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Human Guinea Pig ~ Take # 354

If you are squeamish and don’t like to talk about stuff in your intestines, I invite you to hit the X on the top of your browser.

I’ll start off the post with this text between my BFF and I.


So, BFF, here are my thoughts.

I was recommended by a good friend of mine to go get some Colonics (or Colonic Hydrotherapy, or Colon Irrigation). Basically the purpose of it is to clean out your colon. A regular enema only goes so far up, cleaning the lower part, the sigmoid and part of the descending colon. A colonic, will cleanse the entire length. If you are a newbie, you may be impacted and they recommend you do a series of 6 colonics at first. Like 2 the first week, then 1 the week after etc. For me personally, I think this is way too much and I would be scared to shock my system. Why would you be impacted? Because you basically have poo in your colon that may be stuck for YEARS, which can cause parasites, bacteria and other not so nice stuff to grow in there.

I was very apprehensive in trying this. It literally took me 2 years to brave it. But this was part of my game plan. So, 2 years later, I arrive at my destination.

Walking into the Naturopath Cilnic:
I was told that the Colonic woman is a sweetheart. She is very grandmotherly and will put you at ease immediately. And boy were they right! Picture a little 5 foot woman with a strong South American accent. She greeted me with the warmest handshake and took me into the Colonics room. She showed me their sterilization process and began to tell me the process of a colonic. She kept emphasizing that she will try to make me feel as comfortable as possible. At first when I entered the room, I was like OMG. Here’s a quick drawing from my iPad.


Keep in mind that the bathroom there is a Stall. It does NOT have walls. The entire time she was talking, I was thinking about how I am going to use the toilet while she is RIGHT THERE. It’s kind of like thinking how you are about to do a discreet #2 in an office washroom with co-workers in the next stall.

I put that thought out of my head and figured I would deal with it later. She told me to go and use the bathroom now if I needed to and to take everything off bottom-wise and wrap myself with a towel. So I did all that, and then went up onto the table. I was greeted by a large poster that has a drawing of a colon. She told me then that the goal of Colonics is to reach the very end of the colon.

She told me to lie on my right side facing the wall and to take a deep breath. There goes in the sterilized metal contraption! YAY! That wasn’t as bad as I thought. Nothing different about this than a papsmear (although different location).

I was told now to lie on my back. The she got some cream and started massaging my stomach. I am guessing to move things around. This was my view.


She began to open up the pipes. I am not exactly sure how it works, but she called it a TIE-OFF. So basically what happens is that she will let water flow into your colon and she will tell you to hold it as long as you can. When you can’t hold it anymore, you say Stop! and she will tie-off, where she will shut off the incoming water and then open another valve where the water will drain into Lawrd knows where.  Then the cramps will cease. In the midst of all this, there is a large mirror suspended from the ceiling where you get to see what comes out of the tube. This throws in some much needed entertainment. As things were coming out, she would tell me, “Oh! that is Ammonia!”, “Oh! that is Yeast/Candida!”, “Oh! that is Mucous!”, “Oh! that is Gas Bubbles!”. I felt pretty victorious as I kept seeing stuff coming out. Mind you, it took about the 5th tie off to see anything. I was beginning to think that my innards were very compacted. In between each tie-off, she would put a warm heating pad on my stomach and continue to massage my stomach. At one point, she had some vibrator contraption on my stomach.

I will tell you quite honestly, it wasn’t the metal contraption that was uncomfortable. It was the cramps that you must endure which each tie-off. It literally felt like you went and ate a bucket full of bad Mexican and then got stuck in traffic on the way home with nowhere to expel your stomach. This went on for about 30 minutes and I am guestimating about 10 tie-offs. In the meantime, she mentioned that water was also circulating in my colon. And also, she decided to do a blast of cold water in one of the tie-offs. Not so much fun with that one.

After the whole thing, she assisted me in getting up and asked if I felt faint. I said no, however the entire time, I was shaking. Like an adrenaline shake. Not a shivering shake. Not sure what’s up with that. She said that was normal. Then she said to go into the stall and make sure I put both feet on the stool while expelling the rest. I’m like “Ok! if you say so!”.

I get into the stall and felt no ways about expelling whatever was left. I was almost at the same point as when I gave birth. I didn’t care who was in the room, just get it out. NOW!

I made all sorts of noises I am sure, but listen, this little woman has probably seen it all. She doesn’t care. And neither should I.

After this, she told me to have a cup of herbal tea in their reception, and if I needed to use the rest room again, I can do so.

I had my peppermint tea, made some jokes with the receptionist and was on my way home only 10 minutes away thank goodness. As soon as I got home, I had a little soup because I was STARVING. Literally within 2 minutes, I had to dash to the bathroom again, and I am sure stuff was leaking out! My husband was sitting there laughing the whole time, and I kept screaming “Don’t worry! You’re next! I am making your appointment next week!!!“.

I had another 2 encounters or so with the bathroom and then I was fine.

So that is the story. Now, if the Colonic person been some hot dude, there was absolutely NO WAY that I would have done this.

Here are some tips if you want to have a Colonic:

  • Don’t eat 2 hours before
  • After your colonic, eat steamed or cook veggies, soups and avoid red meat
  • Minimize carbohydrates to avoid constipation
  • Drink 2L of water, herbal teas
  • Take 30 billion Probiotic (Ultra Flora by Metagenics – recommended)
  • After, take a fiber supplement

Humaworm Parasite Cleanse {Day 15~21}


Against my desired intentions, my Humaworm updates are going to get pretty lame. Life got in the way, the days were gelling together, blah blah blah.

I am feeling very very very good. Pathways continue to open, circulation is getting better. No toilet mishaps, well maybe one, and that’s because I ate spicy instant Chinese noodles which no doubt had a severe helping of MSG. Have I seen any worms? No. But that’s because I barely look. Towards the end of the week, I was feeling extremely UGHHH. Like Lyme UGHHH.

He stopped being a chicken and upped back to full dose on day 18. When he did the full dose, the headache came back within half an hour, but a very tolerable headache. I asked him if he can breath better and he thought about it and said “Why yes!” He never really was a good communicator. But then again, what husbands are? Near the end of the week, the headache was building every day again and he couldn’t handle it so he went back down to one dose. He missed a dose on one occasion.

Another long winded post. This time about eyes.

Sooooo, I’ve been getting these weird things happening with the bottom of my left eye. Like these white balls of flashes come in and out. Like you’ve accidentally ran into a glass door head first type of flash. Or have a toddler smash you in the eyball and then you see stars. They are intermittent, lasts a split second and come and go and not every day. It’s not painful or uncomfortable, just weird and perplexing.

At the start of my treatment (6 months ago) up until today I’ve been put on Plaquenil (Hydroxychloroquine). A disclaimer in my LLMD’s instructions were to see an Ophthalmologist because Plaquenil can cause yellowing of the eyes. I never had this issue (and don’t think so now) so I have never made an appointment.

BUT, because of the bizarre white flashes, I’ve decided to make an appointment. Not only that, but I am in dire need of new glasses because Clearly Contacts always has good deals. First thing I googled was an Ophthalmologist nearby. I quickly learned that I cannot waltz in somewhere but needed a referral. UGHHHH. More red tape, more explanations on Lyme.

I knew this was important and I am sometimes a procrastinator, so one morning, I saw a walkin clinic with only 2 people in it and well, walked right in. I waited only 30 minutes. While inside the room, I made sure no camera’s were hidden and I took this shot.

How absolutely ridiculous is this sign. Now I know this isn’t applicable to just walk-in’s. Many doctor’s offices have this policy. Including Doctor Gollum. I know this because when I was explaining my second symptom, his ass was already out the door. So, can you imagine if a Lyme person with 72 symptoms were to try to figure out what in the living hell was wrong with them? They would be there for years. If not decades.

So I started to get a little angry and then I saw the names of the 3 walk-in doctors affiliated with this clinic. I texted their names to myself so I can look them up at when I got home. If you do not use, you are doing a disservice to yourself.

So, in walks the doctor. No smile, seemed a little disgruntled (and it was only 9:30 am). “What can I help you with”, in a flat monotone voice.

At first, I thought about just stating the facts, that I see white flashes and if I could get a referral to see an Ophthalmologist. But then I thought Crap, what if he thinks that white flashes are caused by stress and decides to give me Zoloft or something. Hell No. I’m not going down that road for the 57th time. So I told him that I was on Plaquenil for Lyme and seeing a specialist in New York who advised me to get my eyes checked due to possible yellowing. His demeanor didn’t change at all. He asked me what my Lyme symptoms were. He asked me if I wanted to see an Optometrist or an Ophthalmologist. Having done my homework, I knew there was a difference. Here are the big three “O’s”.


Is an eye M.D., a medical doctor who is specialized in eye and vision care. Ophthalmologists are trained to provide the full spectrum of eye care, from prescribing glasses and contact lenses to complex and delicate eye surgery. They may also be involved in eye research. Ophthalmologists have additional specialized training in diagnosing and treating more complex medical eye conditions. So it is not unusual for optometrists and ophthalmologists to work closely-together on hard-to-diagnose conditions or ongoing disease treatment and management. As M.D.s, ophthalmologists are allowed to prescribe a broader-range of prescription drugs than optometrists.


  • to examine and diagnose eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, and retinal diseases
  • to diagnose related systemic (bodywide) conditions such as hypertension and diabetes that may affect the eyes
  • to examine, diagnose and treat visual conditions such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia
  • to prescribe glasses, contact lenses, low vision rehabilitation and medications as well as perform minor surgical procedures such as the removal of foreign bodies


Are masters of lenses. In most settings an optician is given a written eyeglass or contact lens prescription by an MD (Ophthalmologist) or and OD (Optometrist). Whether it be reading glasses or prescription eyewear, an optician is trained to help. Opticians are not medically trained, rather they are technically trained. When you go to your local eyeglass boutique, more often than not, you will be working with an optician to find and fit your eyeglasses to your prescription. Opticians can not write your prescription.

I lucked out and he referred me to an Ophthalmologist AND he also gave me a Doctor’s note to see an Optometrist. The doctor’s note meant that I would be covered for a free exam ($115) with the Optometrist because OHIP stopped coverage of regular eye exams to people age 20-64.

The next day, the referral Ophthalmologist called me to book an appointment. And this is the first thing I did.

There were 19 reviews of which 99% of them had either a sad blue face or a sickly green face. UM YA. No thank you! I quickly called to cancel this appointment and made an appointment with an Optometrist. I know that they can also refer you to an Ophthalmologist.

So off I go to see the Optometrist. And the next 1.5 hours went something like this.

And that didn’t even cover the glasses prescription part where you read all those letters off the wall. Except now there are no letters on the wall, it’s letters on a giant MAC monitor. I still have to go back next week for this! I explained about the Lyme and then the Plaquenil. She mentioned that many patients are put on Plaquenil for lupus and RA and that sometimes Plaquenil can cause loss of vision over a prolonged time. The Optometrist had just graduated and looked rather young, but I knew she was very thorough and she knew her stuff. After being put through torturous devices and having different coloured liquid dropped into my eyes, she was happy to report that my eyes are absolutely fine. The nerves are fine, the test for macular degeneration was fine, and every other test that I can’t pronounce turned out good. She was however still concerned at my issue at hand and wanted to refer me to an Ophthalmologist. I clearly stated to please NOT refer me to the one with sad blue faces. So look out for Part 2 of the eye saga.

I left the office with a temporary case of far sightedness and an extreme sensitivity to bright light (because of those drops). The receptionist handed me over these paper sunglasses and I’m like “Nah, I’ll be ok.” She’s like “Um, no. You won’t”. So I take them, walk outside was like “Ya, she was right.” They looked so absolutely comical that I was trying to hide myself even behind tinted car windows.

In other news, remember I mentioned of the white tongue coating. Well that Oral Nystatin Suspension works like a charm. I noticed improvements on the first day. I swish this around my mouth 4 times a day. It tastes like banana. The pharmacist said I could swallow it, but I was like “Nah”.

LLMD Office Visit – September 2012


Don’t ask me how I am finding the time to write this post. Today included a whole lot of running around and much of 4 hours were dedicated to waiting rooms, blood tests, medication refills and the like. If I added up how much time I have wasted due to this nonsense, I would have been able sew a quilt the size of a football field.

Saturday morning started with us driving up to Montreal, forgetting our passports for the NY Border crossing, turning back, but we eventually made it. Tuesday I was scheduled to see LLMD. Husband and 5 year old dropped me off and headed to the mall. I was 15 minutes early. The clinic was awfully quiet. The nurse took my vitals. She mentioned to me that the wait list now is up until January 2013.

Height: 60 in
Weight: 100lb (YIKES!!!!!)
Blood Pressure: 122/88 mmHg
Temp: 98.4 F
Pulse: 78 bpm
Resp Rate: 13 rpm

As the LLMD was in with a new patient, it went on longer than usual and I waited another 25 minutes. But I was welcomed with the biggest open arms. I asked if I can record the conversation on my phone because I will most likely forget what anybody said. The conversation started with me describing the second worst herx of my life (which actually ended on the Sunday). So as we speak, I’ve been about 4 days symptom free.

We went over my symptoms:

  • Burning Fingers, nausea, vertigo, drunk, head pressure, night terrors, anxiety, not hungry until moving around, all symptoms of underlying Babesia.
  • Metal taste – can be due to the Clarithromycin. Also due to heavy metal exposure. I asked if I should get the (3) silver fillings removed in my teeth. I was advised this was a wise idea but to make sure it’s done with a biological dentist. Even if you have an oral dam, you will still need to have oxygen, a mask on, air expeller etc. Since you are getting better, you will minimize the risk of mercury exposure by going to the right dentist. They will also give you IV Vitamin C after the treatment. If you do it, do it right.
  • Math is the first thing to go with adults and children. Even an accountant who can balance something in minutes will now take 20 minutes.
  • Hormones can change because of Lyme
  • Beware of drinking from plastic bottles, lotions, petroleum as they have plastics in them. Use extra virgin coconut oil.
  • Colon hydrotherapy and coffee enemas. Highly recommended.
  • Beware with GMO. No canola oil. Stay on a healthy organic diet.

I also typed up a list of questions for our visit which are summarized below:

Q: On the 1st and 2nd round of Pulse A and B, I did really well. On the 3rd round of Pulse B, things started to get a little worse. More cotton head, vertigo that lasted 2 weeks. One night had the shakes really badly, cold clammy, hot and cold. Was this a herx or candida flare up?
Symptoms get worse in the spring and fall. Was a possible herx. If it were candida, it would persist. With a herx, you will feel all these symptoms that are horrible, but they will get better. Hasn’t seen that with candida. If it were candida, they wouldn’t really get over the herx, newer symptoms would persist such as abdominal distension, trouble digesting food, coated tongue, sore throat, lots more joint pain, peri-anal itching. Yeast makes acetaldehyde, a chemical not good for the body and the liver will turn that into alcohol. As my symptoms went away, it probably wasn’t a yeast issue.

Q: Can I mix 50% alcohol teasel root, Kombucha with tinidazole.
No. You shouldn’t mix. Even if you dine in a restaurant, make sure you are aware of what they are marinating the meats with. Even a wine marinade will cause a bad reaction. Remember this rule applies to Metronidizole (Flagyl). Kombucha is a fermented tea, however it may not make enough alchohol to warrant a reaction. But do a quick google search just in case.

Q:  How to bring up WBC levels. Should I be concerned with blood labs at all? Mine has been a steady 3.7.
Be happy with a 3.7. Sometimes they will come up on their own after treatment. If they fall below a 3.0, patients are taken off meds immediately. If it goes below 3, patients are required to skip a day of medication per week. Choose the same day every week (Monday) to skip. Another way to bring up WBC levels is Cordyceps, a mushroom that can support the WBC. Low WBC means chronic infection. It can be toxins or mercury, which would bring me back to the silver fillings issue.

Q:  Wanting to testing 5 year old at appointment / recent Spider Bite in Sept 1 / No symptoms but diarrhea.
Symptoms of children are hyperactivity, but hard to diagnose because boys are hyperactive to begin with. Other signs are “my tummy hurts, “I’m tired, carry me” (on a constant basis). Treating children with Cowden Condensed Protocol and they usually do well with it. Diarreah is not typically a sign of lyme, it just means his immune system is in overdrive.

Q:  Do any of your patients relapse? And if so, what is the treatment and is it quick to “bounce back”?
Patients do relapse. They are treated with Doxycycline and Clarithromycin and a pulse of Metronidazole just to prevent a cyst form of Lyme from popping back up. Within 4 – 6 weeks, patients improve. It’s not going to be like starting over from square one.

Q: What if I get bitten again?
A: You have no immunity. None. Nada. Be careful where you choose to vacation. It is not all about Lyme. Sandfleas can spread infection. People are coming from all over the world, they are bringing their infections and there is a greater exposure. They are getting bit my mosquitoes and sandfleas. Sandfleas are notorious for giving the bartonella infection. Beware of Cuba and Dominican Republic. Do not allow yourself be bitten. Sandfleas look like tiny grains of sand jumping. Be inquisitive. Keep watch on the beaches. Do not sit on sand. If there are not enough chairs, sit by the pool. Or better yet, sit on concrete! When on a resort, some have private beaches where there are grass. Don’t sit on the grass. Get Samento which really helps.

Q: What is the CD57 test?
A: At first when it was published, CD57 was diagnostic of Lyme. And only people with Lyme had a low CD57. However in recent discussions, patients who have low CD57 have improved, others who have high CD57 were the sickest people ever received. It doesn’t look like a fool proof answer to anything. If you want to measure it before you off antibiotic you can. Gamma Dynacare offers it in Toronto. Or you get it through Igenex.

Q: When I can think about getting pregnant?
A: Would like to prescribe Cefuroxime and Zithromax a few months before hand. And take it during pregnancy.

The best sentence of the day said by LLMD.

Be weary about trusting tests. It is not about proving it on a piece of paper. It’s about how you feel.

Treatment Plan: September – December 2012
I will be on the exact same treatment plan as I have been for the last 3 months because I’m doing really well on it. We may change it up in December 2012 or March 2013.

October 2012 – December 2012

  • PULSE  A: for 10 days
    Clindamycin 150 mg (1 pills 4x a day)
    Quinine 200 mg (2 pills a day)
    Bab2 (by Beyond Balance):  23-50 drops (2x a day)
  • PULSE  B: for 10 days
    Plaquenil 200 mg (1 pill 2x a day)
    Tinidazole 500 mg (1 pill 2x a day) – Due to my intolerance of Flagyl, I’m taking this instead. Say hi to Flagyl’s sister.
    Clarithromycin 500mg (1 pill 2x a day)

Rotate these 2 pulses every 10 days for 3 months.

More Stuff

I got my little buddy the #188 and #189 Western Blot with Igenex. LLMD’s nurse drew the blood. He was a trooper and didn’t cry at all. I will get the results in 3 weeks. If he is negative, I won’t look at the $200 as a waste of money. I will have peace of mind and also that may be a good sign for me to gauge how long I’ve had it. If he’s positive, that’s another story and a whole other can of worms.

I was also concerned about the white thrush on my tongue. I was prescribed with Diflucan, or I can go on Grapefruit Seed Extract, Fiji Tea, adding fresh organic garlic to food (raw and crushed). Garlic also stimulates the immune system, improves circulation, kills intestinal parasites and lowers blood pressure. It is a powerful antioxidant. I can also use Caprylic Acid, a fatty acid supplement derived from coconut oil and is specifically effective for killing candida overgrowth in the intestines. (should not be taken by people who have ulcerative colitis). I can also optionally start on InterFase by Klaire Lab for the treatment of biofilm.

However as LLMD prescribed me with the Diflucan, my Canadian doc thought that this was too harsh on my system so prescribed me with Oral Nystatin (shown above) for 10 days. I am not sure what to do with this so I have to read up.

I also inquired about B12 injections and so I was prescribed with syringes and stuff that needs to be purchased through a compounding pharmacy. It is for 3 times a week. I hear that a normal person would do it once a month. Great. More questions from the pharmacy. I am not exactly sure what to do with it all, but my good friend over at Lyme Maze has sent me lots of info on where and how to properly inject this stuff into your buttocks. Getting the stuff is another story.

What I did today.

We are heading to Orlando Disney tomorrow! Even though I should have been packing, I was busy for most of the day as mentioned trying to get the above prescription re-written and filled. I didn’t go to Costco this time, I went to a pharmacy beside the clinic and the pharmacist asked out of curiosity why I’m taking all these meds. I said Lyme. She nodded her head. She knew it. She had another person have the exact same thing with the US Prescriptions. She said that Lyme is very rare. I said it’s often misdiagnosed as something else and we got into the whole politics of it. She was very interested.

And I also did my monthly blood labs. I did manage to get a requisition for the CD57 blood test even with everyone scratching their heads as to what this test was about, not only the doctor, but the nurse and the medical lab person who draws the blood. They all know about the CD4 which is the HIV test. They don’t offer the CD57 it at CML Health Care, so I will need to go to Gamma Dynacare.

This past weekend out of town, my husband and I also celebrated our 12 year anniversary. Well that’s officially on paper. I have known him since I was 12 years old, which means we have been in each others lives for about 26 years. As I was sitting down about to type this post, I see a little card stuck underneath my keyboard. I opened it and the last paragraph was this. 🙂

Ok, this was a very long winded post, I will end this for now. I survived our 11 hour drive total and about $1000 gouge into my pocket in total for this round trip of meds, tests, gas, consult fees, herbs, meals. UGH!

I will reconnect with you after we have oodles of fun with Cinderella and her step sisters! There will be lots of walking, and food challenges I’m sure. Hope I survive!

Mindless Drama

Mindless Drama #1

So it goes down like this.

We were set to leave Saturday at 9:30am to head to Montreal to stay over at our friend’s place until Tuesday, where we then cross the border to see LLMD.

Because we are heading to Orlando Florida as soon as we got back from LLMD, I had to pack double duty. Friday as I was packing up my blasted medication, I decided to look in my probiotic bottle in the fridge. There were 3 left. It was 7:45 pm. I started to panic. Why didn’t I check this earlier? UGH! I run out the door.

Health Store #1

I normally go here to get all my supplements and probiotics. I ran inside, ran to the back where the fridge was and none. OMG. Yes there were other brands, but I didnt want to experiment with anything new right now seeing we are going away.

I run to the cash and ask. They confirm they had none in stock. Aha! There’s another health food store 15 minutes away. I knew they would have it. I had plenty time before they closed.

I call my mom at my home and tell her to go to the fridge and take a picture of the probiotic and message it to me. Because I forgot what was written on the bottle.

Health Store #2
8:01 pm I get there and the door is locked. WTH? I looked at the sign. Closed at 8pm. What business closes at 8pm!?#%@

Through the window, I see a guy about to turn on the vacuum. I motion like a crazy banshee and he ignores me. I do this for 2 minutes and finally he pays attention. I see him looking at another guy who was probably the manager. I can tell that the manager told him to keep the door locked and not to let me in. Another 2 minutes go by and I am still banging on the window. Finally the manager opens it. I plead my case.

Me: Listen, please, I am heading out of town early morning and I just need these probiotics or I will die.
Loser Manager who replies in a non pleased tone: Do you know exactly which one.
Me: Yes.

He opens the door. I run inside. The guy with the vacuum says “I told him to let you in.” I say “ya whatever.” I run to the fridge. Nothing. I am now frazzled because they are all staring bullets into me.

I go back to the cash and show him the picture of the probiotic that my mom just emailed me. It appears they have another fridge behind the cash. Like how the convenience store has cigarettes hidden behind the counter.

So I say I’ll take two please. That would be $80. Loser Manager goes on to explain that people beg to come at closing and browse aisles for 40 minutes. Thats why he doesnt open the door. Ok whatever. Just admit your customer service sucks big time and lets get a move on. The other guy was much nicer. I mentioned that I was on alot of antibiotics. He advises me that I can get candida. I tell him I’m fully aware of that.

I pay for the stuff and run out. I decided to do a stupid check on the bottles once I get in the car. OMG. They are powdered. I run back this time banging louder on the door. Loser Manager comes to the window, looks and me and shrugs his shoulders. He wasn’t opening it. I am standing there wondering how this guy is in business. I keep motioning that these are powder and I need pills. He finally decided to open the door and look pretty annoyed at me.

Anyway, I get the probiotics and head home. Under normal circumstances, I would be fuming and let the events play in my head for weeks resulting in an ulcer. But that isnt going to get me anywhere. I let it go.

Mindless Drama #2

The next morning, we left a little late at about 10:15am. Things are looking good though. It was raining but it wasn’t bad. We were set to drive 4 hours. 5 year old must have asked “Are we there yet?” about 20 times in the span of 45 minutes. This is going to be a long ride.

So we get to Port Hope. We are now a good 50 minutes out.

Husband: What.
Me: I forgot out passports!!
Husband: Maybe we can get across the border with our drivers licences.
Me: And what about little buddy nuts at the back with the cabbage patch doll. Are we going to use his fake licence from the cereal box?
Husband: How about his health card?

It was inevitable. We had to turn back. I was beyond vexed. Husband didn’t care, he’s the type of guy that lets things roll off his back. He said whats done is done, we will go back. I need to learn patience from him.

I get an ephinany. I call my neighbour asking for a huge favour and that I would never ask unless I was in dire straits. I explained the situation and he agreed to meet us half way back with passports. I told him where to find it in the house. (Good thing with keyless entry systems!)

So we met him and the entire ordeal put us out about an hour and a half. Sucks but what can you do.

In the meantime, I had to endure more complaining.

5 year old: Mommy, I have been sitting too long. My bum is hurting.
Me: We are almost there.
5 year old: How much longer?
Me: An hour.
Husband: No, an hour and a half.
Me: Do you think he will know the difference? Now you have opened the door to more complaining.

However, I must thank my iPhone and netflix for kids for making this drive a possibilty for our sanity.

So, Sunday morning we visit our friend’s church. I ran into our older Pediatrician Doctor friend who goes there. He helped me re-write my prescription the first time around and he asked me how I was doing. I really really wish he was my doctor! He has such a kind and gentle heart and although he should be at the age to retire, he said he will be doing this for as long as he can.

His daughter had bells palsy when she was young and he even checked for Lyme, but it was negative. But then again the testing may have been inaccurate, but she is ok now.

So we started discussing the politics of Lyme. I asked how doctors get “ratted out”. Well not really for just Lyme itself, but for any malpractice. Usually, it’s the pharmacy who might notice a trend of not following the “guidelines” on correct dosages. Although the Doctor can dispute and say it was justifiable. Or an angry patient. But one complaint won’t raise any eyebrows. I asked why Lyme is so controversial to treat.

My mom had tuberculosis when I was 8. Infact, she almost died from it. She was on Rocephin for 9 months. That was in 1983. So I asked why was this antibiotic allowed for such a long time 30 years ago and now, this same antibiotic is shunned upon because it’s treated for something else.

The simple answer is this. Tuberculosis is easy to treat. They understand tuberculosis. What they don’t understand is Lyme. They don’t know how to treat it. Why they don’t want to study it in the day and age we are in? I’m guessing fear. Fear that if it was acknowledged, it would open up a whole can of worms. Fear that if half the people on the planet actually had it (even some who are asymptomatic), it would create a mass panic. The money it would take to treat on an epidemic scale.

Funny thing he mentioned to me was that it is more found in the States. I laughed. I said these things don’t stop at the border because they forgot their passports! (Like what would have happened to us). He laughed with me and said yes you are right!

Signing off now and I didn’t know you can do an entire post off your iPad! (Buddy took this pic of me as we were driving). My next post will be the report from LLMD! Stay tuned!


I’m such a flippin hypocrite.

I think this has been the longest time between posts. That is because I have been running around like a chicken without a head feeling all great and then it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye. I don’t know what precipitated the reasoning for it because it came out of nowhere. One thing that does come to mind would probably be bad eating.

I have been screaming to the hills and to anyone who would listen that food is our medicine. I was ready to embrace the Paleo way of life. However, what have I been doing? I have been eating breads, strawberry jam, spaghetti with sauce, ketchup, hotdogs, many variety of late night snacking of chips, Doritos, cheetoes, cheesies, “gluten free” brownies, all and any yeast ridden and sugary foods. It was inevitable.

OR, it could have been the germ cycle, bad karma, another lyme curve ball, whatever. Point is, you never know when it hits and that’s the stupid thing. I’m just so literally done with this. Sooooooo absolutely done.

Monday – started my Pulse A treatment. The all too familiar signals started creeping in. Cotton head, fatigue, buzzing head, heart palps. I did my usual Monday morning infrared sauna, which I think may have brought on a herx. I usually notice it getting worse as soon as I get out of the shower.

Tuesday – I was up and down all day with the majority of the day being on the couch. Cotton head again, in and out nausea, hunger, not hunger, weird stomach feeling, like a baby was moving in there. Stomach cramps, but more like menstrual cramps. I notice that symptoms come around ovulation time and according to my app, today is the day (see app below).

Wednesday – Another round of infrared, nausea-ish came throughout the day, I had to whip out the smelling concoction my neighbour made for me, something I haven’t used since May. The feeling of fullness came again, one bite into food and I would feel like gagging. 2 minutes later, I would feel hungry. Like seriously, make up your flipping mind. 5 minutes later, I would be fixed to the chair and couldn’t move because any movement would make me nauseous.  Even the sound 5 year old talking would make me nauseous. Even the sound of a stair creaking would make me nauseous.

Thursday (today) – symptoms diminishing, I see a light at the end of this god forsaken tunnel. I did the body brushing. I manage to do some grocery shopping with my mom for 2 hours in the morning, came home, made some lunch, picked up 5 year old from the bus stop and ran out again to do errands. The majority of the day was in and out cottonhead feeling again. Nausea was probably a 3 out of 10. Just did another emergency infrared in my basement tonight.

As I’m typing this, I’m much better. I hate writing when I feel like crap. Mainly because a) I feel like crap b) I don’t like writing when I feel like crap. I don’t want my posts to be like “OMG, please kill me, I’m dying here, I hate this, why me, what did I do to deserve this blah blah“. Which would scare people, especially newly diagnosed people and really, who wants to read that?

I remember when I was a Lyme newbie, I was searching endlessly on youtube (against my better judgement and warning from Lyme Buddy) and guess what the majority of videos were; people in the midst of herxes. Something very overwhelming to the youngling, wondering if their life was going to be this vast emptiness of despair and pain.

So, moving forward, whatever kind of herx I was in the past 4 days, was still some kind of herx and it did end or is ending. Not nearly as bad as my last major herx, but definitely one for the books. I would consider this my second major one. Yes people. Herxes end. They are just symptoms. I have finally got my head around this one.

As I was on the couch, I started googling (against my better judgement again), but I’m glad I did because I found this blog. I mention this blog because his story is unique and very very similar if not identical to mine. We both started off as being diagnosed with Acid Reflux related issues. And guess what, we are seeing the same LLMD. And guess what, I think he lives within 15 minutes of me. So I sent him an email introducing myself and discussing my weekly woes and he confirmed with me that DIET IS KEY! And guess what again? He went Paleo! NOT a coincidence that I ran into him.

This Saturday, we make our way up to Montreal which is about a 4 hour drive. Then I see LLMD next Tuesday which is another hour out. Funny enough, I haven’t been overly anxious like I would have been in the past. I am hoping that by Saturday, this nightmare herx will be over. At least for the most part. But if it’s not, I’m not too overly concerned.

This morning in the shower, I had this peace come over me. Like I wasn’t worried about the symptoms, and the major journey that I will be taking in the next 2 weeks which involves a 14 hour drive + 6 hour flight which will end with seeing Mickey. I had this overwhelming sense of calm (in the midst of all my herxing) that I just knew God would take care of me. It’s definitely a peace that passeth all understanding.

So… what did I buy at the grocery store? Lots of fruits, nuts, dried fruit for snacks in the car. I know grains aren’t Paleo, but I did need my Ezekial 4:9 bread (at least for next week). I did a search on how to eat Paleo at Disney and there aren’t a whole whack of options so they say. But when I get back, I intend on doing a major shift in my diet.

IPAD app for the ladies: PINK PAD
I got this app about a year ago. I have been tracking all woman’s stuff on there plus all my herxes. You can see my little green “sick” icon on the days I’ve been sick this month and now there are many “happy faces” creeping back into the calendar. There’s a section for notes, weight, ovulation tracker, + a running summary and charting feature, etc. Very handy! Get Pink Pad here!

Ok that’s the end of my post for now… have a good night!

What meds are for what?

To answer some questions regarding the treatment plan for Lyme, you will find that good LLMD’s use combination therapy. Combination therapy is when you are given more than one antibiotic for a treatment. For example, my new treatment for 3 weeks includes 5 antibiotics. Each antibiotic does its own job. If you were to just use one of the antibiotics, it may not work or be effective.

I was thinking of writing up a list of all meds and what each one does. And then I though, OMG, the brain power I would need on this would exceed the current daily amount allowable. So this morning, guess what I see in my inbox. A newsletter from Dr. Marty Ross with the title: Kills Lyme Germs: A Brief Antibiotic Guide. He is my secret weapon. I wasn’t able to find a comprehensive list anywhere and here it is, dropped into my lap!

If you don’t know who Dr. Marty Ross is, he’s an LLMD based in Seattle, Washington. I have been attending his Webinars every week since February 2012. They are very informative, he’s a wealth of information and has helped me with billion questions that I had that I never asked of my own LLMD. He has great insights and shares his expertise based on his many years of experience with his Lyme patients. Many people whom I’ve talked to were weary of being in a webinar thinking they will be seen. That is not true. Nobody sees or hears you. You type in your question, and he answers you via live video. All you need is an internet connection. He also has a supplements store here. I bought my Meriva from there.

Here’s the low down from Dr. Marty Ross’ newsletter. As you know there are 3 forms of the Lyme germ. The Spirochete, the L-Form and the Cyst Form.

<< To see his post, click here: KILL LYME GERMS: A BRIEF ANTIBIOTIC GUIDE >>

My First Lyme Treatment (3 months)

  • Nystatin
    Anti –Fungal due to the amount of antibiotics in your system
  • Hydroxychloroquine / Plaquenil – (Quinine Derivatives)
    Targets:  None. Conflicting research shows could kill cyst or promote cyst growth.
    Other Action: Improves effectiveness of macrolides and tetracyclines.
    Form: Prescription
  • Azithromycin / Zithromax – (Macrolides Family)
    Targets: the spirochete and L-form
    Form: Prescription
  • Doxycycline – (Tetracycline Family)
    Targets: the spirochete and L-form
    Form: Prescription
  • Metronidazole/Flagyl – (Azoles Family)
    Targets: Spirochete (1), L-form, and cyst.
    Form: Prescription
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE)
    Targets: Cyst
    Form: Natural

My First Second Treatment (on day 14 as  I write this)

PULSE  A: for 10 days

  • Clindamycin
    Simliar to the Macrolides family of antibiotics
    Targets: the spirochete and L-form
    Form: Prescription
  • Quinine
    Form: Prescription
  • Bab2 (by Beyond Balance)
    Targets: Cyst
    Form: Natural

PULSE  B: for 10 days

  • Hydroxychloroquine / Plaquenil – (Quinine Derivatives)
    Targets:  None. Conflicting research shows could kill cyst or promote cyst growth.
    Other Action: Improves effectiveness of macrolides and tetracyclines.
    Form: Prescription
  • Tinidazole / Tindamax – (Azoles Family)
    Targets: Spirochete (1), L-form, and cyst.
    Form: Prescription from a Compounding Pharmacy
  • Clarithromycin – (Macrolides Family)
    Targets: the spirochete and L-form
    Form: Prescription

I was relatively concerned about C. Diff caused by antibiotics but after doing some research, Flagyl/Metronidazole and Tindamax/Tinidazole are drugs use to treat C. Diff. So I’m guessing that they are in each protocol for a reason other than targeting cysts. I could be wrong, so I’m not sure.

More links here on medication for Lyme and what each one does:

Here is Dr. Marty Ross’ First Guide to treating Lyme. He has a ton of other videos that discusses How to diagnose Chronic Lyme, Herxes and specific supplements and their effectiveness. His YouTube page at

And I thought she was crazy

So I go on Facebook and see a post from one of my cousins with this picture and a caption that says: “Got my first Tick Bite”

My alarms go off and I start freaking out and was so frazzled I couldn’t even find the message button to send her a message. She’s living in Sweden, and I haven’t even told her about my Lyme, but I sent a message to her which probably sounded like I was some kind of nutcase, but anyway she replied and said not to worry because they get a vaccine.

Me: HUH? A vaccine?” Why don’t we have one!??!@#$%^
Her: Whaaaat?! I’m in Sweden now and they think you’re crazy if you don’t get vaccinated.
Me: What? They actually believe you can get sick from a tick?

… conversation goes on….

Her: Oh now, I believe, we are talking about different things. The vaccine here is for TBE. How are you doing now?
Me: What is TBE? I’m talking about Lyme Disease.
Her: Tick-borne encephalitis, there’s no cure for it and you can get brain damage from it.

I google TBE and found this. Sounds way more serious than Lyme if that’s even possible!

Other News:

This week has been CRAZY busy for me. 5 Year old has been at day camp all week and I’ve been working nonstop from like 8 am – 11:pm. I’ve taken quite a few projects on. Hubby wants us to go to the cottage next week and then to Huntsville as he is traveling on business again, but as soon as I hear the word cottage, my sirens went off. Hubby and I have known each other a long time, since we were 12. And I remember in my late teens tagging along with his fam up to the cottage in the summer and being murdered by horse flies, black flies, mosquitoes, you name it. As years went on, I stopped going just because of this. You couldn’t get away from them. While swimming at the beach, I was being chased so bad, I went under the water hoping for relief. But that doesn’t stop them, they follow you under water like Jason from Camp Crystal Lake.

If I go, and I probably won’t decide until maybe 5 minutes before, I will be bringing 20 bottles of deet spray with a body net. After what happened 2 weeks ago in a populated urban area, I can only image what would happen to me 3 hours north up in some woods.

As for Lyme, I’ve started my new treatment. This pulse is actually pretty good, because right now as I ease into it, I’m only take 1-2 ABX a day. I was a little curious as to why LLMD stopped the Nystatin because I thought long term ABX use would no doubt create yeast in your system. So I was told that I could continue Nystatin if I wanted to (unless on amoxicillin or cefuroxime). She stops prescribing Nystatin after 3 months due to concerns of yeast resistance to the Nystatin if taken for long duration. Some do well without it- just taking probiotics.It’s also less expensive and less 6 pills a day. Which is a double plus for me.

When I saw Dr. Handsome Chest Hairs the other day, I forgot to mention that the C. Diff test came out clear. I also asked him for a referral to a Gynecologist because of the recent issue I have been having with mid month spotting. I am not sure the cause of this, if it’s hormone related, ABX related, Lyme related, early menopause related, cervical cancer. He said that I may have to follow up with my Family Doctor. This is a huge UGHHHHHHHHHH because that means it’s either Dr. Gollum, or Dr. 3 Hours. I don’t know which is worse. I may have to pick Dr. 3 Hours since she’s a female, and I’ve already had the pleasure of having Dr. Gollum perform a lady part test which I don’t think I want to do again with him.

Candida, you silly son of a gun.

Just thought I would give a short update on a phone call I just had with my Lyme Homeopath regarding Candida. My concern was that because we are on so many antibiotics, Candida will haunt us to no end. What can we do to keep it at bay?

To monitor your Candida, do the spit test as mentioned in one of my previous posts. If your spit test fails miserably, increase your probiotics, and make sure you are taking S. Boulardii. And he also said that I can add Grapefruit Seed Extract, which is perfect because my GSE is in the mail being shipped to me as we speak (which is to replace Flagyl as per LLMD).

Christmas Came Early

After my visit to my Lyme Homeopath, an unopened box was waiting for me when I got home. I knew what it was. Like a kid on Christmas morning, I ripped it open and in there was a brand spanking new Blentec Blender. My beautiful Lyme Buddy had got me this as a gift. I was in awe and thankfulness. We had been discussing food and nutrition, investigating all different types of blenders, researching on which was better, the Vitamix or the Blendtec. Well for me, the Blendtec won simply because it fits the counter space and comparisons showed it was on par with the Vitamix. I cannot wait to use it. The recipe book it came with has stuff from making Soups to Flour to Smoothies. It also has a nutrition label for each recipe as well as a gylcemic food index. It’s simply amazing. There is no setup. You open the box and plug it in. Thank you Lyme Buddy! You don’t know how happy you made me…!

Trials and Tribulations of Doxycycline

  • despite what my LLMD said about eating after the first bite of food before the second bite, I found that this does not work for me. I need to have my stomach full in order to tolerate it.
  • eating soup doesn’t constitute for a full stomach
  • my poor Lyme Buddy sent me a picture of her hands and arms. They looked like they were caught on fire with peeling blisters and skin. This was a result from sitting in the car with TINTED WINDOWS! So please please if you are on Doxy, be careful.

Other Matters

  • Don’t cheat on food
    I was in a rush yet again to run some errands and forgot to walk with my apple and banana. My mom and 5 year old were with me. After me hollering for months on healthy eating, I needed some grub to take with the Nystatin in the afternoon. So guess where I went. Yes. McDonalds. Shoot me now. I bought the 5 year old a happy meal and only needed a couple bites to take with the pills. BAD IDEA. BAAAAAD IDEA. I am far beyond upset at what society has come to where there is not even ONE healthy store to get a snack.


  • I am going to try to catch up on work
  • My BFF came over last night and we were discussing more on God’s Healing Power, I studied the word while in the sauna this morning and will be going over some more videos on healing today
  • I’m about to venture out to find some beef bones because I’m determined to make bone broth which I know is vital to healing.


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