to tell because I took the blood test the day after the bulls eye rash (not long enough for my system to build antibodies).

So I got retested again yesterday. Results to follow.

So in the first appointment, we went into the history of my Lyme since it was on file and I really didn’t want to go there. I would have much rather been doing this. I was asked how I was first diagnosed and I said it was through Igenex. Yada Yada Yada.

So basically here are some of the pointers I have been told by this ID doctor who was a recent med school graduate. I am sure this pretty much sums up what Lyme means in Canada.

  • Lyme does not occur in the area where I live. (which is funny because “something” bit me across from my house. I know of 2 other people in my area who also has Lyme ¬†+ 3 recent dogs)
  • Igenex has a “different agenda” because all of their tests comes out “positive”.
  • Canadian lyme testing is 100% accurate.
  • I need to make sure my symptoms are not something else and that I am not lumping it into lyme.¬†Oh wait. Did I mention I had a camera shoved up my butt already? oh ya, what about the blood from my arm re-injected back into my spine?
  • I said in a very nice and polite way to please google Dr. Richard Horowitz, leading Lyme physician in the US who has successfully treated more than 12,000 patients. But I was cut short. I was told we could sit there and argue points forever and lets just rest that we have a difference of opinion and lets not bring politics in.
  • Babesia, Bartonella and Lyme are all different and one cannot be infected by all 3.
  • The US lab doesn’t share their findings or ways of testing to Canada so that is why the hesitation in believing that the lab is legit.
  • Ticks are only in the bottom eastern part, like NY, however due to climate, they are migrating north.
  • Patients are put on 21 days of doxycycline 100 mg twice a day for all infection. That’s it. Nothing else. Did I mention that’s the dose that you also use to treat acne?
  • All patients get better within the 21 days.
  • They have never seen anyone with a¬†Neuroborreliosis infection.
  • Not all Bulls Eye = Lyme (I think this is true right?)
  • Clinical diagnosis for Lyme? Heresy!
  • Patients would much rather get Lyme than C Diff. (don’t even ask me how the conversation went there)

While I completely respected the ID doctor and we had a very pleasant conversation, at most times, I just nodded my head. There was genuine concern for my well being, and it was their job to make sure that they didn’t miss anything. I am thankful for that.

HOWEVER, I am so very tired of this. I am sure you all are too. I don’t want to fight for this. I don’t want my life to consist of convincing doctors about the presence of Chronic Lyme, scouring the internet for explanation of symptoms, and living in fear. Unless there is a massive outbreak like SARS, or West Nile, nothing significant will be done. They are raising an army of doctors¬†who believe in nothing else but the above mentioned points.¬†Frankly, unless one of them goes through what each and everyone of us go through each day, they will never understand. And even if they do, the fight for this is so big, that it will take more than a lifetime to see any change.

This is not to discredit all the people that ARE fighting for Lyme. I thank each and everyone of you that have stood the fight.

Don’t give up you all say! Well, I not, I’m just choosing my focus elsewhere.

There is another Healer.
{new blog coming soon}

And then his happened

I have been off meds since Nov 27, 2013. I thought that I was finally done with this blog! Apparently not! Here is what happened in fast motion.

July 1, 2014 – Canada Day, my friends and I wanted to see fireworks. I was so excited. I see them all putting on the OFF repellent but only God knows why I didn’t think twice about spraying the hell out of my legs and arms since I was wearing a racerback tank top and really short shorts.

We ventured off to a horse track. Yes, where real horses ride. I was right up on the actual track at 9:45 PM. The fireworks were fun.

The next day at 8:00 pm, I am sitting in the car in front of a bank with my husband. My leg starts getting real itchy and I was wearing a long skirt. I lift it up and see this.

I look at my husband and say “What the hell is that???????????!!!!”
He says “It looks like a bulls eye”.
We stare at each other. I start driving to the walk-in clinic while yelling at him to google: “What medication to take when you first see lyme”, “What medication to take when you have a bullseye”, “Does bullseye rash mean lyme?”, “Lyme Re-infection”, “Am I going to die?”.

All walk-in’s are closed at 8:00 PM. Damnit.

I vowed to myself that I would NEVER, NEVER go back to the ER unless I collapsed on the floor and can’t get up, or if my heart stops, or if someone shoots me in the face. However I thought this time was pretty prudent. Although pissed off that it was neither of the above 3 reasons.

Get to the first ER, the line up was out the wazoo. Drove another 30 km to another ER. Good. Waited only 1.5 hours.

Get into the second waiting room. ER doc is nice and handsome probably mid to high 30’s. High, I see we have a rash case here? I told him of my lyme history in 1 sentence and lifted my skirt. The rash was on the inside of my left thigh. He said “That’s Lyme! Let me go get my prescription pad and write you some antibiotics.” Off he goes.

Another nurse walks in. “Hi, you are the rash girl. Can I take a look?….. Wow! that’s some rash!” Off she goes.

Another doc walks in. “Hi, I hear you have a rash? I’ve never seen this rash, can I take a look?…. Holy cow, that’s crazy!” Off he goes.


Doc comes back and gives me 21 days of doxycycline 100mg BID (twice a day). Gets me blood work to do the Canadian testing. Gets me an appointment with the Infectious Disease doc. (who hasn’t called me yet).

Go home. I am in shock. Yes, at the events unfolding before my eyes, but even more so, these docs believed I had lyme and didn’t try to pass it off as some ringworm rash.

Email my LLMD and Naturopath the next day. Meds are not enough. You need 200 mg of doxycycline BID for a minimum of 6 weeks. Naturopath told me to add 30 drops 2x a day of Samento (which thankfully I had in my stash).

Emailed Acupuncturist. She said that this will NOT be like starting from square one because I have been doing the acupuncture and chinese herbs.

Go back to Dr. Handsome Chest Hairs and explain the situation. “But don’t you need to have the tick embedded in you to get lyme?”. Um No. Get more meds.

All done.


Any symptoms? None other than the side effects of the medication? I don’t know. A little vertigo? Some nausea? I had to cease my chinese herbal medicine that was treating my fibroid. Can’t take so much stuff. Can’t go out in the sun now because of the doxycycline, which completely sucks, you know because it’s summer and all, but oh well.

It’s all very surreal. My question is though, did this rash come up BECAUSE I already had it? And it was just a manifestation of the bite? Who knows.

I am thankful I caught it in less than 24 hours and they treat it as an acute infection.

I am thankful that the entire time I was starting to panic, that this verse kept popping up in my head. Psalm 103:3 …. 3 who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases…” I kept repeating this over and over and my panic subsided… ”

God’s got my back! And He’s got yours too. Let Him in.


Humaworm Parasite Cleanse {Day 22~28}


Ok let us get my Husband out of the way. He is still continuing to do the half dose of Humaworm (or so I think, I haven’t been monitoring him at all). His take on it is that he doesn’t really see a difference. I should also mention that I have another friend on it and so far, he is loving it and he feels better. I won’t be continuing the progress on either of them.

As for me, I have been to hell and back and if wasn’t by the grace of God, I would probably be in some ditch by now run over by a car that I drove myself.

I was doing pretty good, amazing in fact until last Thursday when we went to Shoeless Joes for dinner. Why do all my problems start at sports bars? WHY I ASK!? I ordered a pretty tame meal, pasta with chicken. And because I was starving, I ate it fast and then I felt like barfing.

By Friday, I was feeling weird and I knew something was coming. By Saturday, we had an outing and that morning, I was very fatigued and lethargic and barfy. By Sunday, I was bad again in the AM, but continued the Humaworm and was ok by evening.

By Monday, crap hit the fan and I was really sick. I was in tears at why. Was it Humaworm? Was it a relapse because now I am on Day 22 with no Lyme ABX? Then I started spotting. It was not normal. Was it ovulation issues? My stomach was cramping pretty bad.

By Tuesday, I was a mess and my husband “advised” me that I get off Humaworm and if I didn’t, he would cut off all my hair in my sleep. Now I knew he meant business because under normal circumstances, he generally leaves me alone to do whatever I want and is rarely involved at any decision making on my part. That’s why I love him.

So I took his advice and on Day 23, I put the kibosh on Humaworm and waited another day before I went back on my STUPID LYME MEDICATION.

In between this week, I’m pretty sure that all I had was a banana, an apple and a piece of toast. I was starving, but then anything past 4 bites I was full and nauseous. At one point, I actually had the urge to vomit but nothing came out. So, I started to panic and against my better judgement, I started to you know what.


I was wondering if I had some type of the stomach flu that was brought on my nothing, food poisoning, gastroparesis, appendicitis, a pissed off tapeworm, a herx, or some form of demonic possession. My BFF ordered me to go on a one week google fast. Instead of going to google, I must go to the Bible.

Today, I went for acupuncture and told her of my issues. I was surprised when she said she couldn’t find my pulse. I am pretty sure that’s not a good sign. Firstly, all of the blood labs has issues drawing my blood. Then this woman now says she can’t find my pulse. This is why my husband keeps saying he married a vampire. (Happy Halloween by the way).

At the end of the acupuncture session she says she doesn’t think I have the flu. She doesn’t know what it is. But she sure knows that I have major digestive issues.

Here is what I think went down:¬†I was off meds for 3 weeks, started downing 2500 mg capsules full of potent herbs for 22 days. Maybe it caught up with me and I had a relapse. Whatever it was, this “relapse” felt almost the same as Day 1 of Lyme. Almost.¬†I think the acupuncture session got my appetite back because I ate some spaghetti tonight without any issues…. so far.

Humaworm Summary

Do not be swayed by my posts. I strongly believe that Humaworm works. If you do your research and want to try it, by all means go ahead. It’s only $39 or so. As for me, I noticed that my pathways felt clearer, however when I had symptoms, it was hard to tell whether they were Lyme symptoms or Humaworm symptoms. Maybe I didn’t drink enough water. I don’t know. Whatever it was, I couldn’t go another day feeling like I did after the 3rd week. I am glad I made it that far and overall, I did pretty ok with it, I just wasn’t sure what happened that made it go sideways.

Either way, I still highly suggest this product. And if you take it, good luck and I would love for you to comment on your progress here. Who knows, I may take it again next year. I still have a full 30 day dose in my freezer.

Humaworm Parasite Cleanse {Day 8~14}



  • Husband started 2 days after me, but I’m just going to lump our days together from now on.
  • If you missed the update, I emailed Humaworm asking if Husband can do half doses. They said yes, he can do 60 days instead at half a dose, but recommended that he try to go back to full dose and see.
  • 6 year old glanced at my computer and saw this graphic and said “Mommy, is that an ice cream or a glob of poo?”

Day 8
Me: Nothing extraordinary.
Husband: Nothing extraordinary. His headache is now subsided.

Day 9
Me: Nothing extraordinary.
Husband: Nothing extraordinary.

Day 10
Nothing extraordinary.
Nothing extraordinary. We argued about when he will go back to full dose. He is just a chicken. He missed his evening dose .

Day 11
Aunt Flo came to same hi this morning. Then I had acupuncture. After the session, I felt all warm and cozyl like all the circulation was back in my body. I can feel blood going to places that I’ve never felt before. That soon came to a halt because when I got home, I got a headache. Probably from the detox, or Aunt Flo, or Humaworm, or Lyme. Don’t you just hate it when you don’t know why? Had about 3 BM’s today but didn’t see anything smiling back at me. Evening dose had major heartburn like never before. I know this is common though, but it was like someone lit my throat on fire. I tried to drink tons of water, but that didn’t help. I ate a banana and then it went away. By the evening, I was much better and very happy and felt totally awesome.

Husband: Nothing going on with him either except his evening dose, he was working and didn’t have access to water so he swallowed the pill dry. Why anyone would do that and not simply just wait to get water is beyond me. Perhaps it was because I was constantly texting him asking if he took his evening dose. And when I start nagging, you will kinda do anything to shut me up.

Day 12
Nothing extraordinary.
Last night Husband said he had very vivid dreams and hallucinations. He said it was the worst sleep ever and he didn’t get a good night’s rest and he has never experienced this in his life. Dreams consisted of The Matrix like action sequences that made his mind overworked and his heart rate beating really fast. I couldn’t help but laugh. Now imagine if he was on the full dose. The poor guy will have a cow.

Day 13
Nothing extraordinary.
Husband: Nothing extraordinary.

Day 14
Me:¬†Karma is a you know what. The night before, I had the worst sleep ever too. I had very vivid dreams, though with me, we were hostages in our own house and I don’t remember much but it was a life and death situation.
Husband: Nothing extraordinary.


ME:¬†I am beginning to think that maybe I don’t have any parasites. Because I am not really seeing anything, but I can’t be sure. Overall, I have felt the same, however noticed increased circulation in arms and legs (even before the acupuncture). Lyme symptoms are still there, but I noticed the body vibrations increasing again. I have been off all meds now for 14 days, the first time ever.

HUSBAND: I am not sure what’s up with him. I asked him how his BM’s were doing and he said “They are all over the place.” I wasn’t sure what that meant and I didn’t pry any further because we were eating dinner at the time and it wasn’t an appropriate time for me to visualize any answers. Hopefully next week he will be on full dose and stop being such a drama queen.


Humaworm Parasite Cleanse {Day 1~7}


That whole Spinal Tap and Blood Patch ordeal set me back a few weeks, but cheers to another round of human guinea pig starring ME. Here is the scoop:

  • To read up on what all this Humaworm stuff is about, read my previous post.
  • After 1.5 years of taking Lyme meds, I am on a 30 day antibiotic break ok’d by my Lyme Doc. ¬†
  • With Humaworm, you take it 12 hours apart. 1/2 before breakfast and 1/2 before dinner on an empty stomach so that the buggers eat the herbs and die. Make sure you drink at least 8 cups of water all day to flush out toxins and to avoid constipation.
  • I also forced¬†got Husband to take it with me, however he started 2 days after me.
  • I am not paid to write this post nor review it. Visit Humaworm for more info and see what types of herbs they pack into this tiny little capsule.


ME: I am a 38 year old female, 5 foot 1 and about 114 pounds. Have been in Lyme treatment for 1.5 years after 2 years of mysterious symptoms. Am currently at about 90-95% recovery.
HUSBAND: He is a 39 year old male 5 foot 11 about 210 pounds. History of asthma, seasonal allergies, shellfish allergy and sinus and nasal issues. He says that he normally breathes through one nostril at a time. Had surgery for deviated septum in 2002. Has an iron clad stomach and can pound down any food related competition involving burgers. However early in Jan 2013, he went to Haiti for business and most likely brought back a friend because he was sick for a week (despite the $350 vaccinations). To sum it up, he said it felt like a samurai sword was going through his stomach. Other than that, no major health issues.

Day 1
Normal BM in the am however I don’t think that the Humaworm worked into my system then. Did some errands and then in the afternoon felt very sick to my stomach. It could be the herx that I am going through from my acupuncture detox the last week because I have been on a steady herx now for about 4 days and today was the worse. In and out I felt like vomiting, then I was hungry, then I felt barfy. It’s hard to distinguish but I am guessing it’s herx symptoms. At about 4 pm, had a headache and needed to lie down.

Day 2
Had 3 BM’s in the morning, (ya I know! not normal for me!) Much better today however very gassy. Like I swallowed a box of air. Was scared I couldn’t make it to this thing I had to do, but I persevered and went which is about 50km from my house with no emergency washroom trips that I was anticipating. A little bit dizzy and drunk but who knows if it’s from Lyme.

Day 3
Some vertigo is coming back, but different type of vertigo. I don’t get the heartburn that alot of people complain about. I have drinking water like crazy and I didn’t have a BM today and I am quite scared because “they” say that you should have 3 BM’s a day while on Humaworm. I don’t see how that is physically possible since I don’t eat alot, but if you are backed up, then you should do an enema and there’s no way I am going to try that. I will stick with my sauna detoxes and water. I also had in and out bits of nausea, and some weird tingling in legs. Not sure if this is the Humworm, or the fact that I have now been off meds for 3 days or if it’s Lyme related.¬†This peeing thing is working my last nerve. As soon as I go and finish, I go do whatever I have to do, then have to go again. This is worse than pregnancy urination.

Husband Day 1:¬†He had a headache coming on before he woke up, then took the 2 pills at 7 am, then the headache got progressively worse and at 2:30pm he was couch bound for about 3 hours leaving me to entertain 6 year old. Is it related to Humaworm? I don’t know. Does it work that fast on Day 1? Does that mean he is really toxic? He has never done a cleanse before.

Day 4
I was all concerned last night because on Day 3, I didn’t have a BM, so I was googling until 11:30pm about this, and this, and this, and wondering how on earth I’m going to execute it and what would happen if 6 year old accidentally walks into the bathroom and starts questioning why I’m lying on the floor with a tube shoved up my butt. Good news is that I did have a small BM in this morning at 6:45am, although it was kind of forced due to my paranoia. I got 6 year old to school at 7:15am and went back to bed for half hour. Then had the urge to go to the loo. I was ecstatic! I was set and ready to see creepy critters, but there was nothing out of the ordinary. After my shower I felt very good, just some minor vertigo again. Went out and did errands.

Husband Day 2: Poor guy didn’t get off the couch from the day before. He went straight to bed with that massive headache and didn’t wake up until 7:00am this morning. He must have take 8 tylenols. He still doesn’t believe that the Humaworm can work that fast. But again, he’s never had a headache that landed him in bed for 16 hours. He also said his mouth felt like a garbage truck. This is definitely a Humaworm thing because it makes your tongue feel rotten. He went about his day, did some meetings at work, called me on the way home saying the headache is coming back, came home at about 5:00pm and went to bed. Our friends wanted to see a movie with them but I said “No can do, Husband is in bed fatigued and headached“. I was asked what happened. I said “A worm is mighty pissed!!!“. I kept asking him if he wanted to go to the ER and he looked really sly and said “Why they are going to ask me what I am taking, and I am going to say that I bought these herbal pills online. Then they might go ahead and do a spinal tap.” I wasn’t amused. The night dose, he halfed the dose to only 1 pill.

Day 5
I had a normal BM in the morning and I think I saw something but I was so grossed out, I didn’t look further. I’ve been feeling a bit of tremors and body vibrations again. I am still on full dose.
Husband Day 3:
He took 1 pill instead of 2 this morning. Headache is still probably about a 2/10.¬†We debated why he has been hit hard, and I had hardly anything happen yet. I think it’s because I have been in some type of treatment for 1.5 years and maybe my bacteria load is down? It was a PA day, so 6 year old was home, we took him to play some glow in the dark mini golf and then saw Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 in the afternoon, I felt nauseous for about an hour, Husband’s headache was ramping up but tolerable. Evening dose for him was again 1 pill.

Day 6
Nothing out of the ordinary. Same thing.
Husband Day 4:
Is still at half a dose. Headache is still a 2/10.

Day 7
Me: Today, we had a very busy day starting off at 9 am. Church then his whole fam came over for Thanksgiving dinner. I am trying to still take my supplements, but I have kind of let that slide. It was a draining day and at about 9pm, I felt kind of sick. I drank maybe 2 glasses of water all day which maybe why.
Husband Day 5: 
Still at half dose. He is scared to up to full dose. You can safely say that he now has had a headache without any relief since beginning.¬†I told him that I don’t think he can stay at half dose for the 30 days, that would kinda defeat the purpose. I was scared that he would only upset his worms and then they would become resistant. He wasn’t understanding why the worms liked his head and I told him that I think that they go for the weakest part of your body. (I am only saying this because I remember my Holistic Lyme guy saying that Lyme attacks your weakest link). Which makes sense because he has bad allergies and sinus issues. Anyway, I emailed Humaworm about the half dose and am waiting for a response.
*UPDATE* Humaworm’s Response – “…¬†the 60 days should be effective. Just takes longer. Perhaps, after two weeks, on¬†off days he can increase the dose to see¬†if it is better…¬†I am so sorry that he has experienced the headaches…. “


ME:¬†I went head on at full dose the whole week. I have been having these tingly sensations. Like detox tingly sensations that seems like pathways are being opened. The other times I have experienced this is the first time I did this Liver Cleanse¬†4 years ago (Pre-Lyme) to get rid of gallstones. It’s a good sensation, almost like feeling as if blood is going to places that were blocked or something. I also feel this when the acupuncture helps open up pathways. I also notice that about half an hour after the pills, I feel dizzy. I also realize now that it has been 7 days being off all Lyme meds and nothing unusual has happened. I get the minor symptoms, body vibrations, some nausea and the vertigo. If you are concerned about doing everyday stuff, you can, Humaworm doesn’t have you chained to the toilet (as I thought). You can still go shopping, go to school, go to work. As for the poop stuff, I didn’t notice any major thing going on.

HUSBAND: He has never done a real detox ever, he ate rather poorly (I think) for most of his life and is well known for his love of burgers and all things bacon and meat. His die off was pretty severe, which really only consisted of bad headache, and some gassiness, but enough for him to go down to half a dose. Not sure when he will go back up to the right dosage but I say to wait until the headaches clear and then go back up. The problem in his situation is that he has to work and sometimes it is labour intensive.

Bottom line: This Humaworm thing is POTENT.

David Suzuki’s The Nature of Things + lymeSAVERS Bursary Fund

I have 2 bits of important news to share with you.

Lyme featured on David Suzuki’s The Nature of Things.

Click here to view this documentary – currently available in Canada Only.

lymeSAVERS Bursary

The second bit of important news is that my friend Kevin over at Lyme Savers has put up the Bursary Application for Lyme. The Foundation awards bursaries to eligible persons ranging between 3 and 60 years of age at the time of application. It is the goal and hope of the lymeSAVERS Foundation that through these bursaries Canadian Lyme patients can receive proper treatment and medications in their fight against Lyme disease.

Be sure to check it out!

There are absolutely no words for the title of this post.

Actually there are 2 other possible titles.




But then it would have definitely hit your spam folder. So, after my Friday night which didn’t go as planned, my Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, didn’t go as planned either.

As you all know, I got a Spinal Tap/Lumbar Puncture a couple Friday’s ago. This was because I got a sudden headache on top of 3 weeks of unexplained burning sensations in my head. Mind you, I have had weird sensations like tingling and shooting pains, but never burning. My last head MRI and CT Scan was in March 2012 so I had this vision of a tumour growing in there since last year and decided to get it checked out. I was “talked into” getting the spinal because the headache was “sudden”. To rule out an aneurysm¬†or meningitis. Which of course, it did.

When I wrote you last, I was beginning to get a headache, but I didn’t know what type of headache it would manifest into.

Yes. I was one of those that got the spinal headache.

What is a Spinal Tap
They inject a needle into your spine and take out Cerebral Spinal Fluid to rule out stuff like Meningitis and other bad things.

What is a Spinal Tap Headache
According to the Headache Classification Committee of the International Headache Society,¬†headache after a lumbar puncture is defined as ‚Äúbilateral headaches that develop within 7‚ÄÖdays after a lumbar puncture and disappears within 14‚ÄÖdays. The headache worsens within 15‚ÄÖmin of resuming the upright position, disappears or improves within 30‚ÄÖmin of resuming the recumbent position‚ÄĚ. This definition helps to avoid confusion with migraine or simple headache after lumbar puncture.¬†SOURCE

What this actually means
That the spinal fluid is leaking from the hole where they inserted the longass needle to take out your spinal fluid. This creates a passage for the spinal fluid to leak out, changing the fluid pressure around the brain and spinal cord. You get an excruciating headache when you are upright, like even sitting. It relieves instantly the minute you lie down on your back. This makes it literally impossible to do anything simple, you know, like eating, showering and walking.

What a Spinal Headache feels like
I read somewhere that only 30% of people get this. Then I read somewhere else that it is 50%. Then somewhere else 70%.¬†There are no words to describe this headache. Kinda like there’s no way to describe The Matrix, you just have to experience it for yourself. But here is my attempt:

A Spinal Headache is one that makes you feel like you got trashed all night, woke up on the street, accidentally got hit by a mac truck, dragged 2 blocks, then some guy from an alley decided it would be fun to come and smash your head with a mallet continuously for 120 hours. In comparison, a migraine would feel like butterflies dancing in the sky.

To sum it up, this is a little drawing I did on my iPad while I was in horizontal position for most of the week.


What they say to do
To relieve symptoms, take caffeine pills, or drink 100 bottles of Mountain Dew, or Coke, or anything that has caffeine in it. This “should” help with the symptoms. Did it help me? NO.

What they can do to actually get rid of the headache
A Blood Patch. They take blood from your arm and inject it back into your spine (not in the spine, but the area outside of it). The blood will then clot and form a “plug” that will plug up the hole. Almost like temporarily sealing a punctured tire. Your body will naturally seal that hole anyway, but this is a temporary reliever. The headache is usually INSTANTLY RELIEVED. Why isn’t this the first line of defence? Because it’s invasive and there small risks like Meningitis, infection, what not.

My concerns
Because I have Lyme, by taking my own blood and putting it back into my spine, will I cause even bigger problems? I asked my LLMD. She said that Lyme is all over our body, so nothing new to the spine. I asked Dr. Marty Ross on his online webinar. His response:

“I don’t know the answer to your question because we have never had any research done for the infection of the spinal cord. Having said that, to be honest, if you already have Lyme in you, it‚Äôs probably floated throughout your whole body and blood system and therefore gotten into the brain and your spinal system as well. So the likelihood is that it‚Äôs there and isn’t necessarily causing you any lesions on your spinal cord or your brain. I‚Äôm not sure if you take your own blood and if you are going to introduce more infection into that area, but again, there is no research done in this area.”

I did more research on Lyme and spinal blood patches, nothing came up really, but I did come across HIV Patients who got the same thing done. They were monitored for about 1.5 years after the blood patches and they seemed to do well after that.

Anyway, here are the events that unfolded. Sit down because it’s long.

Saturday –¬†where I left you from my last post

Sunday – woke up, hmmm feel good! Sat down and ate breakfast. hmmmm not so hot. OMG I have to lie down. Like right now. Husband and Child, I don’t think I can make it to Church with you! Spent the rest of the day lying down. Tried to shower but had to do a countdown before the headache came in.

Monday – woke up, ok good, maybe it’s going away. 15 minutes later. Ok maybe not. OMG, help me! husband is working, child is at school. Thank goodness for moms. Spent the remaining day lying down and trying not to puke from headache. Barely ate, appetite totally gone. Google is not a good friend at this point.

Tuesday – Our 13th Anniversary. Husband has a huge event for work, probably the hugest event of the year. I really wish he was home today.
6:45 AM РMom, please take me to the ER, I need to get this damned blood patch or I think I will literally die later today.
6:45 AM РProbably the fastest shower I ever had in my life.
7:10 AMРWolfed down breakfast.
7:15 AM РSaw Child off on school bus.
7:30 AM¬†– Mom dropped me off at the ER.¬†¬†She was sick herself from a bad cough and didn’t want to be in the hospital and infect everyone.
7:45 AM РExplained to Triage Nurse about spinal tap and spinal headache. Brought me into another room. Head is exploding at this point.
8:15 AM – Another nurse comes in and asks me the same questions.
9:30 AM – Doctor comes in and asks me the same damned questions. UM OK, are you all not reading your clipboards? or are you writing stuff to look busy but not really writing anything at all? Doc assess situation and tells me he will page the Anaesthesiologist (who is the only one that can do the Blood Patch). In the meantime, he will give me a pain killer shot in my bum. “Um these aren’t steroids right?” It’s called Toradol, a non steroidal anti-inflammatory pain killer. I am not convinced.
9:45 AM – Nurse comes and gives me this shot in my bum along with another shot of something else. Again, I am assured these aren’t steroids. I wasn’t feeling very good about this.
9:50 AM – Nurse now draws blood. They need to make sure my blood is good for the blood patch. If you are on blood thinners, a blood patch will not work on you.
10:00 AM – Please go back into the waiting room and wait for our call. It will take an hour to get your blood results.
10:30 AM – Ok. Headache is now killing me, can’t lie down, have to put my head back on upright chairs with 100 sick people around me.
10:35 AM – UM, stomach not feeling too hot. Infact, it’s starting to get upset. Run into the bathroom.
10:45 AM – OMG what’s wrong with me! Bathroom time again!! Must have been those damned shots!!!

At this point, I have never felt so sick and disgusting and wanted to crawl out of my own skin. I had no car to drive home, nor could I drive home, my stupid phone battery was already at 30% by 11:00 AM after being charged all night (thank you iPhone you suck). I called my mom to please come back and sit with me. I really needed some moral support. And the bum shots did nothing for me by the way. All they gave me was an upset stomach.

11:15 AM – Mom comes and sits with me although paranoid about her coughing.
11:50 AM – “Hi Nurse, do you have a bed or something I can lie on, my brain is literally going to fall out.” “Absolutely not dear, we have none.”
12:00 PM – I was nearly at the point of lying on the floor.
12:30 PM – I find the ER doc and ask him what the hell is going on and he says “Oh, yes, I paged the¬†Anaesthesiologist, however he is back to back in surgeries until 5 PM. And there is only one Anaesthesiologist in the hospital. You can come back at 5PM at which time he will be on call. But even then, we can’t guarantee that he will be available. He suggests that now you go and get some caffeine pills from the Pharmacy” CAFFEINE PILLS SMASHEEN PILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12:31 PM – I am now ready to go find a meat cleaver to chop off my head.

My mom drives us home, I was so exhausted and in so much pain, I passed out in the car. When we got home, I literally walked in and laid on the floor by the door.

12:45 – I call Husband crying and delirious.
12:47 – 4:30 PM
– Passed out on the couch.
4:30 PM – Mom takes Child (who’s now home from school), to his swim lessons.
5:00 PM – I hear the door opening in the midst of sleeping. OMG is that a burglar!? It can’t be Mom and Child, they are still at the pool? I see a figure, a dark figure approaching. OMG, is that our neighbour? or is that Child who grew 25 years? Am I hallucinating?

It was my husband who came home early!!! OMG! Thank the Lord!!! I was literally crying. I have never been so happy to see him in my life.

He came home at my distressed call, despite the huge event he has been working on for 6 months. He assured me he had all his guys ready to take over for him. I was relieved. Besides it was also our 13th anniversary. He asked me how I was doing, and came over with our anniversary gift. I was like “NO!!! NOT NOW! NOT WHEN I FEELING LIKE THIS!!”

6:00 PM – My awesome cousin stops by with some soup for me and I was feeling pretty good now, but 15 minutes in upright position clearly confirmed I was wrong.
7:00 PM – Husband, please take me back to the ER.
7:30 PM – Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s back to the ER we go.


8:00 PM – See the Triage Nurse for what seemed to be the 100th time. Explained again.
8:30 PM – Go inside to that other room. Encounter the same ER doc in the hallway who did the original Spinal Tap on me last Friday. “Hi!!! I’m back!”
9:00 PM – ER doc finally comes into the room. “Ok young lady, what happened now!” He knew what was coming. He said by the way I walked in smiling, that I looked fine. My husband piped in “She holds her pain well, she went to 6 cm without uttering a peep during labour”. I threw on the theatrics at this point. I wasn’t leaving the hospital without a blood patch. The ER doc tells me that the¬†Anaesthesiologist will probably not do it. I said “WHY! You told me you would do it last Friday!”. He says, normally people with Spinal headaches can’t walk and are vomiting all over the place. But he pages the¬†Anaesthesiologist again and asks me what pain relievers I want. Tylenol 3 or Percocet. I asked what the difference was. He explained once he had Percocets and when the pain wore off, the Percocets made him dance on a bed. I decided to take the two Tyelonol 3’s.
9:15 PM – OMG headache is gone. Thank you Tylenol 3. But now I had this severed stabbing pain in my stomach from them. UGH!!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY???!
9:30 PM – “Ok young lady! we convinced the¬†Anaesthesiologist to do the blood patch!” oh thank the stars.
11:30 PM –¬†Anaesthesiologist enters the room. I wanted to kiss him. He asks me if I was the same girl that was waiting for him in the morning. I said yes, but went home. I explained that I have a 6 year old, I can’t work, I can’t cook I can’t sit up for more than 10 minutes without wanting to puke. He looks sympathetic.
11:45 PM – He gets 2 nurses, and starts to gather all the medical stuff and starts explaining the whole blood patch procedure. I’m like Yes, I know all this already, what do you think I’ve been doing for 4 days lying on my back? There’s something called Google. Infact, I am pretty confident I can do this procedure myself. I mention then about the Lyme. He asks if it’s a blood-borne infection, because there is concern about injecting infectious blood back into your spine. I said I think so? He said that Lyme is usually considered an acute infection, but in my case (1.5 years of treatment) that is is chronic and should be ok. At this point, I didn’t care.
11:55 PM – I am now hunched over, ready to have the long needle inserted again. Then he rushes to my arm and draws blood there. The he rushes back to my spine and injects it there. I could feel pressure, lots of it. It was 20cc’s of blood.
12:00 AM – All done. Lie down for 3 hours on my back. This time, I. DID. NOT. MOVE. A. MUSCLE.
12:05 AM – Husband sleeps in the car outside.
1:30 AM – Nurse comes in to check on me. All good.
3:00 AM – Nurse wakes me up, husband comes and gets me. We go home. Nightmare over.

Wednesday – Feel so much better. Lingering headache but not Spinal headache. Difference? If you lie down and still have a headache, it’s not a Spinal Headache. Just a regular old headache which I now view as a blessing. Was lying down pretty much all day again to make sure the blood patch didn’t dislodge.

Thursday – Oh so much better, still minor headache. Still laying down.

Friday – Took it easy. Was able to work for a little bit and sit at my desk. When I get up, I get about 3 seconds of spinal headache. Then it goes away.

Saturday – Still took it easy. Did some laundry but made sure not to lift anything heavy. Started getting this weird pain in lower back right by bum… when I get up, it really hurts. Maybe this will go away.

After That until Today – Getting better each day. Had an acupuncture session about 1.5 weeks later. I told her what went down and to be mindful of that area and the acupuncture needles. She says “OMG, spinals are very invasive! And normally acupuncture needles don’t even go near that area, so don’t worry”.

Acupuncture Update: She said my head and neck area are releasing very well. I told her about the lower back and bum spasms when I get up from a seated position (probably due to the whole Spinal Tap ordeal). It’s now painful enough to cause me to stop what I am doing and start the labour breathing to get through it after I stand up. Then it passes. She said the reason for the nausea and all that stuff is because everything is located in the head area. This is where all the signals are and my head is very bad, but she is very happy at my progress.


  • You don’t need to get a spinal tap to get the headache. Usually this is also for moms who do C-Sections because they go into your spine. This makes sense as every time I went back to the ER, they asked me if I just had a baby.
  • The blood patch isn’t that painful. At least for me it wasn’t. The staff at the hospital were really good and I didn’t have a terrible experience with them. The¬†Anaesthesiologist assured me over and over that they are very good at what they do. And he was right. (BUT, I wish they gave me better instructions about laying flat).
  • If they use smaller gauge needles, you may not get the spinal headache.
  • After you get your spinal tap, make sure you LIE DOWN FOR 24-48 HOURS. Actually, make that 36 hours ¬†– a week to be safe. I am seriously not kidding. I would rather take a week off work then to go through that torture. They neglected to enforce this rule on me. Because I was up in 30 minutes eating, running to my car, and moving furniture. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT DO THIS.
  • Drink lots of fluid, like water and caffeine to replenish the fluid while the hole is healing. This didn’t help me at all, but it may help you.
  • For a visual on the headache, if you have ever watched Mission Impossible 3 when Tom Cruise was trying not to let that bomb explode in his head. That kind of pain. Yes.

This has got to be the absolute WORST experience of my life. It was mentally and physically draining. I would equally compare this to the first time I was sick with Lyme, except with this, I knew what was wrong but the real stress was getting them to perform the blood patch as well as knowing you may be injecting spirochetes back into your system.

Thank you to all my friends and family who stuck with me, listened to me complain, and to God, who I must have talked his ear off that whole week. He is my source of hope and peace and I really wouldn’t have gotten through this week without HIM.

One thing I forgot to mention: They never figured out why I had the burning sensation. UGH!!! I am scheduled for a head MRI in November and then to see a Neurologist as well. I complained to them that they sent me to see a 1 star rated Neurologist and she chuckled and booked me in to see another one instead. YAY.

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