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And then his happened

I have been off meds since Nov 27, 2013. I thought that I was finally done with this blog! Apparently not! Here is what happened in fast motion.

July 1, 2014 – Canada Day, my friends and I wanted to see fireworks. I was so excited. I see them all putting on the OFF repellent but only God knows why I didn’t think twice about spraying the hell out of my legs and arms since I was wearing a racerback tank top and really short shorts.

We ventured off to a horse track. Yes, where real horses ride. I was right up on the actual track at 9:45 PM. The fireworks were fun.

The next day at 8:00 pm, I am sitting in the car in front of a bank with my husband. My leg starts getting real itchy and I was wearing a long skirt. I lift it up and see this.

I look at my husband and say “What the hell is that???????????!!!!”
He says “It looks like a bulls eye”.
We stare at each other. I start driving to the walk-in clinic while yelling at him to google: “What medication to take when you first see lyme”, “What medication to take when you have a bullseye”, “Does bullseye rash mean lyme?”, “Lyme Re-infection”, “Am I going to die?”.

All walk-in’s are closed at 8:00 PM. Damnit.

I vowed to myself that I would NEVER, NEVER go back to the ER unless I collapsed on the floor and can’t get up, or if my heart stops, or if someone shoots me in the face. However I thought this time was pretty prudent. Although pissed off that it was neither of the above 3 reasons.

Get to the first ER, the line up was out the wazoo. Drove another 30 km to another ER. Good. Waited only 1.5 hours.

Get into the second waiting room. ER doc is nice and handsome probably mid to high 30’s. High, I see we have a rash case here? I told him of my lyme history in 1 sentence and lifted my skirt. The rash was on the inside of my left thigh. He said “That’s Lyme! Let me go get my prescription pad and write you some antibiotics.” Off he goes.

Another nurse walks in. “Hi, you are the rash girl. Can I take a look?….. Wow! that’s some rash!” Off she goes.

Another doc walks in. “Hi, I hear you have a rash? I’ve never seen this rash, can I take a look?…. Holy cow, that’s crazy!” Off he goes.


Doc comes back and gives me 21 days of doxycycline 100mg BID (twice a day). Gets me blood work to do the Canadian testing. Gets me an appointment with the Infectious Disease doc. (who hasn’t called me yet).

Go home. I am in shock. Yes, at the events unfolding before my eyes, but even more so, these docs believed I had lyme and didn’t try to pass it off as some ringworm rash.

Email my LLMD and Naturopath the next day. Meds are not enough. You need 200 mg of doxycycline BID for a minimum of 6 weeks. Naturopath told me to add 30 drops 2x a day of Samento (which thankfully I had in my stash).

Emailed Acupuncturist. She said that this will NOT be like starting from square one because I have been doing the acupuncture and chinese herbs.

Go back to Dr. Handsome Chest Hairs and explain the situation. “But don’t you need to have the tick embedded in you to get lyme?”. Um No. Get more meds.

All done.


Any symptoms? None other than the side effects of the medication? I don’t know. A little vertigo? Some nausea? I had to cease my chinese herbal medicine that was treating my fibroid. Can’t take so much stuff. Can’t go out in the sun now because of the doxycycline, which completely sucks, you know because it’s summer and all, but oh well.

It’s all very surreal. My question is though, did this rash come up BECAUSE I already had it? And it was just a manifestation of the bite? Who knows.

I am thankful I caught it in less than 24 hours and they treat it as an acute infection.

I am thankful that the entire time I was starting to panic, that this verse kept popping up in my head. Psalm 103:3 …. 3 who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases…” I kept repeating this over and over and my panic subsided… ”

God’s got my back! And He’s got yours too. Let Him in.


What meds are for what?

To answer some questions regarding the treatment plan for Lyme, you will find that good LLMD’s use combination therapy. Combination therapy is when you are given more than one antibiotic for a treatment. For example, my new treatment for 3 weeks includes 5 antibiotics. Each antibiotic does its own job. If you were to just use one of the antibiotics, it may not work or be effective.

I was thinking of writing up a list of all meds and what each one does. And then I though, OMG, the brain power I would need on this would exceed the current daily amount allowable. So this morning, guess what I see in my inbox. A newsletter from Dr. Marty Ross with the title: Kills Lyme Germs: A Brief Antibiotic Guide. He is my secret weapon. I wasn’t able to find a comprehensive list anywhere and here it is, dropped into my lap!

If you don’t know who Dr. Marty Ross is, he’s an LLMD based in Seattle, Washington. I have been attending his Webinars every week since February 2012. They are very informative, he’s a wealth of information and has helped me with billion questions that I had that I never asked of my own LLMD. He has great insights and shares his expertise based on his many years of experience with his Lyme patients. Many people whom I’ve talked to were weary of being in a webinar thinking they will be seen. That is not true. Nobody sees or hears you. You type in your question, and he answers you via live video. All you need is an internet connection. He also has a supplements store here. I bought my Meriva from there.

Here’s the low down from Dr. Marty Ross’ newsletter. As you know there are 3 forms of the Lyme germ. The Spirochete, the L-Form and the Cyst Form.

<< To see his post, click here: KILL LYME GERMS: A BRIEF ANTIBIOTIC GUIDE >>

My First Lyme Treatment (3 months)

  • Nystatin
    Anti –Fungal due to the amount of antibiotics in your system
  • Hydroxychloroquine / Plaquenil – (Quinine Derivatives)
    Targets:  None. Conflicting research shows could kill cyst or promote cyst growth.
    Other Action: Improves effectiveness of macrolides and tetracyclines.
    Form: Prescription
  • Azithromycin / Zithromax – (Macrolides Family)
    Targets: the spirochete and L-form
    Form: Prescription
  • Doxycycline – (Tetracycline Family)
    Targets: the spirochete and L-form
    Form: Prescription
  • Metronidazole/Flagyl – (Azoles Family)
    Targets: Spirochete (1), L-form, and cyst.
    Form: Prescription
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE)
    Targets: Cyst
    Form: Natural

My First Second Treatment (on day 14 as  I write this)

PULSE  A: for 10 days

  • Clindamycin
    Simliar to the Macrolides family of antibiotics
    Targets: the spirochete and L-form
    Form: Prescription
  • Quinine
    Form: Prescription
  • Bab2 (by Beyond Balance)
    Targets: Cyst
    Form: Natural

PULSE  B: for 10 days

  • Hydroxychloroquine / Plaquenil – (Quinine Derivatives)
    Targets:  None. Conflicting research shows could kill cyst or promote cyst growth.
    Other Action: Improves effectiveness of macrolides and tetracyclines.
    Form: Prescription
  • Tinidazole / Tindamax – (Azoles Family)
    Targets: Spirochete (1), L-form, and cyst.
    Form: Prescription from a Compounding Pharmacy
  • Clarithromycin – (Macrolides Family)
    Targets: the spirochete and L-form
    Form: Prescription

I was relatively concerned about C. Diff caused by antibiotics but after doing some research, Flagyl/Metronidazole and Tindamax/Tinidazole are drugs use to treat C. Diff. So I’m guessing that they are in each protocol for a reason other than targeting cysts. I could be wrong, so I’m not sure.

More links here on medication for Lyme and what each one does:

Here is Dr. Marty Ross’ First Guide to treating Lyme. He has a ton of other videos that discusses How to diagnose Chronic Lyme, Herxes and specific supplements and their effectiveness. His YouTube page at

Treatment Protocol #1 Summary

Treatment Protocol #1
April 2012 – July 2012

(approx $245.86* every 1-2 months)

Treatment Protocol #1 Summary (3 months)
I introduced each medication every week. It took me 6 weeks to get up to full doses. I had no effects from the Nystatin. Neither with the Plaquenil. It is advised that you see an Ophthalmologist when on Plaquenil because it can make your vision turn yellow. My LLMD said this is rare, but still a warning. Hasn’t happened to me so far.

Zithromax had side effects of diarrhea, which led me to test for C. Diff and came back negative and eventually this all went away. Doxycycline is very hard on the stomach. It made me very nauseous all day. This disappeared eventually in the beginning of month 3 and reduced to only about an hour after each dose. It eventually disappeared altogether. I also took acupuncture for nausea.

Flagyl/Metronidizole had me convinced that satan himself came to possess me so I had to end it after 9 days of use. It made me incredibly nauseous, one episode of vomiting, loss of appetite, lost 4 pounds in 7 days and turned my tongue a dark green/white/brown. Replaced this with Grapefruit Seed Extract (Herbal) which is also a Cyst Buster with no side effects other than the fact that I felt drunk and the after taste was a dog’s butt, not that I’ve ever tasted a dog’s butt, but I can only imagine. Dosage started at 1 drop, 2 x a day and worked up by increasing 1 drop per dose to 10 drops, 2 x a day in diluted 5 oz glass of water.

In the first month, there were countless days where my bed became my best friend and that Mac Truck from Inspector Gadget came to hit me in the face every other day. There were times when Husband would be like “Hey let’s go out.” And I’m like, “Let’s wait to see how I feel 5 minutes before.” There were times when 5 year old would come to me and put his hands on my stomach and say, “Please Jesus, heal mommy’s tummy.” There were times when I was scared to be left alone, and scared to be the only one to watch 5 year old. I would be stressing on the calendar schedule to make sure someone was home with me incase something happened. There were times where I felt hopeless and depressed, and wondered if this treatment was working and why me. I forced myself to believe that these feelings were just symptoms and that they would go away. And they did. They still come back every now and again.

I also did infrared sauna every other day at 125 degrees for 30 minutes. I eliminated all forms of sugar, yeast, gluten, dairy (not 100%, but tried). I started researching like a obsessed lunatic about nutrition and food with my Lymebuddy. I started to dig deep into spiritual prayer and got serious with God. By far the best medicine. My symptoms started dwindling and the good days are now being outnumbered by the bad. 4 months ago, I was turning away work, but in the last 3 weeks, I’ve picked up more than 7 projects. I can say that I’m now kind of back full time (when 5 year old isn’t at camp or school).

Overall, my documentation to my LLMD stated 70% recovery rate in 3 months on this protocol. I’ve started my second protocol now which will last until October. Hoping this round will go even more smoothly….

Thanks for all your support!

Update on stupid lyme

How terrible of me, I was so caught up in my cottage post, that I completely forgot to send an update of what today is:

Today is exactly ONE YEAR since I thought I was dying for the second time.

Did that make sense at all? Probably not. Basically last year on this day, I experienced some type of a re-infection from the original Oct 2010. That day went something like this as written here:

“Two days after I had stopped the Chinese Herbs, I felt overwhelmingly sick again. Besides the extreme nausea, chills and severe vertigo, new symptoms came up. Sudden (and I mean SUDDEN) onset of really bad anxiety and depression which came out of nowhere, loss of feeling in legs and arms, anaemic and hypoglycaemic symptoms and internal tremors. It felt like someone had drained all the blood in my body. I had lost all my appetite again. Three bites into a toast would send me into severe fit of nausea and dizziness, rendering me completely useless and bed bound. Something was really wrong. The intensity of this lasted for about 4 days and the general bout of malaise for about 2 weeks.

The next day, I went to the ER again and waited 6 hours. Tests came out clear. After this, I decided to go on a gluten free diet despite the fact that my celiac blood test turned negative. I cut out red meat, diary, sugar, and coffee and started taking probiotics, vitamins and supplements. My food intake diminished to practically nothing. I was scared to eat anything in fear that it would bring on symptoms. In the span of 3 months, I had lost close to 15 pounds.”

So to bring you up to speed, I’m now on Clindamycin, Quinine and Bab2. I forgot that I was supposed to dilute the Bab2, so I actually took it straight up, finally realized what I had done and was getting ready for a beating but nothing came. I quickly emailed LLMD and was advised to dilute in about 2 ounces of water. (my own fault for not reading her instructions properly).

Anyway, I am pulsing every 10 days, so the next 10 will be another set. I will write about that when I start, which will be Wednesday. This treatment I’m loving better because I’m not swallowing 50 billion pills. It’s much easier.

Overall, I feel great, I still have the occasional tremors and buzzing, but they have greatly reduced, some days I don’t feel anything at all, I can still do a pretty long day. I notice if I go a while without food, I will crash after eating. It will be such a spontaneous fatigue that not even a lawn mower can wake me up.

One thing I forgot to mention was that the Doxycycline cleared up my face. I am not a big pimple person, but I do have some blackheads and whiteheads. One day I noticed my skin was super smooth and there were no bumps. This could also be the infrared sauna. I’ve been doing that now for well over 4 months every other day. It would have definitely paid off itself now.

I am still on guard when I go out because of the Doxy. But then I realize I’m not on it and a relief comes over me. Yay, I can stand in the sun and not worry about being burnt to a crisp. Even at the cottage, Husband, mother AND 5 year old were all over me to get in the shade. “Mommy you will catch fire!”.

I guess the good thing about this whole post is that I totally forgot about this update which is good because this means I’m feeling a whole lot better.




And this is why the hermit life seems better.

If I were a bug in an altar life, I’m pretty sure that I would be the most popular girl in Bug Highschool. It’s like Pepé Le Pew’s obsession with the female skunk. I just feel so loved.

After my Victoria Day post here, I was kind of scared that history might repeat itself since I haven’t had good luck on long weekends. Well just the opposite, this Canada’s Day long weekend was fantastic. We did many fun activities. The majority of it involved the outdoors, something that is not characteristic of in my nature. We took the little guy for a family bike ride in our neighbourhood trail. After that, we hung out with our neighbours on the porch for about 3 hours. After that, we had a firepit going in the backyard until midnight.

I often now get asked “Are you paranoid about being outside?”. I reply, “Um ya, If you think I wasn’t an outdoors person before, I don’t even know what you would call me now.” Well I was a bit adventurous this weekend. Why? Because I’m on a crapload of meds and I think I got myself covered right now should I even get bit. It’s like an insurance policy. Those things will be dead the minute they reach my body.

Well my outdoorsy weekend went just as predicted. It’s safe to say I got murdered. The morning after the festivities, I woke up with about 15 bites all over my body. I won’t even tell u what parts of the body these pictures were taken from. And guess what, I bought the Off Spray with 35% Deet on it and most likely used the entire bottle in one sitting.

I ask Husband if he got any bites over the weekend. His response was “Yes, but I can control my scratching”. I’m like “YA. LIAR.” Turns out he only got one bite on his hand. ONE. So how was it that I got about 15 bites of which about 4 of them were on my butt? How did those suckers get through a 100% cotton jersey yoga capris and then penetrate through yet another layer of underwear? How? Would this explain why I have Lyme?

So I did some research (and I’m surprised I’ve never even looked this up.) Why. Why do bugs want a relationship with me. It’s not a mutual love affair here. Ever since I was little, I’ve battled these incessant bites. Now, when we are out enjoying some times outdoors, Husband and others sit there with their beers while I’m the only one swatting my head like some crazy lunatic.

So I found this site that explains it. “A study in Nature (Wood and Dore, 1972) found that mosquitoes were more likely to bite people with type O blood than other potential victims, while people with type A got the fewest bites. A follow-up experiment examined whether this had anything to do with the fact that some people secrete saccharides — sugarlike chemicals related to blood type — through their skin.” If you read on, it mentions Malaria. This is very interesting because my LLMD said to me that there was a study done in Africa or something where they had 2 tents. One with people that had Malaria and one with people that didn’t. Guess where the mosquitoes flocked to. The tent with the Malaria patients. I remember in highschool biology we tested what blood types we were. I remember mine being O+. I could be wrong so I may go and check this with Dr. Handsome Chest Hairs. More for curiosity sake.

While intermittently scratching my skin off, the latter half of my weekend included cheating. No not with another person, but with food. I had a 98% Lyme symptom free weekend which was glorious. I didn’t even think of lyme except for the constant reminders of the medication ingestion and the idiotic mosquitoes. I gorged on some Magnum popsicles (seriously I was intending to take 2 bites, but before I knew it, the whole popsicle was gone), we had more takeout food than normal (although I did make healthy choices), but  I had lots of gluten items, nachos with cheese, Doritos, fries with gravy! I even went out into the sun for a long period of time with no burning (doxy). Maybe this was my lucky weekend.

The weekend ended with a visit from my cousin. As we looked over some pictures she had taken last year when she visited her an aunt who wasn’t doing too well, I asked “Oh how is she doing now?” As those words exited my mouth, I had a sinking feeling that I just stuck my mosquito ridden foot in it. And then my cousin confirmed it with her response. “Um she died? Remember?!” Needless to say, I was embarrassed beyond belief. I was like “OMG I knew that!! See this is what I have to deal with! My memory is totally screwed!!” I’m glad she understood, she thought it was the result of my medication. I said, um no, it’s the Lyme. Nobody makes a forgetful mistake like that.

Other Matters:

  • I received an email from Elizabeth May’s office thanking me for my story and that I would remain anonymous as requested.
  • I went to the grocery store and somehow navigated over to the frozen aisle and my eyes landed on the Magnum Popsicle bars that just happened to be on sale. There’s a reason why they are $6.49 for box of 4. I hesitated for about 5 seconds but apparently my hand had a mind of its own and before I knew it, we were at the check out bagging it.
  • I weighed in at 105. That’s about 4 pounds up. YAY.

To end this post, there are many scriptures on Healing. I will be ending my posts with them.
Behold, I will bring it health and healing; I will heal them and reveal to them the abundance of peace and truth. Jeremiah 33:6

Blueberry, Banana, Mango, Spinach Smoothie

  • 1 cup of Coconut Milk
  • 1 cup of Almond Milk
  • 1 Banana
  • ¾ cup of Frozen Mangoes
  • ¾ cup of Frozen Blueberries
  • Handful of Spinach
  • Dash of Pure Vanilla Extract
  • 4 tbsp of Kefir

Blend it all! I was hesitant adding the spinach but I read that you don’t really taste it. I loooooove spinach but not sure how it would taste “raw”. But the outcome is fantastic. You don’t really taste it in the smoothie, but you know you are getting your greens in this serving. This recipe yields about 2 glasses.

On the Lyme Front:
After my dose of meds at 7:00 pm, I was overcome with nauseousness again, however sniffing my essential oils rather than downing the Pepto seemed to alleviate it and by 8:00 it was gone. This time, I pretty sure it was the meds that did it, precisely the stupid doxy as I wasn’t really on a full stomach when I took it. I’m nearing 2 months into antibiotics treatment. Today, after the morning dose, I felt off again but quickly recovered, went into the sauna and now feel really good. I am on 3 drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract (NutriBiotic Brand which I bought here). Now I can really taste it. It’s completely GROSS. I can’t describe it, just a really bad after taste. Worse than the Chinese Herbs that I got last year that tasted like manure. I think I need to drink it with some juice and I will sacrifice my health right now with the sugar content from the juice, but seriously, it’s awful. I can’t imagine 10 drops.

I attended the weekly webinar last night held by Dr. Ross in Seattle and asked a couple of questions. I have been doing this weekly since February and I cannot rave enough about him. I wish he lived in Toronto. I wish he was my brother, or father, or relative. I asked about mid-cycle spotting because that’s what I have been experiencing ever since starting the medication. He said it could be the Zithromax and that Lyme does mess up your hormones. He advised that I could bring it up with my LLMD and change up the meds, or just tolerate it as it’s a side effect. So I might just stick with it for now. I have another month before my telephone consult.

The second question was that I asked if I am on too many things. So here is what I am on now. Nystatin, Plaquenil, Zithromax, Doxycycline, and Grapefruit Seed Extract. Then my Homeopath put me on Teasel Root, Cat’s Claw and then Wormwood (Artemisinin). Dr. Ross said that the Teasel Root and Cat’s Claw does the same job as Zithromax and Doxycycline. So I don’t really need to do that. BUT I am going to stick with what my Homeopath advised because he has had success treating with this (+ the fact I just spent $400 with him). The Wormwood I believe is for Babesia.

Anyways, that’s it for now. All blog and no work makes me a dull girl.

Pity Party Please and Thank You!

I am seriously annoyed a little at the fact that I have to take 1-6 pills every 1.5 hours from 8 am – 10 pm. It’s physically exhausting trying to manage this list. It’s worse when you have family gatherings and have to time things because some need to be taken with food, some can’t be taken too close together, some can’t be taken with dairy, and forget about sitting in the park while on Doxy. Yesterday I went to a BBQ and snuck the 6 pills in my hand and downed it between a conversation when they weren’t looking (I just didn’t want to answer any questions). I nearly choked on the pills. This is a full time job on top of my full time job. I’m guessing now that for those who follow my blog, how on earth I can write so many posts in a day if I’m working. To answer your question, I work for myself. I am very fortunate to be able to work from home. My work load has reduce dramatically as I am now picking and choosing which projects to work on.

So incase you are a little bored and need a little read, here’s a snapshot of my day. Add to this work, more time spent on researching healthy food, going almost daily to the grocery store, answering about 50 emails, 45 min sauna every other day, managing my little 5 year old, and hubby… 🙂 EXHAUSTING! I would like to add what really settles me down is watching some really good old time comedies, like The Cosby Show, Three’s Company and Fresh Prince. It brings me back to my younger days, when things were much simpler!

So to update on the Flagyl situation (which I started today). I have only taken 1/4 of a pill this morning. 2 hours later, my neck felt like it was broken. Ok a little dramatic. But you know how you feel when you slept on the wrong side and can’t look at your blind spot when driving? That. Then all of a sudden at 1pm, I had to have a nap, like my life depended on it. I am a little weary now of my dose tonight. I also started to double my Doxy dose today. So that’s that. Tomorrow might be a little different.

8:00 AM

  • Nystatin    2
  • Plaquenil    1
  • Zithromax    1
  • Doxycycline    2

9:30 PM

  • Florastor / Metagenics    1

11:00 AM

  • Flagyl    0.25

12:30 PM

  • Magnesium    1
  • Milk Thistle    1
  • Olive Leaf Extract    1
  • Omega 3 Fish Oil    1

2:00 PM

  • Nystatin    2

3:30 PM

  • Florastor / Metagenics    1

4:00 PM

  • B6    1
  • B12    1
  • Ester C    1
  • Multivitamin    1

6:00 PM

  • Nystatin    2
  • Plaquenil    1
  • Zithromax    1
  • Doxycycline    2

7:30 PM

  • Flagyl    0.25

9:00 PM

Florastor / Metagenics    1

10:00 PM

  • Magnesium    1
  • Meriva    1
  • Milk Thistle    1
  • Olive Leaf Extract    1
  • Omega 3 Fish Oil    1


Babesia came and said Hi.

Now that I’ve managed to semi crawl out of the hole that I was in for 2 days, I’m feeling much better. I wouldn’t say it was 2 days full of herxes. But just enough herx to make me lie on the couch for a good while. Then I would feel better, do something, then back on the couch. I think it is rather predictable now. I know this is my Lyme cycle week. I know I also started the Doxy this week. Both together does not equal a good equation.

How do I feel when a herx pays me a vist? I get really dizzy. I get body vibrations and minor tremors. I get pins and needles in my face. I feel nauseous. I lose my appetite. I get ravenously hungry. My joints become inflamed. I have night sweats. I close the drapes. I turn the volume to low. My ears are ringing. All this while I have my 5 year old spinning his hotwheels all over the place.

Things I did the past 2 days:

  • worked a little bit
  • went and got that stupid printer
  • took a walk around the block today in this beautiful sunshine weather with my 5 year old on his bike. Forgot about the Doxy and the possible burning of the skin.

Something interesting I read earlier on was a doctor noting that it shouldn’t be called Lyme. It should be called Babesia and Bartonella with co-infections of Lyme. I thought this was really quite accurate.

On a brighter note, I made myself a smoothie. I didn’t care if it had 15 grams of sugar or whatever the sugar content is.

Blueberry + Banana Smoothie

♥ 1 cup of frozen blueberries
♥ 1 banana
♥ 2 cups of coconut milk
♥ 1 tsp of vanilla

Instructions: Blend the living crap out of it.
Warning: It WILL taste bland. But better than rice crackers.

Doxy, you ain’t my friend either.

And I thought I was doing so good. Today between the hours of 9:30 am to about 3:00 pm, my butt got handed to me again. I often wonder what the difference is between my “Lyme Cycle”, or a “Herx”. I read somewhere that the difference is normally a herx occurs between 3-4 days after the introduction of a new drug. Well that answers my question seeing  I started the Doxy on Monday.

Today was supposed to be perfect. My little guy goes to school only 2 or 3 days a week and today was one of them. My plan was to spend the day catching up on some work and I had a client call at 9:00 am. I had my Ezekiel 4:9 toast with some newly acquired Almond Butter. Half hour later, I went for my Sauna. I felt great. Then a shower. Then shortly after, many trips to the bathroom that even got my husband to say “Are you going to be ok.”

I’m really glad my 9am forgot to call because I spent the next 6 hours on the couch with a 2 hour nap in between. Not sure what happened there. My guess is that maybe the Almond Butter did something. It was kinda very oily. But I had it last night and had no probs. The other explanation would be that the Doxy kicked in. So what were my symptoms? Like someone put me in a dryer and then took me out an hour later. Like someone said “here, lets light your hands and feet on fire, and maybe we will throw a bucket of ice just cuz.” My stomach was also in knots. Add to that a mix between ravenous and pukey. Like seriously stomach, MAKE UP YOUR FREAKING MIND.

It was pretty much over by 3PM. I walked to the mailbox and then by 3:30 had to pick up the little guy from the bus stop. So what did I do today?  A BIG FAT NOTHING.

** update 2 hours later **

  • I got my neighbour to watch my little buddy while I got out to do my first monthly blood work for my LLMD. It turns out they don’t fax copies to the States. Great. I will have to haul a$$ to Dr. Gollum and request a copy.
  • I ran some errands, got some take out sushi, eating like 1 piece every half hour. Our printer ran out of ink, so my hubby wants to buy a new printer because he said it’s cheaper than ink. So that’s what I did, shopped for printers.
  • My mom is now over to make me that beef bone broth soup I was talking about earlier in another post.

Day 1 of Treatment for Lyme

I felt incredibly nauseous all weekend. Not sure why, not sure if it was the Far Infrared Sauna from last week, or the fact that I stayed up really late on Sat to watch a movie.

Ok, I was a bit freaked out as I waited 2 weeks to start this due to timing issues with med supply and with Easter and not wanting to spend the week in bed due to potential die-off. So April 9, 2012 is the day I start.

I will start with Nystatin 2 pills, 3 x a day after the first bite into a meal and end it with Sacharomyces Boulardii at the end of the meal. In between that, every 2 hours, I will be downing some sort of pro-biotic, supplement, vitamin, B-something what have you.

I have taken 2 doses and don’t expect much today. I think I might feel something by 4 days.

Next week, I will be adding Hydroxychloroquine
Then the week after will be Zithromax
Then the week after will be Doxycycline
Then lastly the week after will the dreaded Flagyl

I think it’s a must I write all these meds down somewhere and keep it in my wallet incase something happens and I need a trip to the ER. When the Triage Nurse asks my husband, “Is she on any meds?” He will reply, “Are there any meds that she is NOT on?”

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