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my symptoms

Below are the list of symptoms that I have experienced in the span of 1.5 years. Most of them within the last half year. The neuro and join/arthritis symptoms last.

Current Symptoms
Internal Tremors, Buzzing, Vibrations – (dissipated somewhat Sept 2012 but comes back on a 1 scale during night time every once in a while)
Rib Pain (RUQ Pain) – (off and on)
Nausea (was my most prominent symptom but has since dissipated, but comes and goes on a 1-2 scale during flareups)
Dizziness / Vertigo / Stoned / Spacey / Drunk Feeling (about a 2 on the scale during flareups)

Past Symptoms
Loss of Appetite – (dissipated Sept 2012)
Eye Pain
Anxiety / Depression
Shoulder Pain
Chest Pain
Increased Motion Sickness
Migrating Joint Pain
Lack of Oxygen to Brain
Burning Pain Hands Feet
Back Shoulder Pain
Foggy Brain
Head Pressure
Poor Concentration
Deep Breaths/Air Hunger
Stiff Neck
Night Sweats
Shooting Pain Face (after Amoxicillin for dental work)
Pins and Needles (after Amoxicillin for dental work)
Electric Shock (after Amoxicillin for dental work)
Minor Memory Loss
Ankle, Wrist Pain
Red Blotches After Shower
Foot and Heel Pain
Minor Light Sensitivity
Metallic Taste in Mouth
Tinea Versicolor
Muscle Weakness Pain
Moody/Short Temper/Rage


4 thoughts on “my symptoms

  1. Love your blog. It’s so great that we can all share our experiences which are all so similar.

  2. Chocolate on said:

    The docs are trying to diagnose (convince me) that I have ALS all the while just waiting for me to get worse! I am a high risk for
    Lymme’s due to my employment exposure (I’m a firefighter in Canada) I believe the Lymme’s question needs to be explored

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