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I get many questions via email regarding my treatment. I will always be updating my FAQ everytime I get a new question. Firstly, I must say that it’s obvious that I am not a doctor. The opinions and stories expressed on this site are my own. Take what you can from it and please seek advice from a professional medical doctor and better yet, an LLMD!


What was the wait time for your LLMD?
I was on a 3 month wait, however was on a cancellation list and miraculously someone cancelled so I was able to get in within a 2 weeks of receiving my positive IgeneX results.

Where did you get bit?
I’m not sure the where the first encounter happened, we traveled to Florida and South Carolina, but the dates don’t match so I’m not really sure. But I believe a “second” encounter may have happened in our backyard while doing some really heavy landscaping in July 2011. Our backyard faces an open unmaintained field that my husband adequately named “The Geese’s Toilet”. Animals carrying these ticks. OR, I may have had Lyme for a while, but only started to exhibit symptoms in late 2010. There are people that have Lyme that walk peacefully with it.

Is it just a deer tick that can infect you?
No. There is discussion that spiders, mosquitoes, mites and fleas can carry the Lyme germ although this is against the mainstream documentation. And from my history, mosquitoes love me. I believe that I was bit by a spider.

Can anyone get Lyme?
Yes. If you don’t protect yourself when outdoors in an endemic area, you can. Be sure to protect your kids.

If you are infected, can you pass it to an unborn baby?
There have been no “official” documentation that says yes, but there have been many cases reported that the virus can be passed in utero.

Can you infect your partner?
Again, no “official” documentation, but in the research and webinars that I have attended, Doctors have said that in their treatments, they have seen whole families infected. However this virus is NOT airborne.

Why doesn’t Canada treat this?
Canada does not believe that Chronic Lyme exists. Doctors are fighting against other Doctors. Patients are fighting against Doctors. While this happens, people continue to get sick. It is also documented that MS, fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are often misdiagnosed and treated with medication, when the person just has Lyme and could have been cured within 30 days if caught early. What’s even funnier is that there are thousands of reported cases in the States whereas in Canada, not so much. Do the ticks get stopped at the border for customs and not allowed to cross? Seriously!

Why didn’t doctor’s believe you were sick or try to investigate?
I believe that they just aren’t educated in this area. Dr. Murikami from BC (although retired now after being forced out of practice due to treatment of Lyme), does travel across the Country to give lectures and inform other Doctors and Naturopathic Doctors about the Lyme infection. A friend of mine also brought up a valid point that these Doctor’s have a higher up to report to, and it is the higher ups that hold the strings.

Is this a hidden epidemic?

How does Lyme infect your body?
Lyme is called the “Great Mimic”. This is because it copies symptoms from alot of other diseases, making it hard to diagnose. The reason I knew something was wrong was because all areas of my body were in some way or another being affected, and when it started to affect my brain, something was way off. That is why when I went to see the doctors, they thought I was crazy because how can someone my age start to feel sick everywhere. The spirochete hides inside cells and body tissues rather than body fluids and blood, and quickly arrange its gene structure in order to hide from antibiotics and fit into the host’s body, all while avoiding their immune system.

If we ask you to go camping or hiking with us, will you?
That is a 100% positive Hellz NO. Not even in a hazmat suit.


2 thoughts on “faq

  1. chris powell on said:

    i just found your blog and enjoyed doing some reading:) thanks!
    my daughter, nicole has lyme/bart/babs. we are in victoria, bc. pretty active in trying to bring about change in canada. elizabeth may is not quite our MP (1 riding up), but we approached her about 1.5 years ago on this issue. long story short as you know she introduced priv. member’s bill in june…hoping to get the MP’s onboard. i’m spearheading the list of yes/no/maybe’s. not sure who your MP is or if you have spoken to them. would love to know response…
    nicole has a blog:
    she also loves bakings, (GF/vegan/healthy), knitting…and a ton of other things. she is 20. we’re getting there. her treatment is in the US, (ND-seattle, iv doc SFO).
    wasn’t sure if you knew about Kripp’s pharmacy in vancouver. they will take US docs script, re-write and ship out…not pain or sleep meds, but many others. they used to work with ernie murakami so know about lyme and are trying to be helpful.
    ciao, & take good care,

    • Hi Chris, Thanks for your message! I did see your daughter on a youtube video with Elizabeth May I belive. I have read her blog before… and I did get some meds from Kripps… and they were fantastic… another great resource for folks out west is His name is Dr. Marty Ross. Many ppl in vancouver see him in seattle… not sure if that was who you were referring to? But he also does weekly webinars…

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