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Humaworm Parasite Cleanse {Day 22~28}


Ok let us get my Husband out of the way. He is still continuing to do the half dose of Humaworm (or so I think, I haven’t been monitoring him at all). His take on it is that he doesn’t really see a difference. I should also mention that I have another friend on it and so far, he is loving it and he feels better. I won’t be continuing the progress on either of them.

As for me, I have been to hell and back and if wasn’t by the grace of God, I would probably be in some ditch by now run over by a car that I drove myself.

I was doing pretty good, amazing in fact until last Thursday when we went to Shoeless Joes for dinner. Why do all my problems start at sports bars? WHY I ASK!? I ordered a pretty tame meal, pasta with chicken. And because I was starving, I ate it fast and then I felt like barfing.

By Friday, I was feeling weird and I knew something was coming. By Saturday, we had an outing and that morning, I was very fatigued and lethargic and barfy. By Sunday, I was bad again in the AM, but continued the Humaworm and was ok by evening.

By Monday, crap hit the fan and I was really sick. I was in tears at why. Was it Humaworm? Was it a relapse because now I am on Day 22 with no Lyme ABX? Then I started spotting. It was not normal. Was it ovulation issues? My stomach was cramping pretty bad.

By Tuesday, I was a mess and my husband “advised” me that I get off Humaworm and if I didn’t, he would cut off all my hair in my sleep. Now I knew he meant business because under normal circumstances, he generally leaves me alone to do whatever I want and is rarely involved at any decision making on my part. That’s why I love him.

So I took his advice and on Day 23, I put the kibosh on Humaworm and waited another day before I went back on my STUPID LYME MEDICATION.

In between this week, I’m pretty sure that all I had was a banana, an apple and a piece of toast. I was starving, but then anything past 4 bites I was full and nauseous. At one point, I actually had the urge to vomit but nothing came out. So, I started to panic and against my better judgement, I started to you know what.


I was wondering if I had some type of the stomach flu that was brought on my nothing, food poisoning, gastroparesis, appendicitis, a pissed off tapeworm, a herx, or some form of demonic possession. My BFF ordered me to go on a one week google fast. Instead of going to google, I must go to the Bible.

Today, I went for acupuncture and told her of my issues. I was surprised when she said she couldn’t find my pulse. I am pretty sure that’s not a good sign. Firstly, all of the blood labs has issues drawing my blood. Then this woman now says she can’t find my pulse. This is why my husband keeps saying he married a vampire. (Happy Halloween by the way).

At the end of the acupuncture session she says she doesn’t think I have the flu. She doesn’t know what it is. But she sure knows that I have major digestive issues.

Here is what I think went down: I was off meds for 3 weeks, started downing 2500 mg capsules full of potent herbs for 22 days. Maybe it caught up with me and I had a relapse. Whatever it was, this “relapse” felt almost the same as Day 1 of Lyme. Almost. I think the acupuncture session got my appetite back because I ate some spaghetti tonight without any issues…. so far.

Humaworm Summary

Do not be swayed by my posts. I strongly believe that Humaworm works. If you do your research and want to try it, by all means go ahead. It’s only $39 or so. As for me, I noticed that my pathways felt clearer, however when I had symptoms, it was hard to tell whether they were Lyme symptoms or Humaworm symptoms. Maybe I didn’t drink enough water. I don’t know. Whatever it was, I couldn’t go another day feeling like I did after the 3rd week. I am glad I made it that far and overall, I did pretty ok with it, I just wasn’t sure what happened that made it go sideways.

Either way, I still highly suggest this product. And if you take it, good luck and I would love for you to comment on your progress here. Who knows, I may take it again next year. I still have a full 30 day dose in my freezer.

Humaworm Parasite Cleanse {Day 8~14}



  • Husband started 2 days after me, but I’m just going to lump our days together from now on.
  • If you missed the update, I emailed Humaworm asking if Husband can do half doses. They said yes, he can do 60 days instead at half a dose, but recommended that he try to go back to full dose and see.
  • 6 year old glanced at my computer and saw this graphic and said “Mommy, is that an ice cream or a glob of poo?”

Day 8
Me: Nothing extraordinary.
Husband: Nothing extraordinary. His headache is now subsided.

Day 9
Me: Nothing extraordinary.
Husband: Nothing extraordinary.

Day 10
Nothing extraordinary.
Nothing extraordinary. We argued about when he will go back to full dose. He is just a chicken. He missed his evening dose .

Day 11
Aunt Flo came to same hi this morning. Then I had acupuncture. After the session, I felt all warm and cozyl like all the circulation was back in my body. I can feel blood going to places that I’ve never felt before. That soon came to a halt because when I got home, I got a headache. Probably from the detox, or Aunt Flo, or Humaworm, or Lyme. Don’t you just hate it when you don’t know why? Had about 3 BM’s today but didn’t see anything smiling back at me. Evening dose had major heartburn like never before. I know this is common though, but it was like someone lit my throat on fire. I tried to drink tons of water, but that didn’t help. I ate a banana and then it went away. By the evening, I was much better and very happy and felt totally awesome.

Husband: Nothing going on with him either except his evening dose, he was working and didn’t have access to water so he swallowed the pill dry. Why anyone would do that and not simply just wait to get water is beyond me. Perhaps it was because I was constantly texting him asking if he took his evening dose. And when I start nagging, you will kinda do anything to shut me up.

Day 12
Nothing extraordinary.
Last night Husband said he had very vivid dreams and hallucinations. He said it was the worst sleep ever and he didn’t get a good night’s rest and he has never experienced this in his life. Dreams consisted of The Matrix like action sequences that made his mind overworked and his heart rate beating really fast. I couldn’t help but laugh. Now imagine if he was on the full dose. The poor guy will have a cow.

Day 13
Nothing extraordinary.
Husband: Nothing extraordinary.

Day 14
Me: Karma is a you know what. The night before, I had the worst sleep ever too. I had very vivid dreams, though with me, we were hostages in our own house and I don’t remember much but it was a life and death situation.
Husband: Nothing extraordinary.


ME: I am beginning to think that maybe I don’t have any parasites. Because I am not really seeing anything, but I can’t be sure. Overall, I have felt the same, however noticed increased circulation in arms and legs (even before the acupuncture). Lyme symptoms are still there, but I noticed the body vibrations increasing again. I have been off all meds now for 14 days, the first time ever.

HUSBAND: I am not sure what’s up with him. I asked him how his BM’s were doing and he said “They are all over the place.” I wasn’t sure what that meant and I didn’t pry any further because we were eating dinner at the time and it wasn’t an appropriate time for me to visualize any answers. Hopefully next week he will be on full dose and stop being such a drama queen.


Humaworm Parasite Cleanse {Day 1~7}


That whole Spinal Tap and Blood Patch ordeal set me back a few weeks, but cheers to another round of human guinea pig starring ME. Here is the scoop:

  • To read up on what all this Humaworm stuff is about, read my previous post.
  • After 1.5 years of taking Lyme meds, I am on a 30 day antibiotic break ok’d by my Lyme Doc.  
  • With Humaworm, you take it 12 hours apart. 1/2 before breakfast and 1/2 before dinner on an empty stomach so that the buggers eat the herbs and die. Make sure you drink at least 8 cups of water all day to flush out toxins and to avoid constipation.
  • I also forced got Husband to take it with me, however he started 2 days after me.
  • I am not paid to write this post nor review it. Visit Humaworm for more info and see what types of herbs they pack into this tiny little capsule.


ME: I am a 38 year old female, 5 foot 1 and about 114 pounds. Have been in Lyme treatment for 1.5 years after 2 years of mysterious symptoms. Am currently at about 90-95% recovery.
HUSBAND: He is a 39 year old male 5 foot 11 about 210 pounds. History of asthma, seasonal allergies, shellfish allergy and sinus and nasal issues. He says that he normally breathes through one nostril at a time. Had surgery for deviated septum in 2002. Has an iron clad stomach and can pound down any food related competition involving burgers. However early in Jan 2013, he went to Haiti for business and most likely brought back a friend because he was sick for a week (despite the $350 vaccinations). To sum it up, he said it felt like a samurai sword was going through his stomach. Other than that, no major health issues.

Day 1
Normal BM in the am however I don’t think that the Humaworm worked into my system then. Did some errands and then in the afternoon felt very sick to my stomach. It could be the herx that I am going through from my acupuncture detox the last week because I have been on a steady herx now for about 4 days and today was the worse. In and out I felt like vomiting, then I was hungry, then I felt barfy. It’s hard to distinguish but I am guessing it’s herx symptoms. At about 4 pm, had a headache and needed to lie down.

Day 2
Had 3 BM’s in the morning, (ya I know! not normal for me!) Much better today however very gassy. Like I swallowed a box of air. Was scared I couldn’t make it to this thing I had to do, but I persevered and went which is about 50km from my house with no emergency washroom trips that I was anticipating. A little bit dizzy and drunk but who knows if it’s from Lyme.

Day 3
Some vertigo is coming back, but different type of vertigo. I don’t get the heartburn that alot of people complain about. I have drinking water like crazy and I didn’t have a BM today and I am quite scared because “they” say that you should have 3 BM’s a day while on Humaworm. I don’t see how that is physically possible since I don’t eat alot, but if you are backed up, then you should do an enema and there’s no way I am going to try that. I will stick with my sauna detoxes and water. I also had in and out bits of nausea, and some weird tingling in legs. Not sure if this is the Humworm, or the fact that I have now been off meds for 3 days or if it’s Lyme related. This peeing thing is working my last nerve. As soon as I go and finish, I go do whatever I have to do, then have to go again. This is worse than pregnancy urination.

Husband Day 1: He had a headache coming on before he woke up, then took the 2 pills at 7 am, then the headache got progressively worse and at 2:30pm he was couch bound for about 3 hours leaving me to entertain 6 year old. Is it related to Humaworm? I don’t know. Does it work that fast on Day 1? Does that mean he is really toxic? He has never done a cleanse before.

Day 4
I was all concerned last night because on Day 3, I didn’t have a BM, so I was googling until 11:30pm about this, and this, and this, and wondering how on earth I’m going to execute it and what would happen if 6 year old accidentally walks into the bathroom and starts questioning why I’m lying on the floor with a tube shoved up my butt. Good news is that I did have a small BM in this morning at 6:45am, although it was kind of forced due to my paranoia. I got 6 year old to school at 7:15am and went back to bed for half hour. Then had the urge to go to the loo. I was ecstatic! I was set and ready to see creepy critters, but there was nothing out of the ordinary. After my shower I felt very good, just some minor vertigo again. Went out and did errands.

Husband Day 2: Poor guy didn’t get off the couch from the day before. He went straight to bed with that massive headache and didn’t wake up until 7:00am this morning. He must have take 8 tylenols. He still doesn’t believe that the Humaworm can work that fast. But again, he’s never had a headache that landed him in bed for 16 hours. He also said his mouth felt like a garbage truck. This is definitely a Humaworm thing because it makes your tongue feel rotten. He went about his day, did some meetings at work, called me on the way home saying the headache is coming back, came home at about 5:00pm and went to bed. Our friends wanted to see a movie with them but I said “No can do, Husband is in bed fatigued and headached“. I was asked what happened. I said “A worm is mighty pissed!!!“. I kept asking him if he wanted to go to the ER and he looked really sly and said “Why they are going to ask me what I am taking, and I am going to say that I bought these herbal pills online. Then they might go ahead and do a spinal tap.” I wasn’t amused. The night dose, he halfed the dose to only 1 pill.

Day 5
I had a normal BM in the morning and I think I saw something but I was so grossed out, I didn’t look further. I’ve been feeling a bit of tremors and body vibrations again. I am still on full dose.
Husband Day 3:
He took 1 pill instead of 2 this morning. Headache is still probably about a 2/10. We debated why he has been hit hard, and I had hardly anything happen yet. I think it’s because I have been in some type of treatment for 1.5 years and maybe my bacteria load is down? It was a PA day, so 6 year old was home, we took him to play some glow in the dark mini golf and then saw Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 in the afternoon, I felt nauseous for about an hour, Husband’s headache was ramping up but tolerable. Evening dose for him was again 1 pill.

Day 6
Nothing out of the ordinary. Same thing.
Husband Day 4:
Is still at half a dose. Headache is still a 2/10.

Day 7
Me: Today, we had a very busy day starting off at 9 am. Church then his whole fam came over for Thanksgiving dinner. I am trying to still take my supplements, but I have kind of let that slide. It was a draining day and at about 9pm, I felt kind of sick. I drank maybe 2 glasses of water all day which maybe why.
Husband Day 5: 
Still at half dose. He is scared to up to full dose. You can safely say that he now has had a headache without any relief since beginning. I told him that I don’t think he can stay at half dose for the 30 days, that would kinda defeat the purpose. I was scared that he would only upset his worms and then they would become resistant. He wasn’t understanding why the worms liked his head and I told him that I think that they go for the weakest part of your body. (I am only saying this because I remember my Holistic Lyme guy saying that Lyme attacks your weakest link). Which makes sense because he has bad allergies and sinus issues. Anyway, I emailed Humaworm about the half dose and am waiting for a response.
*UPDATE* Humaworm’s Response – “… the 60 days should be effective. Just takes longer. Perhaps, after two weeks, on off days he can increase the dose to see if it is better… I am so sorry that he has experienced the headaches…. “


ME: I went head on at full dose the whole week. I have been having these tingly sensations. Like detox tingly sensations that seems like pathways are being opened. The other times I have experienced this is the first time I did this Liver Cleanse 4 years ago (Pre-Lyme) to get rid of gallstones. It’s a good sensation, almost like feeling as if blood is going to places that were blocked or something. I also feel this when the acupuncture helps open up pathways. I also notice that about half an hour after the pills, I feel dizzy. I also realize now that it has been 7 days being off all Lyme meds and nothing unusual has happened. I get the minor symptoms, body vibrations, some nausea and the vertigo. If you are concerned about doing everyday stuff, you can, Humaworm doesn’t have you chained to the toilet (as I thought). You can still go shopping, go to school, go to work. As for the poop stuff, I didn’t notice any major thing going on.

HUSBAND: He has never done a real detox ever, he ate rather poorly (I think) for most of his life and is well known for his love of burgers and all things bacon and meat. His die off was pretty severe, which really only consisted of bad headache, and some gassiness, but enough for him to go down to half a dose. Not sure when he will go back up to the right dosage but I say to wait until the headaches clear and then go back up. The problem in his situation is that he has to work and sometimes it is labour intensive.

Bottom line: This Humaworm thing is POTENT.

Some Drama. And oh ya, I met Dr. Murakami!

How are you all? Thought I’d update you on my life as I have been a bit MIA. Here’s a snapshot of my past month.

The Ophthalmologist
I forgot to mention to you on my last post that I finally went to see the Ophthalmologist after about a 6 month wait about those white flashes on the bottom of my left eye. And this happened again. Although worse. And I’m not lying. Like see those metal clamp things? It was like that but they were cylinders that were actually ON TOP of my eyes. Like TOUCHING my eyeballs. I can’t even begin to explain it.

Prior to that, I needed to have my eyes completely dilated. Like I’m pretty sure he poured the whole bottle into my eyes. And when I say completely, I mean that I kind of looked like satan. You know in those vampire shows where the pupil is all black? That. I remember an old episode of The Simpsons where Mr. Burns has a similar situation and Homer thinks he’s encountered an Alien.

Thank goodness that I had my pupils dilated before and I knew the drill because this Ophthalmologist failed to tell me that a) I needed a driver to drive me home and b) that if I didn’t have my sunglasses with me (which I didn’t), I might as well have been 10 feet away walking towards the sun. If you have ever had your pupils dilated, you will know what I mean. And yes, my husband was with me and I snatched the sunglasses off his head before he even knew what hit him.

I didn’t even want to mention the whole Lyme thing to the Ophthalmologist, but it was in my file and my concern was that Plaquenil might have been the cause, and I’ve been off that med now for 3 months, so it can’t possibly be that. He asked me where I think I got Lyme, and I mumbled that I vacationed in Myrtle Beach in an RV a couple years ago, and really I can’t be sure, it could have been in my backyard, and he seemed as interested in the conversation as my 6 year old in the theory of evolution so I left it at that and didn’t bother going any further. I actually really hate talking about it now with doctors. It’s such a complete waste of my time.

Anyway, after he took that contraption out of my eyes, he said it wasn’t Plaquenil and that it was “retinaerhweerwe“. See, I just made up that word. I don’t even know what he said, except it has to do with a retina tear and that if I happen to go blind in my left eye, to go to the ER pronto where they will do emergency surgery. I asked if this was common and he said yes, for near sighted people and he sees about 3 a day. Yay. Great. He wants to see me in 3 months to check again to make sure everything is nice and square, so that’s that.

Mother’s Day
I really wanted to do this:


But I didn’t. I was unfortunately, woken up at 6:42 am with pitter pattering feet who was so excited for me to open up my Mother’s Day gift. When I mumbled, “please give me 5 minutes”, he stomped out of my room all disappointed. And then I felt guilty and said, “Ok! come back, let me open it!”. And it was a handmade beaded bracelet and all was well in his world.

I went downstairs one hour later to find that hubby had cooked up a storm of gluten filled pancakes with real Canadian maple syrup, fat infested bacon, and grease filled hash browns with a heaping side of ketchup and I gorged on it all with a huge smile on my face.

We went to church after and then met up with his entire family for another healthy lunch at The Mandarin. (I’m being sarcastic.) If you don’t know what The Mandarin is, it’s fake Chinese food at an all you can eat buffet. I’m sure you know how that goes. Now, I’ve grown up with Chinese food, so I can say this. I was already having hesitations about going here for lunch because there was a possible movie with other friends AFTER the buffet and I didn’t want to be trapped in a theatre with a rumbling stomach if you know what I mean. So I was VERY cautious in my selection of food.

So we all get our food and as I am literally about to shove some rice in my mouth, my husband whispers to me:

Husband: Hey, I was just in the washroom and I saw this heap of clothes on the floor.
Me: Huh?
Husband: But it wasn’t a heap of clothes. It was a guy kneeling on the floor. Inside the stall.
Me: What does that mean?
Husband: I dunno!?
Me: Was he puking? WHY ARE YOU TELLING ME THIS NOW!!!@#$%^ OMG!
Husband: The stall was closed so I’m assuming. Maybe he was praying.
Me: Who the hell prays in the toilet?
Husband: Wait. Which way is North?

His nephew was eavesdropping and now join the conversation.

Nephew: They pray to the East.
Husband: (Trying to get his navigational bearings) Yes! He was facing East!

I text my friend about the situation.

Me: Hey, when do people pray to Mecca?
Friend: Noon. Why?
Me: Nevermind. ttyl.

Half an hour later, my nephew comes back and tells us that the guy is still kneeling, except it was a kid with red hair and freckles.

So. That was the most expensive spoonful of rice and 2 pieces of sushi’s I ever ate in my life. About $25.

We did end up seeing Iron Man 3 right after and thank the heavens I wasn’t kneeling beside a toilet.

The Day after Mother’s Day
So one night, 6 year old goes and picks out this book to read. His face says it all. He thoroughly enjoyed it.


I posted this pic on my FB. A friend of mine says, “Hey! That reminds me of a book called ‘How to Poo at work‘”. So of course, curiosity gets the better of me and I decide to look this up on my iPhone. It takes me to this page. Funny. Huh?

The next day, I needed to go to the Apple store because my phone’s battery has been flaky so the Apple guy runs some diagnostics. He opens up Safari and gives me this really strange stare. I forgot that the stupid Amazon page was still opened.


I met Dr. Murakami!
Kevin from organized a lecture where Dr. Murakami came to speak. Dr. Murakami is such a humble man and I was so glad to attend and listen. He is also quite the comic and my husband and I really enjoyed that night. I also got to meet some other folks within the Lyme community as well as had a great chat with Marlene from a lovely woman who does SO MUCH for the Lyme community.



How am I doing?
Pretty fantastic! I had a little few days of ickyness during Aunt Flo which is to be expected. At my last LLMD’s appt, she said something to the effect like “when all you feel are small symptoms during that time of month, it’s all good”, so I think I’m getting there! I haven’t had any major symptoms at all for about a month. As for the vegan thing, I really couldn’t do it. I am “trying” to do low fat that’s about all. I have been very terrible with food. Husband also got me a dozen Red Velvet cake pops for Mother’s Day. I only have 5 left. And Mother’s Day was yesterday.

I also hit a major milestone. I finally finished a painting that I have been working on for the past 6 months. Here it is!


Last but not least, in my last post, I mentioned that I started a forum. Sometimes it takes a while for these things to go, so if you have anything to share, please do so!

It might cost me $7695 to have my own baby.


I ventured off to the States to see my Doc. This will be my 3rd in office visit and my 1 year appointment. Overall, it went very well. When has it not? My doc is the best. She makes you feel so relaxed and spends time answering your questions, sharing her expertise. And what’s best about her is that she admits she doesn’t have all the answers. Lyme is such an unknown realm. I can tell she keeps really updated with new findings and research. That is very important as Lyme keep evolving.

So I had to go off meds for about a week and a half due to this recent bugger here. Which was good because I went back and gorged on meat like it was going out of style. Symptom wise, they were slowly but surely creeping back. The body buzzing, slight tremor feeling and vertigo all came back to pay me a visit while on my little medication hiatus, reminding me that their fun wasn’t over.

So I will continue on the same treatment plan now which is kind of unpublished so I won’t go into too much detail however it involves the vegan diet and I will be targeting Babesia specifically with one antibiotic and a mammoth supply of supplements that will make me go bankrupt and cry.

I had documented on my progress chart that I was at about 85-90% and she was very happy to hear that. I asked how much longer treatment will be and was told maybe end of this year or next year. “WHATTT?” I screamed! That took me by surprise! This is what she keeps telling me over and over and I need to print it off and paste it on my forehead.

Lyme is not about tests. It’s about symptoms.

I have spoken to many other patients who see the same doc and who were put on Mepron, so I asked why I was never put on Mepron. And Mepron will for sure drain your bank account like a sucking leech, I’ve heard that it is $1000+ a month. So anyway, the reason was most likely due to my symptoms at the beginning. If a person was really fragile, then they would most likely be put on Mepron. If the person was functioning and their immune system was doing some work, then they would most likely be put on the pulses. Also findings were if people were put on the pulses and they were really sick in the beginning, they would have severe die-off. So the Mepron is to lessen that load so to say.

So, the reason for my dramatic over the top title of this post.

I asked when would it be possible for me to have another kid. You know, to stop all those stupid questions from people asking me when I’m having another kid. I usually answer these questions with another question like “When are you having YOURS?” Who cares if the aunt is in her 70’s. Read more comebacks here. Some are brutal.

Well, here is the deal if you don’t know. There are many cases of congenital Lyme. I think that is how my 6 year old may have been exposed. For me, I don’t think I am quite ready yet at this stage but if I did later on, and depending on my symptoms then, especially if the babesia symptoms were still lingering, she will have me on a couple of antibiotics AND the Mepron. Mepron at the pregnancy dosage would cost about $7000 for 9 months. Kill me now. Also, she said that you can get the cord blood tested. Where? I don’t know. If you know how to do this in Ontario, someone please tell me, I’m too lazy to search right now. I just did 90 squats.

So, here is my 30 day squat challenge. That is because I need to look Bikini Hot when we go on our cruise in 3 weeks. After all, I gained 10 pounds and my skeletor profile is no longer. BOO.

Here is the squat chart for you if you feel motivated.

Day 1 50
Day 2 55
Day 3 60
Day 4 Rest
Day 5 70
Day 6 75
Day 7 80
Day 8 Rest
Day 9 100
Day 10 105
Day 11 110
Day 12 Rest
Day 13 130
Day 14 135
Day 15 140
Day 16 Rest
Day 17 150
Day 18 155
Day 19 160
Day 20 Rest
Day 21 180
Day 22 185
Day 23 Rest
Day 24 190
Day 25 195
Day 26 200
Day 27 Rest
Day 28 205
Day 29 210
Day 30 215

So overall the appointment went well. $1295 Cha ching! Damn! That is a frigging plane ticket to the Maldives. But of course, Hubby always puts things in perspective for me saying if I don’t get well, there will be no Maldives.

While we were at my docs, I also got him tested with the Igenex #188 and #189. Just because. And I don’t tell anyone because they will think I’m paranoid and crazy. But screw them. While the nurse was drawing his blood, my 6 year old was looking on and the Nurse says to him, “Isn’t your daddy brave?” My 6 year old looks at her and says “Um, I did this last year.

In other Lyme news, guess what? The Niagara Falls lights AND the Peace Bridge are going to turn green on May 17, 2013!  Marlene is an awesome Lyme Advocate. See more info here as well as more info on the Brampton Lyme Walk that she is organizing.

This post is very scattered and off tangent, not my usual style, but I have been on this computer now for 12 hours straight and if I am here any longer, I might just turn into a computer.

If it has a face, you can’t eat it.

This was the answer that my good vegetarian friend had told me once when I asked her what she eats.

So guess what. I can’t eat anything with a face now either. Oh, it can’t be that bad. Oh but yes, it can. I have been ordered to go Vegan. And fat free. For 120 days. Do you know what this means to a person who has been trying out the paleo diet for the past 6 months? It’s a total reversal of everything that I have been doing.

Now, before the haters start hating, I have nothing against vegetarianism or veganism. I just feel like I’m being bounced around like a yoyo and this nightmare will never end. I was just becoming fairly comfortable with minimizing my grains, eating healthy fats and spending oodles of money for grass fed meat which now will sit in my freezer until July.

So why this diet? It’s my new Lyme treatment which I have started last week. It involves the drug that cannot be mentioned or else I will start to get really angry, along with a long list of new herbal supplements and the like. Alot of tincture drops and my pill box doesn’t have enough slots per hour.


How is it going? Well, I have been UNhappily herxing for 6 days straight. On family day, we went to a restaurant with the in-laws and nieces and nephews, and being on this new vegan diet, I wasn’t in the mood for salad, so I asked the waitress if I could just get a bunch of sides which was basically bland rice, mashed potatoes and soggy vegetables. She looked at me like I was smoking some bad crack and I didn’t even bother explaining. About halfway through, I had to bail and drive home because I felt like I was going to faint.

I haven’t really done any research on vegan food and I have totally left this to the last minute which is totally not me. I think I’m in denial that I can’t eat meat but today was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I think I’ve had just about enough of eating water and bread so I’ve spent the past day looking up recipes and enlisting help from friends who were vegetarians.

Other than that, my appetite has been kinda shot for the past week. I don’t feel like eating. I am pretty sure it’s my herx because that’s what happens when it comes. I have this odd feeling of barf and then I get ravenously hungry and then I look in the fridge and I want to cry. I am not really worried about 6 year old because he apparently hates meat because when I cook it, he would be walking to the garbage can every other bite to spit out the chicken or steak.

My husband is pretty cool and the other day he came home with vegetarian samosas. They were undoubtedly deep fried, but right now who cares. I am still juicing every day. These herxes are coming in waves, coinciding with Mother Nature’s monthly unwelcomed visitor which is making everything feel worse x 100. My brain feels like mush and then it feels fine, and then it feels like I’m drunk and then I’m normal, and then I will feel a shooting pain in my head and then my left arm can’t even lift a shopping bag.

Am I home bound? No. I still go and do stuff but it’s annoying because this new treatment requires me drinking the herbal stuff and I will be damned if I have to carry these bottles and shot glasses everywhere I go.

It has been 1 year since I was officially diagnosed with Lyme. I have been in treatment for about  11 months. January 2013 has been the best that I ever felt. Nearing about 90% back to my old self. With my last phone call with my doc, I was given the option to continue the same course of treatment or to start the new treatment. I decided to start the new one because I have been doing the same thing for almost 9 months. Switching up has definitely produced my recent herxes which means the damned buggers are still having little parties in my body.

In other news, our basement has finally finished the big reno after 1 year. December 2012 had me pretty much painting the whole sordid thing against my doc’s orders, but I wasn’t ready to pay $2000 to someone for a job I can do myself.


This is a shot of my sauna on the left and the new bathroom on the right. I still use it every other day for detox. It’s kind of funny how I designed the basement around this sauna, but I’m glad I did, it’s a mini spa. And when I’m done, I can literally jump into that awesome shower!

Hope you are all doing well, this is just a little update on how I’m doing, hopefully next post, I won’t be in such a terrible funk. If any of you have some good resources on vegan recipes, do share!

Death by 1000 paper cuts – The Final Chapter

After 2 posts of unnerving drama which can be found here and here, this story finally ends. Well, let me clarify. The story of getting it ends. However, the story of ingesting it is a whole other can of worms.

I’m talking about Alinia. The Alinia that I had to climb through hills, mountains and rainforests to try and get. The Alinia that had made me trek through snow in -40 degree weather for 8 hours to get. Am I exaggerating? NO.

So the story continues like this. Last post, I left you by saying that I finally was able to purchase this sordid medication through what seemed an eternity of trying to source an online reputable pharmacy that sold it at a fairly decent rate. The cost of these pills range from $52 – $1200. Yes, that is correct. You are not drunk. You have read that right.

photo 3My next move on the chess board was now trying to get it across the border back into Canada and into my house. The planned date was for Tuesday Jan 15, 2013. I had many scenarios go into my head. I spoke to many people asking what they would do in my situation. Should I tell the truth? Should I lie? Here are some responses I got.

“You shouldn’t have a problem. Just make sure you have your receipts.” (LLMD)

“Just tell them that you are seeing a doctor in the States and you have a US prescription which can only be filled at a US Pharmacy.”

“Yo man, if you get caught, don’t call me cause I ain’t bailing your ass out of jail for drug trafficking.”

“Tell them that you are going shopping across the border, stay for a couple hours, have lunch and then just come back.”

See here is my problem. I don’t like lying. I think if you are honest, then you will always have the correct story and not get into more lies upon lies. I went with advice #1. I will tell them that I’m seeing a doctor in the States and I have a prescription that only can be fulfilled in the States. Technically that is true, however that part has already been done. I’m actually just picking up the medication from a postal outlet. Hopefully they don’t ask any questions.

I got all my paperwork, our passports, the prescription and off we went. We made it there in 1.5 hours.

Entering the United States

BPO: What is the nature of your visit.
Me: I’m seeing a doctor in the States who prescribed me some medication that can only be fulfilled in the States.
BPO: Why are you seeing the doctor.
Me: Lyme Disease.
BPO: (nods his head) How long will you be staying.
Husband: Half hour?
BPO: Thank you. (Hands us back our passports)

We get to the Postal Outlet which is about 5 minutes away. I pick up the package. Easy Peasy. We decided to stop by Target to buy 5 year old some shirts. I was getting ansy about crossing back. So I wasn’t enjoying my shopping. I said “Let’s go”.

photo 1

(This sign was stuck to each mirror in the bathroom. There were 5 mirrors. I am thinking that this is common knowledge right? Shouldn’t it be? Why do they need signs for this? I’m thinking twice about shopping at Target.)

We get back to the border crossing. I’m rehearsing with Husband what to say.

Coming back to Canada

BPO#1: Where do you live.
Husband: Toronto.
BPO#1: What was the purpose of your visit.
Me: I’m seeing a doctor in the States who prescribed me some medication that can only be fulfilled in the States.
BPO#1: Where did you get this medication.
Me: A postal mailbox.
BPO#1: Do you have documentation.
Me: Yes. Here you go.
BPO#1: (shuffles papers for 5 minutes). Did you stop anywhere else.
Husband: No.
Me: Actually, yes, we stopped at Target.
Husband: Looks at me like WTH.
BPO#1: Can I see the receipts.
Husband gets receipts.
BPO#1: (Gives us back our passports) Can you pull over into that area so another officer can inspect your goods.

Getting Ready to be poked

Me: Great, this is just great. I’m ready for my first white glove experiment.
Husband: Why did you say we went to Target?!
Me: Um, maybe because we DID? What’s the matter with you! They would have checked the trunk and seen the bag you nitwit!
Husband: We only spent $42 dollars!
Me: Hello. McFly. Did you not understand the question? The question was “Did you make any other stops?

Tap Tap Tap on the window.

BPO#2 (lady): Can you open the trunk.
Me: (got out of car)
BPO#2: What is this medication for? You don’t have to tell me why you are taking it.
Me: It’s called Alinia, it’s an anti-malarial, anti-bacterial medication.
BPO#2: Where did you get this.
Me: I picked it up at a postal outlet in Buffalo.
BPO#2: Why couldn’t you get this here.
Me: My doctor is in the States and I can only fulfill the prescription in the States.
BPO#2: Is this available in Canada.
She asked the question that I was dreading.
Me: No…..
BPO#2: Let me bring this in to check if it’s allowed in Canada.

Me and Husband get back in the car. UGH!!! Seriously it can’t end like this. I just spent like hell trying to get this medication, drove an hour and half, crossed the border to pick it up and now it ends like this. Please God, I pray in the name that is all knowing and holy, please let her come back with my pills.

8 minutes later, she walks back with my pills in hand. She hands it to me and says “Thank you, you may go.

I was excited with glee. We got the hell out of dodge faster than you can blink an eye.

photo 4

I literally cannot wait until this is over. I am so completely done with it. So the cost of this new 120 day treatment is setting me back:

Alinia (set 1 of pills): $91.47
Alinia (set 2 of pills): $52
Other herbal supplements: $500.19 (Artemisinin, Golden Thread Supreme, Cumanda, Lumbrokinase, Bab2)
Probiotics and Florastor: $125
Postal Outlet service Fee: $5
Border Toll Fee: $3.25
Headache and anxiety: Priceless

There was one more stop at an outlet I had to make and that cost me $100.54 (and that was with 80% off!!) Never mess with a girl and her Coach bags. After the hell I just went through, I think I deserve this little gem right? Maybe I can store all this damned medication in it.

photo 3

In other news, Husband is going to Haiti for business tomorrow. I started to get paranoid about him bringing back all sorts of diseases so I’m telling him he needs to get shots. So he got Menactra for Meningitis, a Typhoid shot and Hepatitis A shot. When he gets back he will be getting the TwinRix shots. This is good for 10 years. The doctor that saw him also prescribed these as preventative measures.

I started laughing. I said “Remember before I got sick, and whenever I got prescriptions, I was always like WTH does this doctor’s note say? Well now, looking at yours, I know EXACTLY what it says! I know these drugs, I know what all the scribbles mean!

So guess what, he will be on Anti-malarials, just like us. Funny how the doctor was so quick at prescribing this to him and he had no issues with getting it and he’s not even SICK! If medicine can be preventative like this, the world would be beautiful and happy.

Look! It’s our friend Zithromax and Malarone!

photo 2

photo 1

How am I?

I realize my posts have been dwindling. Some were concerned if I was feeling ok or not, but rest assured, my lack of posting is because I’ve been doing really well and I have nothing worthwhile to write. So I’m taking that as good. I have gone about 2 weeks at about 95% symptom free. We shall see by the end of next week how I feel, because I know that my crap cycle will start to begin then. But it will pass! It will pass.

Hope you are all doing well and get ready for my next post, it will involve GREEN STUFF! Stay tuned! In the meantime, if you are new to this blog, I invite you to fill out my little poll on the right side and let us know if you have Lyme and where you live. Much appreciated!

I can end this post with this image.


Death by 1000 paper cuts – Part 1

This is going to be a gripe post. Just a warning. I hate going backwards, but sometimes you need to.

Nothing is ever easy with Lyme. Seriously, I mean nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero. This isn’t me complaining about feeling like crap. Infact, that is quite the opposite. I have had the longest bout of symptom free days (even weeks) for the first time ever in over a year. So lets get that out of the way. Hooray!

This is more a pissy post about the “administration” of Lyme. My days have gotten fairly busy, and I can totally forget about the presence of Lyme, except for the reminders of pills every couple hours. However, that usually comes to a halt after my chat with the LLMD. I am thrown back into the world of getting prescriptions and lab requisitions, counting pills and doing pill charts.

Normally, I have no trouble going to Dr. Handsome Chest Hairs, which I did again. I got my med refills fairly easily as well as 12 requisitions for blood labs. The lab requests should technically last me for one year, however the occasional Liver or WBC screw up will render me into the blood lab every 2 weeks using up my precious requisitions. Now I find out the lab will only let me use 6 of them because OHIP doesn’t cover anything past 6 months.

Because my liver was screwy 2 weeks ago, LLMD asked me to add Gamma GT to the list. This also checks something in your liver I assume. Here are my blood labs again. My ALT is back at normal range but this Gamma GT is up. I don’t even know what this is and I am tired of google, so if someone can shed some light, I will blow you a virtual kiss.


Another thing I forgot to mention is the CD57. This lab test is supposed to determine the level of infection you have due to Chronic Lyme. Many swear by it, but recently many docs, including mine, say that this test doesn’t really say anything. Some people will low CD57’s feel great, while some with high CD57’s feel like crap.

So I asked Dr. Handsome Chest Hairs for a CD57 lab requisition just for the sheer fun of it. “A CD HUH? I know a CD4 (which is the HIV test), but what is a CD57?”.

I get the lab req anyway and did the blood work where only ONE lab would do it because heaven forbid that Canada makes things easy. I totally forgot about this test which was like 3 months ago. So when I asked Dr. Handsome Chest Hairs what the results were, he looked at the sheet and basically it was “inconclusive due to serum being left too long over the weekend.

It can’t get any better than this. Oh. Yes, but it can.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I will be put on a new treatment which includes the antibiotic Alinia (Nitazoxanide). This is to be pulsed 5 days on, 7 days off. While I am on the 7 days off, I will be doing an Artemisinin pulse. Along with this, there are about 20 other supplements that need to be added. And then a fat free vegan diet. For 120 days. Kill me now.

Here’s a snapshot of what I will call the CANADIAN LYME ROAD BLOCKS. (this is me speaking from my experience)

  1. Figuring out what in the living hell is wrong with you.
  2. Convincing my 2 GP’s that I am not crazy.
  3. Getting and procuring a diagnosis.
  4. Finding a local doctor that will treat you.
  5. Finding a doctor within the province that will treat you.
  6. Finding a doctor within the country that will treat you.
  7. Finding a good doctor in the States that actually knows and treats Lyme.
  8. Getting an appointment without a 3 -6 month wait.
  9. Finding a doctor in Canada that will rewrite your prescriptions and order monthly lab work.
  10. Taking 5 antibiotics at once. Taking 25 supplements all day.
  11. Paying all of this out of pocket.

Now, onto the fun part. Here’s my morning of trying to ACQUIRE ALINIA IN CANADA

  1. Alinia is not available in Canada. No Canadian Doctor can prescribe it.
  2. You cannot have it shipped to your address or it will be confiscated at the border. You must get it in the states. If you go to a regular pharmacy, it is $1152 for 100 pills. Insurance doesn’t cover this. Nothing covers this.
  3. If you order it through an online pharmacy, it will be between $100 – $400 for the same amount.
  4. There are 2 online pharmacies: Canada or Northwest Pharmacy. Both are located out west in Canada, but they are not allowed to sell it in Canada. Please, someone explain to me the logic in this.
  5. When purchasing through one of these online pharmacies, you need a US Postal address.
  6. All Northwest Pharmacy pages that refer to Alinia are broken and dead links. I gave them a call for a quote. $841 for $100 pills. Huh? My doc said it was $100. Oh, for the generic pill, it will be $450. Hang up.
  7. Canada – Cannot find this damned medication anywhere on the site. Went to online chat. Gave me a dead link again. Was allowed to place my order through chat except had to call in with CC info. Had to email the prescription AND mail in the hard copy prescription for refills. Had to email my LLMD again to mail me the prescription so I in turn can mail it to Canada Drugs. Are you dizzy yet?
  8. My prescription was for 102 pills. The rep said I can only get 54 because they are produced in India and have different regulations. 54 pills cost me $94.36. The shipping time is between 14-28 days.
  9. I need a USA postal address. I scream at my husband to get his cousin’s address. As usual, he took too long. My LLMD suggested on her sheet that I go to They are a postal service where you can have parcels delivered to you across the border. I quickly signed up and used their address.
  10. I am still talking to the rep on the phone. I was then notified that Alinia’s stock will not be replenished and that they may not be sold as of January 1, 2013. I ask why can’t I just get the 100 pills. Because they aren’t allowed to prescribe anything past 3 months.

What I have to do now.

  1. Drive my ass to Buffalo and pick up these meds. Hoping I don’t get arrested for possession of drugs that are not allowed in Canada.
  2. Figure out how and where I will be getting my other 48 pills when this set runs out.

Question for you.
What should I do when I pick up these pills? Stay over a few hours, “pretend” to go cross border shopping, dump all the pill packaging and put it in a regular pill box? Do dogs sniff pills in your purse? Or do I tell the truth and say I went to pick up meds because they aren’t available in Canada and risk repercussions of any kind?

Do you see how completely ASS BACKWARDS the Canadian System is and this whole convoluted mess we are in?

Seriously, acquiring a medical degree in brain surgery seems like cakewalk compared to this.


Have yourselves a very Merry Christmas!

My Liver Sucks.

Hello Friends! I haven’t written in a while. There are a few reasons for my absence in posting.

1) I didn’t feel worthy to post (more below)
2) Life got in the way (this is a good thing right?)
3) I didn’t have any major milestone updates
4) I have been feeling oh so much better
5) I had a few crap days and I never like to blog on those days because the tone is never right. It will just be me complaining and who wants to hear complaining.

Within the past 3 weeks, I have talked to at least 3 people who’s immediate family had been hit with cancer. It is really heartbreaking to hear these stories because really, one never knows when and if it will happen. But that is a topic for another blog post altogether. All I know is that we should be grateful for our lives and what we have. While I’m listening to these emotional trials of life from my dear friends, in the same breath, I see others who are upset because they can’t figure out what to where at a Christmas party. I feel like screaming at them and saying “AT LEAST YOU GET TO GO TO A CHRISTMAS PARTY!”  What lyme has taught me is never take anything for granted. Be thankful for what you have and make every minute count. Be humble. Don’t sweat the small stuff. I ask for a special prayer request for a friend who’s sister is going through some very deep trials in health. I think that is another reason for my lack of posting. I didn’t feel anything I had to say would have been worth much because what I am going through is absolutely nothing in comparison. My prayers go out to her.



I got my December Blood Labs back. This time, my liver enzymes are at 60. My LLMD said that they need to lower or I will be taken off meds. I was reassured by many people including my ND, and my great friend over at The Lyme Maze that an ALT of 60 is nothing to write home about however it does indicate something going on. I was sent a detox plan from my LLMD:


  • ALA (alpha lipoic acid) 300 mg at bedtime – I bought this
  • Milk Thistle – Use an 80% Silymarin extract. Useful in supporting liver functions. Take 175 mg three times daily. You can take with antibiotics. – am already taking this
  • NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) 500-600 mg. 1-2 twice a day with meals may take up to 2400mg a day.(Cysteine helps synthesize glutathione, one of the body’s most important natural detoxifiers.)
  • Vitamin C 1 gram three times a day. – am already taking this
  • Drink plenty of fluids.
  • Maintain 1-3 bowel movements a day. Increase fiber (vegetables fruit whole grain) and fluids.
  • Avoid all sugar, limit processed foods. Get adequate amount of protein as this will facilitate detoxification. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, but limit fried and fatty foods, like cheese. (Now I have been eating many grilled cheese sandwiches lately)
  • Continue antibiotics while on the supplements (unless I instruct you to stop them which would be for an AST over 60 or ALT over 75). Repeat blood tests AST, ALT, GGTP in 1-2 weeks.
  • If your liver enzymes are still elevated after taking the detox supplements, stop all antibiotics for a week and then have a repeat lab done for liver function tests including GGTP. If blood tests are normal continue the milk thistle for 4-6 more weeks. If blood tests are not normal, then remain off antibiotics and repeat the liver function tests in 7-10 more days adding hepatitis A. B, C, serum ferritin, transferrin saturation, serum iron, antigliadin antibodies , antiendomysial Abs and tissue transglutaminase, ANA, PT, serum albumin, fasting lipid profile, TSH, free T4 and T3 blood tests.
  • There is a homeopathic trio, called the Big Three by Pekana, sold by BioResource in the US. It cleanses liver, kidneys and lymph. It has been very helpful for patients who continue to have liver or kidney function elevation. (I ordered this)


I went to get a food sensitivity test at my Naturopath. This test is different than the ones where they scratch your skin. Those ones test for immediate anaphylactic allergies (IgE) where it could be a life or death situation where you would get a reaction within minutes to hours of consuming food. The test that I got (which is about $250) tests for food intolerance. It’s a basic finger prick like a test for blood sugar levels. These are considered latent allergies (IgG). Normally, the body is able to elimate these antibody-antigen complexes, but with excess antigen, small complexes tend to deposit in blood vessel walls where they can cause tissue injury via the release of inflammatory mediators. [immunobiology 5th ed Janeway CA Jr et al. New York; Garland Science:2001]

Over time, this tissue injury may contribute to the development of a variety of health conditions such as IBS and migraine headaches. So with that said, I got my results back (took about 2 weeks). And look at what I am intolerant to:


I have been eating eggs for breakfast like they were going out of style because I am not allowed to eat anything else. So great, now I need to eliminate the eggs for at least 6 months which basically leaves me with water for breakfast.



My 9 month phone consult with my LLMD

I talked with my doctor this morning. With each progressive consult, I do get a little bit ansy, but I feel like I’m really talking to an old friend. I told her my overall percentage is at about an 85% back to normal (except my 5 week flares). With each flare, the symptoms are more easily managed. The worse that a flare can do to me now is just really piss me off because I can’t go shopping or something. It won’t render me in bed or anything, I just feel blah, like mope around the house and feel sorry for myself. In the past month, I remember only once saying to my husband “This is a lyme day, don’t bother me.”

She said that if I am seeing improvement (which I am), I will be kept on the same Pulse A and B for another 3 months. I had absolutely no objection to this because I am doing pretty well on it. The only thing is that I goofed. Bad. For the past 6 months, I have only been taking 2 tinidazoles a day when it should have been 4! Anyway, no harm done, I will try to ramp up as tolerated.

So she said I can continue this same treatment and then if I want, I can get off it and start the next treatment which she calls the Alinia treatment for Babesia/Protozoan infection. Alinia isn’t sold in Canada (seriously, when does this ever get easy?) so I have to order it from the states and get them to ship it to a pharmacy in the US. Buffalo is about 2 hours from me, so that’s where I might need to go. Maybe I can throw in a weekend at Great Wolf Lodge while we are there.

When I start that treatment, I’ll let you know, right now there’s so much reading I have to do on that, and I have been procrastinating. I do know that it also involves a major diet change of low a fat Vegan diet (South Beach Diet or McDougall Diet). The reason for this is because the buggers like fat or something.

Anyway, my consults with her are bitter sweet. I love seeing what the next steps are and where to go from there, but after the chat, I have to do this.


I hate pill counting. I can’t believe I still remember how to do long division. The only reason I did this was because I was too lazy to get my butt off the chair to get my calculator. In the beginning of treatment, I was all into the excel spreadsheets counting each pill and making sure that I had enough. If you have been following my blog, my earlier posts were very much like that. Now it’s like, Meh. So I had to call the pharmacy to ask how many pills I had left for refill. Oh ya, and just to add more crap to the mix, my insurance is cancelled on December 31. The reason is because they didn’t have enough members on the plan. I am not sure if I will find another private insurance. There isn’t much need for me to get one just for Chiro and ND Visits. And when I really think about it, the meds cost were the least of my issues.

So that’s it in a nutshell. I’m feeling very optimistic right now and I’m looking forward to the new year and what it has to bring. I will keep you posted on how the double dose of the tinidazole goes. If I don’t post in the next while, I wish you all a safe Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

My veins screwed up my happy hour.

I guess I can’t win them all.

Today was supposed to be my first weekly dose of Meyers Cocktail at my Naturopath. Meyers Cocktail basically is an IV drip of nutrients into your bloodstream to give you a boost. I was a bit apprehensive but I was all psyched up. 20 minutes into the session, nothing happened yet because my veins decided to play hide and seek once again. Remember this post?

Several attempts later and lots of gauze added to the mix, I didn’t need a Halloween costume for today, I could have walked out dressed like a mummy.

Mind you it was no fault but my veins. They are deep veins. That’s why it’s very difficult to draw blood out of me. My naturopath had a slight success finding a co-operating vein on my hand near my wrist, but it didn’t work out too well due to the placement of the needle. It started to burn and feel really achy, like someone smashed a door on my hand. She pulled out the needle quickly and we stopped the session. My anxiety was getting the better of me and I decided that maybe this wasn’t for me.

We chatted longer and then I said “Maybe we should try this again.” She said, “No, let’s leave it and revisit this later. The option is always open.” I just didn’t want to waste the already opened bag. She said, “No that’s the least of my worries.”

I got a little peeved that I couldn’t conquer this. The only other time I felt like this was with the flagyl. Oh well.

Note this was my experience only. It may very well work for you. If you have nice protruding veins.

Another reason for my visit was to do an allergy test. I asked what’s the difference between this allergy test vs the ones that you do at a doctor’s office with the skin test. Basically this is more a “sensitivity” or “intolerance test” whereas the skin test is for acute anaphylactic allergies.

I get the results in 2 weeks so I’ll keep you posted.

Happy Halloween.

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