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Human Guinea Pig ~ Take # 354

If you are squeamish and don’t like to talk about stuff in your intestines, I invite you to hit the X on the top of your browser.

I’ll start off the post with this text between my BFF and I.


So, BFF, here are my thoughts.

I was recommended by a good friend of mine to go get some Colonics (or Colonic Hydrotherapy, or Colon Irrigation). Basically the purpose of it is to clean out your colon. A regular enema only goes so far up, cleaning the lower part, the sigmoid and part of the descending colon. A colonic, will cleanse the entire length. If you are a newbie, you may be impacted and they recommend you do a series of 6 colonics at first. Like 2 the first week, then 1 the week after etc. For me personally, I think this is way too much and I would be scared to shock my system. Why would you be impacted? Because you basically have poo in your colon that may be stuck for YEARS, which can cause parasites, bacteria and other not so nice stuff to grow in there.

I was very apprehensive in trying this. It literally took me 2 years to brave it. But this was part of my game plan. So, 2 years later, I arrive at my destination.

Walking into the Naturopath Cilnic:
I was told that the Colonic woman is a sweetheart. She is very grandmotherly and will put you at ease immediately. And boy were they right! Picture a little 5 foot woman with a strong South American accent. She greeted me with the warmest handshake and took me into the Colonics room. She showed me their sterilization process and began to tell me the process of a colonic. She kept emphasizing that she will try to make me feel as comfortable as possible. At first when I entered the room, I was like OMG. Here’s a quick drawing from my iPad.


Keep in mind that the bathroom there is a Stall. It does NOT have walls. The entire time she was talking, I was thinking about how I am going to use the toilet while she is RIGHT THERE. It’s kind of like thinking how you are about to do a discreet #2 in an office washroom with co-workers in the next stall.

I put that thought out of my head and figured I would deal with it later. She told me to go and use the bathroom now if I needed to and to take everything off bottom-wise and wrap myself with a towel. So I did all that, and then went up onto the table. I was greeted by a large poster that has a drawing of a colon. She told me then that the goal of Colonics is to reach the very end of the colon.

She told me to lie on my right side facing the wall and to take a deep breath. There goes in the sterilized metal contraption! YAY! That wasn’t as bad as I thought. Nothing different about this than a papsmear (although different location).

I was told now to lie on my back. The she got some cream and started massaging my stomach. I am guessing to move things around. This was my view.


She began to open up the pipes. I am not exactly sure how it works, but she called it a TIE-OFF. So basically what happens is that she will let water flow into your colon and she will tell you to hold it as long as you can. When you can’t hold it anymore, you say Stop! and she will tie-off, where she will shut off the incoming water and then open another valve where the water will drain into Lawrd knows where.  Then the cramps will cease. In the midst of all this, there is a large mirror suspended from the ceiling where you get to see what comes out of the tube. This throws in some much needed entertainment. As things were coming out, she would tell me, “Oh! that is Ammonia!”, “Oh! that is Yeast/Candida!”, “Oh! that is Mucous!”, “Oh! that is Gas Bubbles!”. I felt pretty victorious as I kept seeing stuff coming out. Mind you, it took about the 5th tie off to see anything. I was beginning to think that my innards were very compacted. In between each tie-off, she would put a warm heating pad on my stomach and continue to massage my stomach. At one point, she had some vibrator contraption on my stomach.

I will tell you quite honestly, it wasn’t the metal contraption that was uncomfortable. It was the cramps that you must endure which each tie-off. It literally felt like you went and ate a bucket full of bad Mexican and then got stuck in traffic on the way home with nowhere to expel your stomach. This went on for about 30 minutes and I am guestimating about 10 tie-offs. In the meantime, she mentioned that water was also circulating in my colon. And also, she decided to do a blast of cold water in one of the tie-offs. Not so much fun with that one.

After the whole thing, she assisted me in getting up and asked if I felt faint. I said no, however the entire time, I was shaking. Like an adrenaline shake. Not a shivering shake. Not sure what’s up with that. She said that was normal. Then she said to go into the stall and make sure I put both feet on the stool while expelling the rest. I’m like “Ok! if you say so!”.

I get into the stall and felt no ways about expelling whatever was left. I was almost at the same point as when I gave birth. I didn’t care who was in the room, just get it out. NOW!

I made all sorts of noises I am sure, but listen, this little woman has probably seen it all. She doesn’t care. And neither should I.

After this, she told me to have a cup of herbal tea in their reception, and if I needed to use the rest room again, I can do so.

I had my peppermint tea, made some jokes with the receptionist and was on my way home only 10 minutes away thank goodness. As soon as I got home, I had a little soup because I was STARVING. Literally within 2 minutes, I had to dash to the bathroom again, and I am sure stuff was leaking out! My husband was sitting there laughing the whole time, and I kept screaming “Don’t worry! You’re next! I am making your appointment next week!!!“.

I had another 2 encounters or so with the bathroom and then I was fine.

So that is the story. Now, if the Colonic person been some hot dude, there was absolutely NO WAY that I would have done this.

Here are some tips if you want to have a Colonic:

  • Don’t eat 2 hours before
  • After your colonic, eat steamed or cook veggies, soups and avoid red meat
  • Minimize carbohydrates to avoid constipation
  • Drink 2L of water, herbal teas
  • Take 30 billion Probiotic (Ultra Flora by Metagenics – recommended)
  • After, take a fiber supplement

Visit to my Lyme Homeopath

Remember in one of my previous posts, my cessation of Flagyl wasn’t really a loss because it only cost me $1.11 our of pocket? Well you can scratch that because I just spent $398 in its replacement.

I think I’ve gone completely off my rocker, because my intention of seeing my Homeopath today was to ensure that I wasn’t going to die from last week’s dose of Flagyl. He assured me that I am not. He most likely believed what I had was one big gigantic mass killing, but again, one never knows if it was really a herx or side effect.

So during the 1.5 hour visit, I explained the festivities of the past week and said the reason I was there was to figure out how to better detox my system while being on this plethora of meds. The good thing about my homeopath is that alot of his clients are also seeing the same LLMD as me, so I guess he knows the drill so to speak. So after the tongue diagnosis and pulse reading, he said nothing really much has changed since the last time I saw him, and this is because of the antibiotics. The discoloration of the tongue is due to the medication, and he said that it is a “damp” environment meaning that for sure Candida has come back to play.

I mentioned that perhaps my reaction to the Flagyl was that probably I reached the dose too fast. He said “Not really, it’s not about how fast you get there, but how well your body expels the dead lyme and dead antibodies.”

So with that said, I walked out with more herbs and supplements which I will explain below.

Left to Right:

  • This digestive enzyme is to be taken as needed before a meal. It will help relieve nausea and such.
  • The Serrapeptase (shown in different doses) are to help break down biofilms/dead bug parts. To be started in doses to reach 3 x day

Left to Right:

  • This is my new vitamin B12. I am to take 3 drops a day. This is awesome because I can scratch one pill off my list
  • Teasel Root – 3 drops, 3x a day. He originally gave me this before as the Lyme Challenge. I wasn’t aware that I was to continually take this. So I am back at it.
  • Cat’s Claw, Dandelion and Astralagus – Again, this was given to me as the Lyme Challenge, however now I am upping the dose gradually to 15 drops, 3x a day. OMG.

This will be my new Probiotic after I finish the one I already have. This has 7 different strains where as the Metagenics one I am taking now only has 2.

I think it’s detrimental to our healing that we see a Naturopath or Homeopath that specializes in Lyme and Nutrition. With homeopathy, it’s about treatment of the individual, not a general template that you apply to each person who is sick. One great thing he told me was that he has seen MANY successes in his practice who are both on antibiotics and homeopathy. Some who catch it early within a year are better between 4-6 months.

He also said how you can really tell if you have success is if you one day get a cold / flu later on (after your treatment), and your old symptoms don’t come back. It will be a “different” kind of flu. Then you know that your lyme is “gone”.

One thing he also mentioned to me is that later on down the road, I may be able to tolerate Flagyl. And how do I know this? When my tongue turns back to a normal healthy pink and when the Candida is under control. And one can do this via spit test to see. But right now, I don’t think I can entertain the thought of Flagyl even if it came up to me in the form of Brad Pitt and asked me on a date to the Oscars.

C. Diff. That is all.

** Warning ** – This post might get a little intimate and TMI and I apologize in advance to the 4.5 personal friends I have told about this blog, and as as I have said before, if I had known that I would be discussing my bathroom habits in public, I probably would have hung myself.

So, I have been a little MIA this week. The reason being my paranoia has kicked in once again and I’m getting myself tested for C. Difficile. I’m not going to get into what that is and how bad it can potentially be, because I’m sure if you are following my blog, or have come here for some strange reason, that you already know what this is. However, I shouldn’t assume that one automatically knows what C. Diff is, because when I mentioned it to my husband tonight he looked all bewildered and says “C what?”, to which I rolled my eyes and said “Go back to watching whatever you were watching.”

Ok, so what led me to this self diagnosis? Well, I have been visiting the restroom about 3-4 times each morning. I noticed that this happens only after breakfast. It will end by about 10:30 – 11:00 am and then I’m fine for the rest of the day. But yesterday, I had the urge to go quite frequently. So wasting yet another day on this crap (pardon the pun), I went to google and searched the signs of C. Diff. I have no cramping and it’s not all day so I’m not even really sure if I have it or if it’s just a side effect of the thousand meds I’m on. The only way to really know is to get tested. And I’m also on good Probiotics and S. Boulardii following a GF, SF, YF Diet. With a skittle here and there.

I am not new to stool tests. I have done maybe 5 in my life. The first one when I was 17 coming back from a trip to the Far East. I thought I had ate something bad. It turned out to be stress and panic attacks. That is a whole other blog. Last year, in my quest to find out what was wrong with me, I did another stool test as prescribed by my doctor, since most of my symptoms were gastro related. This one was quite memorable. The reason for this was because I got my husband to drive the specimens to the lab because he was going in that direction. I said “Listen, don’t look inside the brown paper bag.” He says “Why would I want to.”

So off he goes and then I realized I gave him the wrong address to the lab. I then get a call from my mom, tell him to hang on, while I take the call. My mom coincidentally was in the area where he was and she was with my 4 year old. She said she needed me to pick him up. I said “Husband is in the area, he can scoot over and get him”. So I get back on the phone with hubby who is still confused about where to drop off this poop sample. I said “Ignore the sample, go pick up 4 year old.”

15 minutes go by, husband calls once again. “Ok I have 4 year old, where I am driving this crap to”. I said “Hang on while I google map this”. He is silent, waiting in the car with my impatient 4 year old and a stool sample in his hand. I said “ok I found it”. He says “are you sure, cause you have me driving all around town with this S***”. (and he NEVER swears) I think I must have about died from laughing so hard. I can’t believe what I made him go through.

So fast forward to today, off I go into the walk-in clinic and see Dr. Handsome. He says it is best to get tested just in case. So I agreed. The nurse comes in with all the containers and explains to me what to do. I said I already know, but listened just in case. The specimen can’t touch any urine or toilet water, so I would need to use a margarine container. I thought, “Great, where I am going to dispose this thing. Hmmm… maybe I can wrap it up in a bag and find a public garbage can like at a plaza.” Then I started to go a little crazy. “But what if the stench is so horrible, and the janitors smell it and send it some forensic lab and they figured it was me that publicly littered? Ok. Scratch that idea. Then I remembered what I did last year. Here is a trick for you so you don’t have to use any containers and then figure out where to get rid of it. You pile tissue paper in the toilet so it’s high enough and just go. It won’t touch any toilet water. And I remembered that because I wore glasses, I had to take them off and collect the sample because I was so grossed out, I needed to be partially blind to collect the specimen.

Wait a thought just occurred in my head. What if it’s the watery kind? Blast! I might need to use those margarine containers. UGH.

So then the nurse starts talking and breaks my train of thought. She says (with a huge grin on her face), “After you have collected the sample, you will need to either drive it back here pronto or put it in the fridge.” I thought, “Hmmm, Husband will take it, thinking it’s his lunch.” So I said, “Ok, I’ll put it in the fridge.”

So I get home with the bag of goodies and Husband says, “How was the walk-in.” I said “Guess what you are doing tomorrow!”



Yesterday was my birthday and I was adamant that I wouldn’t let myself feel sick due to the new introduction of Flagyl. Well, I was ok for most part of the day minus the frequent bathroom trips. I even forgot all about Lyme because Husband and 5 year old surprised me with a matching set of a Coach Purse + a wallet! (really I shouldn’t put that specimen sample in the fridge should I?)

So in the evening, because of the fact that I can’t eat in restaurants, we ordered in. And guess what happened. As my mom, husband and 5 year old sat around the table to have my birthday dinner, I was fell asleep on the couch for 2 hours.

I truly hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any C. Diff related stories, please share. My results will come back in about 10 days.

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