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It has been….

1 year, 4 months, 23 days since my last entry post.
2 years, 6 months, 3 days since my last lyme med.
5 months, 2 days since my last menstrual period.


Yep. I am exactly 22 weeks today and I am 41.

I remember thinking back that my first set of “any” symptom was about 8 years ago. Before that I considered myself really healthy and hadn’t even seen a doctor 10 years prior to that. But here I am. I remember that when all my symptoms started, there was no way to expand my family because I was simply too sick and too tired and too old and that time was my enemy.

Well, screw all that. I figured out that if I don’t have another kid by 42, then I really won’t have a chance. This I consider my miracle baby because I had a dream about this baby a few years ago, right in my middle of my illness. (if you read that link, you will see why). I never thought that it would come true and believe me, I thought because I had this dream, that it would be easy as pie to actually conceive because God was in my favour, but it wasn’t. It took 7 months of trying and I was just ready to say forget it again just at that 7th month. But other insane supernatural things began to happen around this time, which I will probably have to explain in another post, but here we are now.

I have had every test done possible so far with my OB to test for the health of this baby and so far everything looks good. I am believing in that promise that God gave me so long ago that this baby will be healthy as can be.

This past week however has been one disaster after another:

  • Friday – started to get a sore throat (probs from 9 year old hacking)
  • Saturday – icky, headache
  • Sunday – had booked a trip for the weekend out of town and it was looking like I wasn’t going to have fun. Nights were terrible and it felt like someone poured liquid lava down my throat.
  • Monday – was determined not to have whatever ailing me to bring me down. Because I was preggo, this prohibited me from doing any sort of activity, but it was fun nonetheless watching my 65 year old mom do zip-lining with my husband for the first time. I felt like an old grandma taking kids to the amusement park because all I could do was sit on benches. I started experiencing that wierd cough I had last year similar to what I had after my pneumonia. It was bouts of uncontrollable coughing to the point of vomiting. When the attack comes, it’s enough to make you leave the presence of everyone out of embarrassment. You start tearing. Your face turns blue. The attacks came about 3-5 times a day.
  • Tuesday – on the drive home, husband made me a doctors appt. My Doc was on mat leave so the replacement Doc said I had something but there were missing pieces due to my symptoms. The throat swab showed no strep. I had no fever or chills. So he diagnosis it as allergies most likely because he has no answer. Despite the fact that I have never had any history of allergies
  • Wednesday Morning – my husband was a witness to one of my coughing fits and him being a person with seasonal allergies for most of his 42 years of life deemed that “my coughing was no allergy”.
    Wednesday Night
    – My left eye began to hurt, like someone threw sand in it. Ughhhh Ok what now? After 30 min of rubbing it, I went to the mirror to see what in the living earth was going on. I saw pieces of yellow stuff. Gross! I wiped it away thinking something probably got stuck in it. But wait, there was more, up all the way behind my upper eyelid? WTH?? Hello Google. Hello pink eye.
    1:00 AM – Feel asleep dreaming of pink eye and then got up to use the bathroom (which is now a nightly 6x habit due to the baby hugging my bladder). Had to blow my nose from bad congestion and then immediately later felt like something was falling out of it. If I had not switched on the light in the pitched black, then I would not have seen the Niagara Falls of a bloody mess spewing down my nose. I texted my husband (who was in the basement at that time doing gawd knows what), “come up, I think I’m dying.” I haven’t had a bloody nose since I was 16. Now, from my past experience, I knew that when a major blood clot came, that it signaled the end of the nose bleed. And guess what, it happened again. This blood clot was the nastiest thing if ever I have witnessed in my human existence. It was like a long 10 inch of a red alien thing that looked like it came out of Ripley’s stomach. I am pretty sure it had teeth.
  • Thursday morning bright and early – went back to doc, but to the walk-in this time – “Your pink eye is viral, not bacterial” she says “so antibiotics won’t help. Plus you are pregnant, so I can’t give you anything. If it persists, come back in 3 days. But that’s a Saturday, and we won’t be open. Ok bye!” Well, according to Google, yellow pus = bacterial. Whatever. I went to my health food store, asked the lady and she told me to buy this. Guys, my eyes are white again.
  • Thursday Night – My cough however was getting worse. My ribs and muscles now hurt. At one point I coughed so bad, I had to change my panties because I peed! My friend mentioned whooping cough at some point, but I dismissed it. But that night when I was awoken from my precious dream of red bloody aliens, I actually heard the “whooping” in between coughs as I couldn’t catch my breath. I figured out the reason I never heard it during the day was because I was trying to stifle it. I found this site. And I am 100% certain that this is what I have. Same thing as last year only I was never diagnosed. So armed with info, guess what I did?
  • Friday morning bright and early – went back to the walk-in, got a different doctor, told him I think I have the whooping cough and that Zithromax was given to me last year. “Oh but Miss, have you been around or heard anyone with the whooping cough?”. Um No. “You don’t have the whooping cough, you have a bad viral something, but because you are pregnant, I can’t give you anything except Amoxicillin. Or you can drink lots of water and keep your humidifier on 24/7.” Gee thanks. I said No to the Amox and left. I decided this was just like lyme, but with something else. And really, I am just tired of trying to prove anything to anybody, so I said to hell with it, went to the mall and paid $220 for a haircut that I never knew would cost $220.

I have figured out now through this journey that nobody really gives a shiznick about you. I am not saying this because I am feeling offended or anything but this is the reality. With this latest crap of sickness, I don’t really care, I just know that I will get better, I’m not going to waste time trying to figure it out, go on Google, worry about the baby, I will just trust that everything will work itself out.

My guilty pleasure is The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and I have watched Yolanda Foster’s journey. This entire season, her lyme was questioned and she was shown in the spotlight as having Munchausen Syndrome. The editing was so good on it, it even made me question her illness and sanity which in itself is insane seeing I went through the exact same thing as she! But I had to jolt myself back to reality. The thing is, nobody will get it unless they are in your shoes, in your body, in your head 24/7. Nobody will understand. And that makes you feel alone. I get it. For me, I find the situation worse when I have to try to convince other people of what I went through or what I am going through, it is just an added stress. So I have finally figured out that it’s useless to even bother talking about it to anyone who doesn’t understand. THEY. WILL. NOT. GET. IT.

Scrolling through my useless FB feed, this news pulls this up. Paralysis: Vet Intern Discovers Dog’s Condition Caused By Tick Before Euthanization. Sure, this makes national headlines and yes, it’s a feel good story and I’m glad the dog is ok, but if a frigging tick can do this to a dog, do people not realize what it can do to humans? Can I just say a big hashtag of DUMB?

Sorry enough ranting. Hope ya’ll are doing good.

After you read this post, you will drive yourself to the nut house.

Sept 11 was my 4th LLMD appointment. I see her every 6 months. She is a 5.5 hour drive from me. We left at 8:30 pm because my husband had to work. At about 2:00 am when we crossed the border into the USA, this happened.

photo 1

No, that is not the eye of Terminator, that is a cop. He said we were doing a 65 in a 35 zone. I am not sure what this means because I speak in kilometres. Moreover, it was 2 am, pitch black, country road, no signs anywhere. We played the foreigners game and he let us go.

We arrive at the hotel at 2:30 am. 6 year old loves staying at hotels and woke us up at 6:30 am because he was all excited. YAY.

I twiddled my thumbs until 10:15 am because my appointment was at 10:30 am. I later found out that my appointment was actually 10:00. I wasn’t aware the new policy that you have a PRE-appointment with a nurse. YAY.

It’s a 2 minute drive from the hotel to my doctors office, so that was the only thing easy about this day. I can sum up the appointment into 2 sentences.

I basically told her that I need something that will kick me in the pants for the last and final time and drive these mother !@#$%$^^ out of my body so that I can live in peace and lead a normal life. She is having me stay on the same treatment (Alinia, Artemesinin, Bab2)  but will adding 2 other antibiotics into the mix. Namely Malarone (never taken it) and Zithromax (which I was on last year).

Here is where it gets fun.

First of all, I will have to go and get Alinia AGAIN. I simply have no words. Here are my Alinia adventures here, here, here, and here.

Now my Malarone adventure beings here.

I leave her office with the 3 prescriptions in hand. Alinia, Zithromax, and Malarone. The receptionist gave me some discount cards which can be used at pharmacies.

Mission: Acquire the 140 pills of Malarone.

They don’t have Alinia, they don’t have Zithromax, but they do have Malarone (only 49 pills).


They have Alinia, they have Zithromax, they have Malarone. YAY
Pharmacist: Maam, your total for all these will be $5,490
Me: UM, Hang on, let me clean the wax out of my ears. COME AGAIN????
It turns out the Alinia was $4000.
Me: NO THANK YOU SIR! I will go back to my computer and buy it online and go through customs and curse all day. BUT I will take the Malarone and Zithromax for the cheap price of $900.
Pharmacist:  Great! Let me check if we have them in stock
Pharmacist: Oh, sorry we only have 72 pills of Malarone.
Me: Target has 49. Can you guys somehow make it so that I can get this?
Pharmacist: Yes, here’s the RX number, go and call Target and give them this and we will transfer them the files. Come back in 25 minutes and pick up your meds.
Me: Great. Thanks

I call Target. No answer. I get back in the car with Husband and Child and say to hell with it, we are driving back to Target. But wait! Lets check out Kmart and Walmart first.

Me: Hi how much Malarone do you have in stock?
Pharmacist: 8 pills and we don’t have the generic.
Me: Thank you. Bye

Me: Hi how much Malarone do you have in stock?
Rep: Honey you are in the wrong line, you have to go over there.
Pharmacist: we have 15 pills
Me: Thank you. Bye

Me: Hi, I was just here and went to Walgreens. They have 72. Can I get the other 49 from you?
Pharmacist: No sorry we don’t that.
Me: Walgreens says you can. Here’s the RX number
Pharmacist: Oh ok, then. Come back by 1:30, because we close for lunch and won’t open until 2:00 PM.
I look at my watch. It’s 1:12.

If my math is correct, my presciption for Malarone is 140. Target has 49, Walgreens has 72 which only equals 121. LIGHTBULB! Walmart has 15!

ME: Hi again. (with a super fake smile). Can I please get the 15 Malarone pills you have? Here is the RX number. Thank you and goodbye.

Made it! Picked up the 72 pills

Made it! Picked up the 49 pills

Made it! Picked up the 15 pills

Still short 4 pills. Do you think I care? HELL NO!!!!!!! And here’s the cost of this week’s episode of the Amazing Race.

Zithromax: $612.43 (with discount)$ 497.37 = $3.55 / pill
Malarone: $444.69 (with discount) $238.57 = $3.31 / pill

Malarone: $87.08 (NO discount) = $5.80 / pill

Malarone: $359.27 (NO discount) = $7.33 / pill

Total Spent on Doc and Meds: 1618.59
Hotel: $80
Food: $50
Gas: $120
Sanity: Priceless

Now, can someone please send me a medal?

Blood results, getting preggo and the Kombucha case is now closed.

Here’s an update on 3 separate issues.

On the webinar regarding why my recent blood labs were out of whack.
Answer: It is not uncommon that the white blood cell count will be suppressed. This also varies on which lab was used as they have different reference ranges. But my results were on the low end of normal. Lyme releases chemicals that suppress the immune system, and any of the antibiotics I am on can suppress my bone marrow, so that I’m not making as many white blood cells. This will not impair my ability to get well, but I must keep a close watch. Same with my RDW.

On getting pregnant and passing Lyme to the baby.
Not that I’m trying to or want to right now, but this has been a question that plagued me for some time. You know how when you get engaged, family will ask you “Oh when’s the wedding?”. Then when you get married, they ask you “When’s the baby?”. Then when you have your baby, they ask “Oh he needs a playmate!”. My dad asked me this a few years ago and I reversed the question and asked him when he’s having his (he’s remarried and well into his 60’s). Well needless to say, that shut him up. Sorry, off tangent. Ok back to getting pregnant with Lyme. Dr. M.R. said that if you feel well enough, to make sure you are on an Amoxicillan, Zithromax, or Ceftin. I didn’t write down the dosages, but if you are on this, there is less than 1% chance that it will be passed in utero. Also, because you are carrying a child, your body’s immune system will be working hard to protect the baby and often one finds that you actually feel better while being pregnant.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor. If you are trying to get pregnant, consult your LLMD or doctor.

Kombucha can be laid to rest.
No it didn’t die. It survived. After 3.5 months of trial and error, I finally got to taste my own home brewed kombucha. It was very vinegary, like apple cider vinegar. I took only a small amount of it though. I bought a bigger glass jar this time, enough to hold a gallon, so am making my second batch. I also gave one scoby to a neighbour.

What meds are for what?

To answer some questions regarding the treatment plan for Lyme, you will find that good LLMD’s use combination therapy. Combination therapy is when you are given more than one antibiotic for a treatment. For example, my new treatment for 3 weeks includes 5 antibiotics. Each antibiotic does its own job. If you were to just use one of the antibiotics, it may not work or be effective.

I was thinking of writing up a list of all meds and what each one does. And then I though, OMG, the brain power I would need on this would exceed the current daily amount allowable. So this morning, guess what I see in my inbox. A newsletter from Dr. Marty Ross with the title: Kills Lyme Germs: A Brief Antibiotic Guide. He is my secret weapon. I wasn’t able to find a comprehensive list anywhere and here it is, dropped into my lap!

If you don’t know who Dr. Marty Ross is, he’s an LLMD based in Seattle, Washington. I have been attending his Webinars every week since February 2012. They are very informative, he’s a wealth of information and has helped me with billion questions that I had that I never asked of my own LLMD. He has great insights and shares his expertise based on his many years of experience with his Lyme patients. Many people whom I’ve talked to were weary of being in a webinar thinking they will be seen. That is not true. Nobody sees or hears you. You type in your question, and he answers you via live video. All you need is an internet connection. He also has a supplements store here. I bought my Meriva from there.

Here’s the low down from Dr. Marty Ross’ newsletter. As you know there are 3 forms of the Lyme germ. The Spirochete, the L-Form and the Cyst Form.

<< To see his post, click here: KILL LYME GERMS: A BRIEF ANTIBIOTIC GUIDE >>

My First Lyme Treatment (3 months)

  • Nystatin
    Anti –Fungal due to the amount of antibiotics in your system
  • Hydroxychloroquine / Plaquenil – (Quinine Derivatives)
    Targets:  None. Conflicting research shows could kill cyst or promote cyst growth.
    Other Action: Improves effectiveness of macrolides and tetracyclines.
    Form: Prescription
  • Azithromycin / Zithromax – (Macrolides Family)
    Targets: the spirochete and L-form
    Form: Prescription
  • Doxycycline – (Tetracycline Family)
    Targets: the spirochete and L-form
    Form: Prescription
  • Metronidazole/Flagyl – (Azoles Family)
    Targets: Spirochete (1), L-form, and cyst.
    Form: Prescription
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE)
    Targets: Cyst
    Form: Natural

My First Second Treatment (on day 14 as  I write this)

PULSE  A: for 10 days

  • Clindamycin
    Simliar to the Macrolides family of antibiotics
    Targets: the spirochete and L-form
    Form: Prescription
  • Quinine
    Form: Prescription
  • Bab2 (by Beyond Balance)
    Targets: Cyst
    Form: Natural

PULSE  B: for 10 days

  • Hydroxychloroquine / Plaquenil – (Quinine Derivatives)
    Targets:  None. Conflicting research shows could kill cyst or promote cyst growth.
    Other Action: Improves effectiveness of macrolides and tetracyclines.
    Form: Prescription
  • Tinidazole / Tindamax – (Azoles Family)
    Targets: Spirochete (1), L-form, and cyst.
    Form: Prescription from a Compounding Pharmacy
  • Clarithromycin – (Macrolides Family)
    Targets: the spirochete and L-form
    Form: Prescription

I was relatively concerned about C. Diff caused by antibiotics but after doing some research, Flagyl/Metronidazole and Tindamax/Tinidazole are drugs use to treat C. Diff. So I’m guessing that they are in each protocol for a reason other than targeting cysts. I could be wrong, so I’m not sure.

More links here on medication for Lyme and what each one does:

Here is Dr. Marty Ross’ First Guide to treating Lyme. He has a ton of other videos that discusses How to diagnose Chronic Lyme, Herxes and specific supplements and their effectiveness. His YouTube page at

Treatment Protocol #1 Summary

Treatment Protocol #1
April 2012 – July 2012

(approx $245.86* every 1-2 months)

Treatment Protocol #1 Summary (3 months)
I introduced each medication every week. It took me 6 weeks to get up to full doses. I had no effects from the Nystatin. Neither with the Plaquenil. It is advised that you see an Ophthalmologist when on Plaquenil because it can make your vision turn yellow. My LLMD said this is rare, but still a warning. Hasn’t happened to me so far.

Zithromax had side effects of diarrhea, which led me to test for C. Diff and came back negative and eventually this all went away. Doxycycline is very hard on the stomach. It made me very nauseous all day. This disappeared eventually in the beginning of month 3 and reduced to only about an hour after each dose. It eventually disappeared altogether. I also took acupuncture for nausea.

Flagyl/Metronidizole had me convinced that satan himself came to possess me so I had to end it after 9 days of use. It made me incredibly nauseous, one episode of vomiting, loss of appetite, lost 4 pounds in 7 days and turned my tongue a dark green/white/brown. Replaced this with Grapefruit Seed Extract (Herbal) which is also a Cyst Buster with no side effects other than the fact that I felt drunk and the after taste was a dog’s butt, not that I’ve ever tasted a dog’s butt, but I can only imagine. Dosage started at 1 drop, 2 x a day and worked up by increasing 1 drop per dose to 10 drops, 2 x a day in diluted 5 oz glass of water.

In the first month, there were countless days where my bed became my best friend and that Mac Truck from Inspector Gadget came to hit me in the face every other day. There were times when Husband would be like “Hey let’s go out.” And I’m like, “Let’s wait to see how I feel 5 minutes before.” There were times when 5 year old would come to me and put his hands on my stomach and say, “Please Jesus, heal mommy’s tummy.” There were times when I was scared to be left alone, and scared to be the only one to watch 5 year old. I would be stressing on the calendar schedule to make sure someone was home with me incase something happened. There were times where I felt hopeless and depressed, and wondered if this treatment was working and why me. I forced myself to believe that these feelings were just symptoms and that they would go away. And they did. They still come back every now and again.

I also did infrared sauna every other day at 125 degrees for 30 minutes. I eliminated all forms of sugar, yeast, gluten, dairy (not 100%, but tried). I started researching like a obsessed lunatic about nutrition and food with my Lymebuddy. I started to dig deep into spiritual prayer and got serious with God. By far the best medicine. My symptoms started dwindling and the good days are now being outnumbered by the bad. 4 months ago, I was turning away work, but in the last 3 weeks, I’ve picked up more than 7 projects. I can say that I’m now kind of back full time (when 5 year old isn’t at camp or school).

Overall, my documentation to my LLMD stated 70% recovery rate in 3 months on this protocol. I’ve started my second protocol now which will last until October. Hoping this round will go even more smoothly….

Thanks for all your support!

Blueberry, Banana, Mango, Spinach Smoothie

  • 1 cup of Coconut Milk
  • 1 cup of Almond Milk
  • 1 Banana
  • Âľ cup of Frozen Mangoes
  • Âľ cup of Frozen Blueberries
  • Handful of Spinach
  • Dash of Pure Vanilla Extract
  • 4 tbsp of Kefir

Blend it all! I was hesitant adding the spinach but I read that you don’t really taste it. I loooooove spinach but not sure how it would taste “raw”. But the outcome is fantastic. You don’t really taste it in the smoothie, but you know you are getting your greens in this serving. This recipe yields about 2 glasses.

On the Lyme Front:
After my dose of meds at 7:00 pm, I was overcome with nauseousness again, however sniffing my essential oils rather than downing the Pepto seemed to alleviate it and by 8:00 it was gone. This time, I pretty sure it was the meds that did it, precisely the stupid doxy as I wasn’t really on a full stomach when I took it. I’m nearing 2 months into antibiotics treatment. Today, after the morning dose, I felt off again but quickly recovered, went into the sauna and now feel really good. I am on 3 drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract (NutriBiotic Brand which I bought here). Now I can really taste it. It’s completely GROSS. I can’t describe it, just a really bad after taste. Worse than the Chinese Herbs that I got last year that tasted like manure. I think I need to drink it with some juice and I will sacrifice my health right now with the sugar content from the juice, but seriously, it’s awful. I can’t imagine 10 drops.

I attended the weekly webinar last night held by Dr. Ross in Seattle and asked a couple of questions. I have been doing this weekly since February and I cannot rave enough about him. I wish he lived in Toronto. I wish he was my brother, or father, or relative. I asked about mid-cycle spotting because that’s what I have been experiencing ever since starting the medication. He said it could be the Zithromax and that Lyme does mess up your hormones. He advised that I could bring it up with my LLMD and change up the meds, or just tolerate it as it’s a side effect. So I might just stick with it for now. I have another month before my telephone consult.

The second question was that I asked if I am on too many things. So here is what I am on now. Nystatin, Plaquenil, Zithromax, Doxycycline, and Grapefruit Seed Extract. Then my Homeopath put me on Teasel Root, Cat’s Claw and then Wormwood (Artemisinin). Dr. Ross said that the Teasel Root and Cat’s Claw does the same job as Zithromax and Doxycycline. So I don’t really need to do that. BUT I am going to stick with what my Homeopath advised because he has had success treating with this (+ the fact I just spent $400 with him). The Wormwood I believe is for Babesia.

Anyways, that’s it for now. All blog and no work makes me a dull girl.

Zithromax: you SUCK

OK. So this week I added Zithromax. I am now at 3 antibiotics daily: Nystatin, Plaquenil (Hydroxychloroquine) and Zithromax (Azithromycin). This week has so far not been good for either or all of these reasons:

  • Aunt Flo came to say hi
  • I know for a fact it’s my Lyme symptom week
  • Zithromax /die-off made everything worse

Symptoms this week were heightened but short lived to maybe 2 hours here, then fine, then comes again, but continuous enough to make me really pissed off. I’m not sad anymore, I’m just really angry. And the reason I’m angry is because about 3 days into the Zithromax, my toilet became my best friend. Not barfy best friend, but the other kind. It was just pure annoying. I really wanted to get out to Ikea to look at some office furniture, I made it out to the gas station with my mom to get some gas, then sat there, pondering if I’ll make the 30 minute drive to Ikea without having to pull over at some restroom. My mom sitting in the passenger seat glaring at me to make a decision.

I started to get paranoid about C. Difficile, but I don’t think that’s a possibility given the fact that I am taking really good probiotics.

I can’t wait until I start the Doxy on Monday. CAN’T WAIT! I’m so excited! Can you sense my sarcasm? My hubby even scheduled an event downtown for us 2 hours AFTER my first dose of Doxy. He is so incredibly thoughtful, I mean, it says right on our calendar FIRST DOSE OF DOXY, DO NOT BOOK ANYTHING. Really what does that mean to him? He would say that he wanted to take my mind off the Lyme and enjoy myself.

I’m not sure if I want to go. It’s actually for a Private tour of the new Trump Tower. Which in my regular state I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. See that’s why I’m pissed. I can’t commit to anything because I’m not sure how I will feel 5 minutes before. Seriously, 3 weeks ago, a friend asked us to confirm an appointment. I said, “I don’t know if I’ll be there. I’ll have to see until 5 minutes before. Infact, I won’t likely know until I’m on the road.”

Day 1 of Treatment for Lyme

I felt incredibly nauseous all weekend. Not sure why, not sure if it was the Far Infrared Sauna from last week, or the fact that I stayed up really late on Sat to watch a movie.

Ok, I was a bit freaked out as I waited 2 weeks to start this due to timing issues with med supply and with Easter and not wanting to spend the week in bed due to potential die-off. So April 9, 2012 is the day I start.

I will start with Nystatin 2 pills, 3 x a day after the first bite into a meal and end it with Sacharomyces Boulardii at the end of the meal. In between that, every 2 hours, I will be downing some sort of pro-biotic, supplement, vitamin, B-something what have you.

I have taken 2 doses and don’t expect much today. I think I might feel something by 4 days.

Next week, I will be adding Hydroxychloroquine
Then the week after will be Zithromax
Then the week after will be Doxycycline
Then lastly the week after will the dreaded Flagyl

I think it’s a must I write all these meds down somewhere and keep it in my wallet incase something happens and I need a trip to the ER. When the Triage Nurse asks my husband, “Is she on any meds?” He will reply, “Are there any meds that she is NOT on?”

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